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Alternate Reality by Lyssa 13+
In response to the World Tour challenge, Princess finds herself in an altered reality.  Everything is mixed up, topsy-turvy and completely strange. ...
Irreplaceable -- An Anderson fic by Daniella T 8+
What if, in “The Galaxy Girls”, Mala didn't want to blow up the Solar Express but to kidnap Anderson? The story begins when Anderson, drugged...
Eagle Eyes by Dragonlady1971 13+
A crisis affects Ken and horrifies the team - will they all make it through?Read it and see! 
Late by cathrl Everyone
G-Force has been called out, and Jason's not there.
Anderson Down by ElectricWhite 13+
(Sequel to Zeruda.)A shuttle carrying Chief Anderson crashed on the desert planet Shui. Can G-Force get there in time?
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Just Another Monday by ghost owl 13+
Valentine's Day, 2163.  A love spell goes awry.Warning: supernatural themes.
Cat's Eye by Pintail Adult
Mark and Princess struggle to define their relationship while Zoltar launches a sinister new plot to destroy the Earth. Oh, and...
The Blame Game by KT1972 13+
Written for the Holiday Gift Exchange 2012, from a prompt requested by lborgia88
Gatchaman Episode 55 - The Daring Mini-Submarine by TransmuteJun 13+
Part of TJ's and LB's episode reviews.Katse threatens the Earth and demands that the Science Ninja Team surrender to him...
Radio Waves by Ennien Adult
There are two things that make Berg Katze's lonely life bearable in Galactor. A female programmer who understands more about...

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--Julieann on 10/04/2014 8:14 PM 0 Comments
Casey Kasem Dead at 82

Among all the other things this great man did, he was also the voice of Mark, our beloved commander of G-Force. The voice is now forever silenced. Casey/Mark, we will miss you!  

--Julieann on 07/04/2014 5:23 PM 0 Comments