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Quid custodiet custodes? by Grumpy Ghost Owl 8+
Three Center Neptune regulars start the day.
Nessie by Becky Rock 8+
Jason and Keyop's mission to Loch Ness to find a hidden Spectran base brings them face to face with the question "Does the Loch Ness monster exist?"...
As the Bell Tolls by Becky Rock 18+
Galaxy Security thought Spectra was the worst of its worries. They were horribly wrong. A cross-over with TNT's Falling Skies.
The Hour Glass by Becky Rock 13+
When the ISO can't determine what is making Jason sick, Anderson takes him to an old colleague, Dr. Greg House.
Learning Curves by Grumpy Ghost Owl 13+
About a month prior to the events of Attack of the Space Terrapin (BotP ep.1) Spectra and the Federation are gearing up for war. A young and untried G-Force...
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Random Story
Good Times Roll by JaneLebak 13+
Rolling his car in a race leaves Jason uncomfortable to drive, but surely it won't happen again. Life and war, unfortunately...
Graduation by cathrl 13+
A young Devil Star tries to prove her competence. But has she bitten off more than she can chew? Written for the Writers Anonymous...
A Jellyfish's Worst Nightmare by Becky Rock 8+
Tiny writes a letter to Captain Jack describing one of the team's early training sessions.  Nose cola warning.
One by Shana Gardner 13+
The KNT have won the war against Katse, but the Condor is left broken and trapped inside his own mind, while his teammates and...
GIVE IN TO ME..... by Dragonlady1971 Adult
Out for a drink after work - what possible problems could that cause...?

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--Julieann on 10/04/2014 8:14 PM 0 Comments
Casey Kasem Dead at 82

Among all the other things this great man did, he was also the voice of Mark, our beloved commander of G-Force. The voice is now forever silenced. Casey/Mark, we will miss you!  

--Julieann on 07/04/2014 5:23 PM 0 Comments