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Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets, G-Force, Eagle Riders

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Last additions
25 viewsSpringieNov 19, 2016
23 viewsSpringieAug 20, 2016
13 viewsSpringieAug 20, 2016
Sleepyhead17 viewsSpringieAug 20, 2016
23 views1 commentsSpringieApr 08, 2016
16 viewsSpringieFeb 07, 2016
23 views2 commentsSpringieDec 09, 2015
14 viewsSpringieDec 09, 2015
10 viewsNov 18, 2015
6 viewsNov 18, 2015
Ken Birdrang shot (colour).12 viewsThis is taken from the black and white No1 edition that I own - I have re-sketched it in black and white and now in colour.1 commentsNov 01, 2015
11 views1 commentsNov 01, 2015

Random files
Birdstyle Kiss346 views2 commentsSpringie
Worried284 viewsThis is Ken and Jun's reaction to Nambu's replacement for Joe...they don't look happy, do they?2 commentsSpringie
Timeless Eyes177 viewsA painting inspired by some extra Tatsunoko art that I then redid for my style (which usually includes extra planets and such).

Characters of Jason/Joe/Dirk and Ken Washio/Mark/Ace Goodheart/ Hunter Harris of Gatchaman/G-Force/Eagle Riders way back in 1999. Done in ink and Genesis Artists Colors (an oil paint alternative) on a masonite board. Sold at the 1999 San Diego Comicon. Painting currently resides somewhere in England.
4 commentsJulieann
Target X135 viewscirca 2006
Bird Scramble 79 cover
Remember that door in Gatch episode 99?
Ken with Birdrang97 viewscirca 1992Reboekah
Swallow Duo104 viewsBack Cover of Bird Scramble issue #981 commentsSpringie
BOTP Valentine148 viewsSpringie
Dreamy Ken46 viewsHere's Ken...I like the idea of random photos of the team...I'm sure this was pulled from Jun's photo album. *grin*Springie
Reluctant Swan23 viewsThis was done for a Bradbury's Jar writing prompt over at We had to use the word "spook" in our writing. Here's what I came up with:

She'd show them this time.

She wasn't going to let a few well-placed plastic spiders spook her away from the training session again. Sure, she had had a deeply-ingrained fear of bugs for as long as she could remember, but she had to face her fear. She didn't know how they found out, but she suspected that her adopted "little brother" had told them.

The boys snickered and whispered as she entered the gym. She stopped a few steps beyond the doorway and took a deep breath. Then she retrieved her good luck charm, a pink hair ribbon, and pulled her ebony locks back into a ponytail. That ribbon was the only thing she owned from her life before the orphanage. She was told that she had been wearing it in her hair when she arrived.

She repeated her mantra over and over again as she stepped closer to the mat. "You are a trained ninja. You can do this."

The raven-haired boy with the beautiful blue eyes stepped onto the mat with her.

"We're sorry," he said. "It's customary to do some mild hazing when someone joins the program. We didn't realize you would take it that hard. Your little brother told us about your fear of bugs after it was too late."

A small smirk tugged at the corners of her mouth. "That's okay," she winked as she took on a fighting stance. "But paybacks are a bitch."
Beach Ken - colored4 viewsthe colored version of the art challenge pieceMylari
Selfie: Eagle and Swan25 views2 commentsSpringie

Last comments
23 views1 commentsSpringie11/16/16 at 01:14rebe: me encanta los amo
Selfie: Eagle and Swan25 views2 commentsSpringie02/05/16 at 23:03Springie: Thanks, Ebony!
23 views2 commentsSpringie01/17/16 at 10:20Springie: Thank you!
23 views2 commentsSpringie01/06/16 at 03:28Jennieb: beautiful drawing as usual Springie! You have an a...
Selfie: Eagle and Swan25 views2 commentsSpringie12/11/15 at 04:54Ebonyswanne: Beautiful
11 views1 comments11/02/15 at 20:40Springie: I always loved that pose in the did w...
Ken Birdrang shot (colour).12 viewsThis is taken from the black and white No1 edition that I own - I have re-sketched it in black and white and now in colour.1 comments11/02/15 at 20:38Springie: Wow! Very nice work!!
Libra Jun22 views2 commentsSpringie10/03/15 at 08:41Springie: Thanks Mona Lisa! Your encouragement means a lot t...
Libra Jun22 views2 commentsSpringie10/03/15 at 05:26Mona Lisa: Love the Astrological Sign Series you're doin...
Intimacy244 views4 commentsSpringie08/25/15 at 07:06Mona Lisa: Smoky - in the best way
Jason in swimwear5 views1 commentsMylari05/31/15 at 22:20Springie: *wolf whistles*
Jason in Feathers11 viewsGatch-a-Month art challenge April
Thanks to Transmute Jun for inspiring this one...
1 commentsMylari05/31/15 at 22:19Springie: Perfect for April Fool's...but I'll bet ...