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Race Against Disaster-Redemption by msannomalley Everyone
A rewrite of the BoTP epsiode "Race Against Disaster" meant to fit within my G-Force: Redemption AU.
Earth Studies by Daniella T 8+
Zoltar embarks on Earth Studies
Due to circumstances beyond our control by Daniella T 8+
Gatchamania Gift Exchange --The prompt was "What'd I like is a BotP fic where the team has to deal with a natural disaster with one their own missing due...
Fairytale of the ISO by Daniella T 8+
Gatchamania Gift Exchange 2017 --The prompt was “A ghost from Nambu's past reveals that there were other, hidden motives for him to take Ken and Joe...
Faith of the Heart by Becky Rock 8+
An explosion sends G-Force through a wormhole one hundred and twenty years into the future. A crossover with Star Trek Enterprise.  
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Keyop and the Hontworl Hilton by Daniel Rush 13+
BOTP Universe. Keyop is shot down during a recon mission and has to match wits against his captors. Meanwhile, Zoltar...
Meeting by Candi Gomez 8+
This is the next story in the Eagle's cousin, series, GoS verse.
Joyride by JaneLebak 8+
There's a mecha on Jason's tail, a tracking device on the trunk, and two drunks in the back seat. In other words, just another...
Gatchaman Episode 78: Mortal Combat! 10,000 Meters Under the Sea by lborgia88 13+
Part of TJ's and LB's episode reviews:  Plagued by disturbing nightmares of his parents’ death, and fatigued...
Jason's View of Valentine's Day by Becky Rock 18+
The title says it all. I posted this over in Gatchamania after watching too much sappiness on TV on Valentie's Day.

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--Julieann on 10/04/2014 8:14 PM 0 Comments
Casey Kasem Dead at 82

Among all the other things this great man did, he was also the voice of Mark, our beloved commander of G-Force. The voice is now forever silenced. Casey/Mark, we will miss you!

--Julieann on 07/04/2014 5:23 PM 0 Comments