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Joe's Place by Daniel Rush
Joe's Place by Daniel Rush
Summary: Joe fixes Jinpei dinner, with an ulterior motive
Categories: Gatchaman Characters:
Genre: Character Study, Vignette
Story Warnings: Mild Language
Timeframe: Other
Universe: Alternate Universe, Tenuously Canon
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1355 Read: 1947 Published: 06/02/2007 Updated: 06/02/2007
Joe's Place by Daniel Rush
Joe's place

"I know it's asking alot of you Joe but if you can do it for the both of us?" Jun's words echoed as Joe looked across at Jinpei as he was looking at one of his "pets."

"Condor Joe....the baby sitter. If I didn't have so much respect for those two, this kid wouldn't be in my car at all....then again, I wouldn't be having fun coking a good meal tonight if he wasn't in here.

"Hey? You gonna sit there and stare at that thing Jinpei or are you up for talking? You said you always wanted to ride in my Cobra."

Jinpei was of course........a middler kid at heart, middler being that his mind was on ten or twenty different things at once and forgetting nineteen of them all together.

He dropped the plastic box with the beetle inside into his book bag and began to feel the leather in the seats and smile at the sound of the roaring engine as Joe went faster.

"Hmmff......I see you like it huh?" Joe asked as Jinpei gave him a long look. The kid always thought Joe had it out for him and wondered if going with him wasn't some trick being played on him.

"So where are we going?" The boy asked with a smirk on his face.

"My place.....for a little dinner." Joe said as he gave Jinpei a

Joe never smiled like this before? It wasn't his usual, "Hi you stupid little brat." kind of smile but a nice one, totaly out of Joe's character.

"What's going on Anikie? Your'e acting like something's going on and you won't tell me?"

"Ok, your sister and Ken want to be alone tonight so your coming over my place. Now no more crazy questions Manio."

Jinpei smiled...." Their doing it again huh?"

Joe stepped on the brakes! Bringing the Cobra to a sudden hault!

"What did I just hear you say kid?" Joe was shocked!

"I'm not a kid and yes, I know their having sex! It's not like it's a big deal or something!" Jinpei snapped back as Joe sat with a wild look.

"If I hear that out of your mouth again Jinpei, So help me!"

" started it by telling me they wanted to be alone. I'm surprized you even took me with you." The boy said as the car once again went screaming down the road.

"Your sister asked me too. And I've never turned her down for anything Manio even to babysit a brat like you."

Jinpei began to get angry when Joe lifted a finger to his face. " Jinpei, I hope that boy's stomach of yours is empty because tonight, your gonna eat Sicillian style with all the vino attached...........for once, I'm letting my usual attitude down to show you a nice time."

Joe moved his hand quickly to tickle Jinpei's stomach and the boy squeezed himself into  a laughing ball in his seat! "OK!....OK!!....... I'LL EAT EVERYTHING!!......Stop tickling me Anikie!" The boy said as he tried to stick a wet finger in Joe's ear!  

 JOE'S TRAILER North of Utoland City....

Jinpei thought, "So this is where Joe lives? That old trailer looks like a dump! But I won't tell him that."

"That's a cool trailer!!" Jinpei said as he followed Joe to the door.

"Lier.....It's a piece of shit but it fits my attitude on the outside. The insides better looking!" Joe said as he kicked the door open and allowed Jinpei to walk in.

Indeed, the inside was nice! Wall to wall carpeting, a big screen sterio television, a realy thick couch, and a nice Kitchen area packed with stuff! "Now this is cool!" The boy thought as he looked at Joe.

"Go right ahead Manio. Me casa is su casa." Joe gave Jinpei a bow as he took a quick leap and landed on the thick couch.

"I put some frutta on the table Manio...if you understand that. What kind of drink do you want?"

"How about a beer?" Jinpei playfully asked. Joe tossed a big bottle of beer onto the couch at Jinpei's feet.

"No way? Jun would kill me!" He answered as he took the large bottle.

"If your going to cook Sicillian Jinpei, you gonna do it in Sicillian style. That bottles for the food and for you to drink but we won't tell your sister huh?"

Jinpei smiled as he opened the bottle top and took a quick swig, only to caugh some of it up with a laughable "yuck" of the tounge.

"Gotta get used to that Manio." Joe said as he began to cut various vegetables as Jinpei walked into the kitchen to watch.

"Oh no. Your a cook Manio, so start cutting these up." Joe said as he handed the boy a short knife.

"So what are we having Joe?" Jinpei asked as he cut through a stack of tomatoes.

"Stuff that will blow your mind kid. In Sicillia we have a first course, a main course and a big desert all topped with fine vino. If you don't leave my place bigger than when you came, I'll be shocked to hell! I wana see if you realy can put a ton of food in that shrimpy body of yours!"

"I'm not a shrimp!" Jinpei shouted. "I bet I can eat this whole trailer out of food Anikie!" Jinpei took another big swig of the beer in his hand.

"Good." thought Joe. "We're off to a good start!"

Pre-course Meal insalata verde (chefs salad) Tortelline matriciana ( Pasta donuts with tomato sauces and meats)

Sicilliano Etna Vino (Wines from Mount Etna)

Jinpei pulled his shirt up to rub his stomach with a big smile. "Now that was realy good Anikie!" The boy said satisfied.

" made the spices like I told you manio. Here, try some more vino.

The main course (Joe's Ave Maria Magnifico)

focaccia (flat bread with spices and garlic) risotto ( rices) saltimbocca (veal wrapped in hams) al Formo trati (Baked trout smothered in corns, carrots, and tomato sauce spices) pomodori (fried tomatoes) anti pasto more vino and a glass of fine beer.

Desert course Fruits (laced with sweet vino) cassata (Sicillian ice cream and spounge cakes)

Joe smiled at his handywork. Jinpei sat full as a satisfied bear and maybe twice as drunk on vino. He could almost laugh at the site of this little kid enjoying himself as he tried to get up only to slip off the chair and onto the floor in an explosion of laughter!

"Gerrrr!!!........Joe waisted no time in grabbing Jinpei up and throwing him into the couch!! playing around and wrestling with him on the floor untill the food and vino took their full effects and left Jinpei laying almost asleep with Joe still playing games with his face.

"Anikie?.....Jinpei seemed to slur it out as Joe sat watching him from above.

"What is it kid?" He said as he brushed the wild hair away from Jinpei's face.

"I think Jun and Ken are gonna get married, don't you think?"

"It's possible." Joe said as he got up and picked Jinpei up in his arms. He was surprized, for someone who could kick the shit out of Galactors at close range, Jinpei was very light. Almost paper light.

Joe placed the sleeping boy in his bed and tucked him in with a small stuffed animal some girl had once gave him for company. Cutting the lights from bright to easy glowing red, Joe left Jinpei to his dreams and walked outside to talk into his comlink.

"Ken? The little one's asleep now." He said as Jun could be heard talking in the background.

"Jun says your the best man Joe, congrats Brother."

"Thanks bro, thanks for the honor. Tell Jun I got her little brother drunk and out like a light so he can't eavesdrop on anything like he usually does.."

"Who said I can't......."hick".........Onechan? I love you......."hick".........kissy, kissy, kiss....."

"Jinpei.....go to bed!" Jun came back giggling with deviant pleasure.

" didn't do a good enough job. Go back in there and make sure he's well put under this time around will you?"

"Anything you say Jun.......Condor out!"
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