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On the run by Firebird
On the run by Firebird
Summary: part two in the Beginnings series
Categories: Battle of the Planets Characters: Chief Anderson, Colonel Cronus, Devil Star/Galaxy Girl, Goon, Jason, Mark, Original Character, Other Canon Character, Princess
Genre: Tragedy
Story Warnings: Blood, Guts & Gore, Death, Violence
Timeframe: Prequel
Universe: Tenuously Canon
Challenges: None
Series: Beginnings
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1944 Read: 1821 Published: 02/10/2008 Updated: 02/10/2008

1. on the run by Firebird

on the run by Firebird

They had been running for more than 5 years with their small son, always trying to stay ahead of the Spectran agents that were chasing them.  They had been hiding out for a couple of days in a downtown area because their son was ill it concerned them to be in one place so long.


He had gone out to find some food when the attack started and was on his way back when he heard the little girl cry out for her mum.  He moved silently towards her and then saw what she did as those animals; monsters in human form dug up her mother and then violently attacked her.  He knew they would come for the little girl next as he had recognised them from previous encounters.  He slipped his arm around the girl pulling her backwards and then scooping her properly into his arms he noticed a large cut on her arm and knew he had to get somewhere to dress it. 


He turned moving quickly towards a small shack that was about fifty or so metres away in doing so her small pink scarf dropped to the floor.  He ran towards the shack and went inside.  He gasped at the sight in front of him.   


Two small bodies in different states of decay were lying in the shack.  The more recent of the two had similar colouring to the little girl in his arm.  He sat down protecting her from the view while he tried to cover the wound on her arm.  A sound outside caused him to crouch lower, almost covering the little girl with his body.  He heard voices discussing the little girl.  The things they were saying were vile and he knew he could not leave her here to be found.


He was torn he knew taking her with him would mean subjecting her to a different kind of danger but as he looked down at her and then the body next to them he knew in his heart he had no choice.


Carefully he removed her dress and taking of his shirt covered her with that.  He placed her to one side whispering to her to keep down and stay quiet and then he placed her dress on the recently dead form of the child beside them.


Gunshots rung out and he pulled the little girl to him knowing they must leave.  He heard footsteps running away and decided to take a chance clutching the little girl to his chest he ran out of the shack and towards the back of the alley, heading back towards his wife and their son.


He ducked into a small building not far from the alleyway heading towards the back of the building to the small apartment his family were staying in.  He opened the door carrying the little girl inside and carefully set her down on the settee.  His wife Kristina walked in and on seeing the small child shot him a questioning look.  He shook his head and sat near to the small child as his wife walked over to join them.  She looked at the frightened little girl and spoke softly to her.


“Do not be afraid little one there is no one here who will hurt you.  What is your name?”


Green eyes looked up and met grey and hazel eyes and then the little girl whispered


“I’m daddy’s little Princess”


The woman smiled at her and was about to speak when a little voice called out




Cassie and the two adults looked over towards the sound and Cassie saw a small boy with a flushed face rubbing his eyes.


The little boy looked over and seeing the little girl pouted and said


“Who’s she?”


Kristina smiled and beckoned the little boy over. 


“Come Jason, come say hello”


He stood there pouting some more before wandering over to his parents.


He sat carefully on the settee next to the little girl and saw the fear in her eyes and the tear stains on her cheek.  He leaned forward and hugged her before whispering


“It will be okay my mama and papa will keep you safe”


He went and got a small teddy bear one of his few possessions and offered it to her.


Her small hands reached out and touched the bear, she looked into the little boys eyes uncertain and when he smiled at her she let her fingers take hold of the small furry toy.


“Thank you” she whispered 


He looked at the makeshift bandage on her arm and then at each of his parents in turn.  His father gave a slight smile at his son and softly said


“Some bad men tried to hurt her”


Jason looked at her arm and scowled and then looked into her green eyes and exclaimed


“I’ll help keep you safe!”


He gave a yawn and settled down next to Cassie who had fallen into an exhausted sleep while still clutching the little bear for dear life.


Kristina turned to her husband


“You know we can’t take her with us, Spectra are always just a few steps behind and they have gotten closer”


Giorgio looked into his wife’s eyes and sighed


“I know but I could not leave her there, what they did to her mother …”


His words trailed off as he looked again at the sleeping children.  She spoke softly to him.


“There is an orphanage on the outskirts of town, we can leave her there for safety and continue on.”


He looked at his wife again and nodded grimly


“We must leave in a few hours their patrol backed off only because of the arrival of others but they are close by.” 


They worked silently packing what little belongings they had before moving to pick up the children.  Kristina had written a letter and attached it to the bear that the little girl still held.  She and Giorgio then picked up the children and moved towards the door, opening it and then slipping out into the night.


She had taken to the little girl on site but knew it was wrong to bring her into the world they were a part of.  She and Giorgio had met while serving spectra and had fallen in love which was forbidden.  They had seen the horrors they had committed, the tortures and destruction left in their wake. 


When they realised that Earth was now a target they had taken the decision to warn them and to leave Spectra.  She had found out she was pregnant and knew she had to do anything in her power to protect their child.  She had given birth eight months later to little Giorgio junior and had enjoyed every moment with him.  She knew however they were closing in they were relentless and did not forgive traitors easily.  They had managed to dispatch some of the agents sent after them but this new group were not as easy, they were devil stars, highly trained female warriors how killed and left behind a rose.  She knew their skills well because she too had once been one of them.


Their next meeting was a contact at a nearby town who would then take them to the next destination.  Where they could share more details of the impending attacks and the plans that the spectrans had for Earth.  They had been travelling a couple of hours when they neared the orphanage Kristina cradled the little girl close and whispered.


“I wish we could keep you little one but you have been through too much already and this place is safer for you.  Stay safe little Princess”


She carefully placed the little girl in the cradle just inside the gate before closing it and walking back to her husband.  She spared a glance backwards and then as she reached her husband’s side looked into his eyes and they both said a silent prayer for the little girl who had touched their lives briefly.


They had been moving for several weeks now, trying to remain ahead of the spectrans who pursued them.  Kristina and Giorgio had thought back on several occasions to the little girl the left in the orphanage praying that all was well with her. 


For the first few weeks little Jason had asked about her but he stopped now seeing the sadness in his parents eyes.


They had received a message to meet a contact on BC Island.  One who, on verifying there identity and the information they had, would take them to a place of safety.  This would mean that they could finally stop running.   It would take three days to get there using back routes and backtracking to try to throw off their pursuers but it would be worth it to know they could finally stop running and raise their little boy.


It took another five weeks to reach the location where they were to meet their contact.  They found a small place to stay and waited for the signal to retrieve the message with details of the final meeting location, it came two days later and they made their way to the beach taking Jason with them.


They both felt uneasy so persuaded Jason to play in a nearby rock pool where they could see him but also he was protected.  They saw a man start walking towards them and breathed a sigh of relief but then everything changed.  They knew something was wrong because the man started shouting and running towards them.  They turned to see a devilstar grinning at them as she fired two shots.  Jason heard the noise and looked up just as the grinning female watched the bodies of his two parents fall to the floor.  The running man started firing shots in her direction but he was too far away to hit her.  She laughed and threw a rose at their bodies before making off.  Jason ran towards his parents calling to them.


The man reached their sides and found Giorgio just alive.   Giorgio reached into his pocket and pulled out a small disc. 


“Everything is on here, you must prepare before its …”


Giorgio never finished his sentence as his last breath left his body all that could be heard were the sobs of the little boy and him begging his mama to wake up.


Cronus looked at the small child there were times he hated his job, times he just wanted to be at home with Yuki away from all the killing but he knew that time had passed.


He knelt next to the young child and quietly said


“One day you will avenge their deaths Jason but for now you must leave them”


The little boy looked up at the man and nodded.


“I’ll make her pay!”


Cronus reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone he dialled a number and spoke briefly to someone.


“I was too late they got there first but Giorgio gave me the information and his son still lives”


He made some noises to acknowledge what was said and hung up.  He took the child and made his way to a nearby hut where he waited for the child to be collected and placed with a trusted family.




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