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Gatchaman Episode 19 - Speed Race from Hell by TransmuteJun
Gatchaman Episode 19 - Speed Race from Hell by TransmuteJun
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Story Notes:

This is a Gatchamania Episode review. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

This episode review is image intensive.

Gatchaman Episode 19 - Speed Race from Hell

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Racecars are speeding along a cliffside highway in a place that looks suspiciously like Monaco. But it's not Monaco, it's the Luman Kingdom; one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Among other things, Luman is known for its beautiful ocean views and gambling. Hey, this is Monaco! wink.gif

More than two billion Yen changes hands every night in Luman's gambling establishments. But there is another side to the kingdom as well. There are homeless people and poor, who struggle to pay hefty taxes.

The fancy racecars speed through an area where a homeless boy is looking for food in a garbage can. The nearly run him over in their haste.

The narrator wonders where all of the money created by the casino industry disappears to.

A young man wearing black gloves is taking pictures of topographical maps in the Records Room of a secret factory where the casino money is being sorted. He puts the maps back in a filing cabinet.

Elsewhere in the same factory we see... a goon. Yes, Galactor is behind all of the misery here, leeching the casino money away from the people of the kingdom. Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The goon spots the young man fleeing from the Records Room.

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Of course, being a goon, he isn't able to stop him. The goon comforts himself with the thought that there's no way for him to escape 'this secret base', and he presses an alarm button.

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The goon has not yet noticed that one black glove has been left behind at the scene.

Berg Katse and the King of Luman are walking into a giant vault.

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Katse hears the alarm and presses a button on the wall.

Katse speaks with the goon, who reports that he just saw a suspicious person inside the base. Katse thinks this is impossible.

"There is no way anyone could break into Galactor's secret base that easily!" he states firmly.

Clearly Katse isn't as familiar with the Science Ninja Team as he needs to be.

Katse orders an investigation.

Katse and the King examine a vault of money. Katse asks King Luman (yes, the King's name is also Luman) for an increase to his 'current donation'.

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The King replies that he has pledged his loyalty to Galactor, and he will do whatever he can.

Katse thanks him, and declares that in return, Galactor will protect his throne.

And speaking of the throne.. where has the prince gone?

The King says that the prince was with hiom just a minute ago. The voice actor is playing 'doddering old fool' to the hilt.

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The prince approaches, apologizing for 'disappearing like that'. Strangely, he has one black glove hanging out of his back pocket.

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Katse dismisses his absence by saying that 'young people move quickly'. He changes subject to the race. Prince Lukor is competing this year. Is he confident he will win?

No, but Lukor is confident that something big will happen this year.

Katse says that he is looking forward to it, but his tone is somewhat suspicious.

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Later, Katse examines the black glove left in the entryway of the Records Room.

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Katse clearly suspects the Prince. He declares that they 'mustn't let their guard down, and must find out what he is up to'.

Meanwhile, back at the Crescent Base... they show us a table and chairs.

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Yeah, I know, it's just background, but I don't recall ever seeing this before. Maybe it's the Crescent Coral Base cafeteria?

In any case, Nambu isn't having lunch. He's meeting with the Science Ninja Team, telling them that they have urgent orders.

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He has received a communication from Prince Lukor confirming that the Prince has a microfilm with the locations of all secret Galactor bases and their Headquarters! This is especially exciting, as the Science Ninja Team's main objective is to locate Galactor Headquarters.

Ken asks if the Doctor is certain this information is true.

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Nambu's sure. Joe just knows that this is their chance to finally defeat Galactor.

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Too bad it’s still fewer than 20 episodes into the series!

Conveniently, the kingdom is going to hold an auto race. Nambu wants the entire Team to compete in the race.

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Jinpei thinks this is cool.

Nambu tells them that the Prince is also competing, but he doesn't know who they are. He only knows that there are five members of the Science Ninja Team. They must approach him as a group, in order to get him to trust them. Then they can get the microfilm from the Prince.

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Nambu tells Joe that this is 'his chance to show his skill'.
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