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Family Matters by KT1972
Family Matters by KT1972
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Before long, the four of them waited in Nambu’s office in the ISO tower. On their arrival, they had taken Mai’s swab to the laboratory, and as before, Jinpei had insisted on a negative test to be performed too. Instead of hanging around though, they gave Mai a tour of their own floors in the building, showing her their sleeping quarters, recreation room and the training and medical facilities. Jinpei insisted on giving his mom a demonstration of the God Phoenix simulator, in which she observed him piloting the great warship from the comfort of the exterior monitor.

It had passed the time, but now the moment was here, and they were starting to feel anxious for the results. Even though they were expecting it, the shrill ring of the phone still made them jump. Nambu picked up the receiver.

“Yes, send them to my printer, thank you.”

The printer whirred into life, coughing out first the negative result, quickly followed by Jinpei’s. Nambu handed him the sheet, and the boy whooped with joy when he read the 99.2% result. The doctor then handed Jun her printout, but she took it with a more cautious attitude, reading each line with the utmost of care.

“Come on, onechan, what does it say?” Jinpei could barely contain himself.

Jun looked at him, then across at Mai, “99.6%!” she exclaimed, delighted with her result. As the three of them huddled into a group hug, Nambu gave them their moment and took the opportunity to make a quick call to his security team.

“Nambu here,” he spoke quickly and quietly, “I’ve had word of a Galactor prison breakout in the past week, be prepared for an impending attack, Science Ninja Team will be on standby.”

Replacing the phone’s handset, he walked over to the happy family group, and tapped Mai on the shoulder. “Mind if I cut in for a moment,” he asked casually.

“I don’t mind if you do,” Mai smiled as she broke away from the huddle.

“Good, because I’ve waited long enough.” He ran a hand through her hair, gently nudging her closer to him as he leant forward for a soft lingering kiss. She responded cautiously at first, then as her confidence grew, the embrace deepened.

Watching with amazement, Jinpei tapped his sister on the arm, “does this mean they have to get married now?”

“Don’t be silly, Jinpei,” Jun scolded, but the youngster could tell by the tone of her voice that she didn’t mean it.

“And here we go again.” Joe groaned strolling into the room, closely followed by Ryu and Ken, “You know, you really should get a lock for your door.”

“First thing in the morning.” Nambu responded as his phone rang again.

“So, how did it go?” Ken enquired, while Nambu took the call.

“As if you need to ask,” Jinpei bounded over waving the sheets of printout. “Two positive results.”

“Fantastic!” Ken exclaimed, giving them both a hug. “And Mai, welcome to the madhouse… I mean family.”

“Brilliant news,” Joe agreed, “so you two really are brother and sister then.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t be happier for you all.” Ryu added.

“So how did you get on in qualifying Joe?” Jun remembered at last.

“Second position.” He scowled, “Could have been pole if I’d had enough time to warm up my tires first.”

“But that’s ok, Joe, you can still win from there.” Jinpei tried, and failed, to show him the bright side.

“Team.” Nambu called to the room, and suddenly it was all business. “I’ve just had security on the phone, confirming the prison break out last week was Galactor, and as a result, they are anticipating an attack sometime early next week.”

“You called it in?” Ken looked surprised.

“Yes, as you all know, I am obliged to do so.” Nambu shifted through his desk drawer, looking for something in particular. “As from now, consider yourself on standby.”

“Well at least I’ll get tomorrow’s race out of the way.”

“I’ll clear my mailing schedule.”

“Make whatever preparations you need, we don’t usually have this much warning.”

“Roger,” the five chorused in unison. The team were dismissed, and Joe took Nambu and Mai back to the villa, while the rest went on to do whatever they had to do.


Eventually, the five of them accumulated at the J. Jinpei was stocktaking, while Jun went through the books. Ken was the first to turn up. Seeing the two of them busy, he helped himself to a drink, and waited for someone to finish their work. Jun completed what she was doing just as Joe and Ryu walked in.

“Hey, look what I’ve picked up for us.” Joe seemed jubilant as he pulled a couple of bottles from a paper bag.

“We’re not supposed to be drinking though, we’re on standby remember.” Ken was always the first to state the obvious.

“Yeah, I know, this is alcohol free sparkling wine though, the closest thing to champagne I can legally buy.”

“Are we celebrating then?” Ryu asked him in surprise.

“Well why not?” Ken shrugged, “it isn’t every day Jun discovers her estranged mother.”

“Ok then, I just thought it would be appropriate if they were here too, y’know.”

“Nah, we’ll celebrate with them later, maybe, I thought we could give them some space to become better acquainted, so to speak.”

”But they’re already acquainted though,” Jinpei but in, as he emerged from the stockroom.

“Reacquainted then,” Joe grinned. “So what do we make of what she said today?”

“I believe her.” Jun said quickly. “It’s a common story that I’ve read in a few magazine advice pages. They always advise submitters not to go through with it, if the boy really loves the girl, then he’d be prepared to wait.”

“So what if it’s too late and they’ve already got themselves knocked up?”

“Oh, usually to tell someone, an adult they can trust, followed by the addresses and phone numbers of places they can get help.”

“Do you realize, Jun, if they get married, then Nambu will be your dad?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Jinpei piped up, “he’s a great dad too.”

“Just wanting to get off the topic of teenagers and babies, that’s all.” Joe muttered.

“Hey, if they do get married, will they have another baby?”

“I think it’s way too soon to be thinking of that sort of thing, Jinpei.” Ken took a sip of his fake champagne. “Besides, things might not work out for them.”

“So, we’re not going back to the villa tonight then?” Jun clarified, tapping a message into her phone.

“Well at least I’m not going to walk in on them again.” Joe was grinning to himself as he sent his own message to Nambu.

When Jun’s phone bleeped with Nambu’s response, she read it out to the others. “Ok, see you all at breakfast. Tell Joe thanks. What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, I just told him he would find an unopened box of condoms in the drawer of Ken’s bedside table.”

Two minutes later, Joe’s phone bleeped, “Didn’t want to take Ken’s last one, found yours instead, hope you don’t mind” he read, “The bloody cheek if it.”

”There are two things that surprise me.” Ryu had sat quietly until now. “The first thing is that Hakase seems much more… normal just recently, and the second is Jun, why don’t you want to spend time with your mother now you’ve been reconciled?”

“Yeah,” Ken and the others agreed, “you do seem to be taking this all rather calmly. I’d have thought you’d be jumping for joy or something.”

Jun shrugged, “plenty of time for that. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about it all, it’s not as if they were happily married and I was the daughter they were longing for. I’m more interested in finding the sperm donor though. It’s a good name for him don’t you think? I’ve certainly no intention of calling him dad; I’d prefer to have Hakase for that.”

“You know what you plan to do when you find him?” Ken asked her, curiously.

“Oh yes.” A wicked grin crossed her face as she swung her yo-yo around.

“Wouldn’t want to be in his shoes then.”
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