ISO Interoffice Memos by Heather Lynn
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Author's Chapter Notes:
My mind often wanders late afternoon at work...and this is the kind of thing it sometimes comes up with :-) Someone once did up a series of "memos" to the staff; here are a few more... (I really do love these's just that it's fun to poke fun at them every so often)
ISO Interoffice Memos
by Heather Lynne

To: Agent G2 (Condor)
From: Administration & Communications

This is to advise that the ISO central mail room will no longer be accepting any form of communications or correspondence (letters, faxes, packages, singing telegrams) from your fans and/or fan club. All further fan-related correspondence will be directed to the public relations department and/or bomb squad as is necessary. Please contact them for further instructions on how they will route appropriate correspondence to you.


To: Agent G5 (Owl)
From: Hospitality & Food Services

Please be aware that due to unprecedented supply shortages and subsequent budgetary constraints, access the Executive Dining Room will no longer be available to any ISO members not at a Grade A Management Level. Regretfully, this includes all members of the active Science Ninja Gatchaman Team. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. An alternative solution might be visit the ISO staff cafeteria located in Annex 6.


Attn: Agent G4 (Swallow)
From: ISO Recreation

The Recreation Department regrets to inform you that, due to the recent incident involving the seal and the swimming pool, new policy dictates that we will no longer be capable of housing any animals, birds, reptiles or insects within staff recreation facilities. Kindly remove any such creatures as soon as possible. Quickly. Please.


To: Agent G1 (Eagle)
From: ISO Central Command

It has come to our attention that you have been spending unscheduled shifts in the aviation hanger and strategic intelligence command room. While the ISO certainly commends you on your dedication to duty, please understand that each ISO technician and/or agent is fully trained to exacting standards to complete his or her role at the ISO - rest assured that each is fully capable of completing his/her tasks without any assistance. Staff have further asked us to recommend that you go home and get some sleep.


To: Agent G3 (Swan)
From: Special Interest Training (Division of Hospitality & Food Services)

Thank you for your interest in our supplemental ISO special interest course "Cooking 102". We regret to inform you that enrollment in this session is dependant on successful completion of its prerequisite "Cooking 101". Our records show that you have not yet received a passing grade in this particular special interest course. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot register you for the fall session of "Cooking 102". Please try again next year.
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