Journals of a ninja by Ebonyswanne
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I was smitten today by a beautiful girl, hit me like an explosion.

So, this journal entry is for you….Rumi.  I know you’ll never see it. But it’s just for me to be able to talk to you, you have to understand. What I do isn’t a normal job or a career, it’s my life…It’s my best kept secret, and it has to stay that way. The planet depends on it.

I’ve spent the past few hours trying to suppress the rush of emotions, I had when I held you close when we escaped from your captives.

Words don’t come easily to me, and usually when it comes to things like this I just walk away-like I did when I had the chance outside of the train station when you ran to your fathers waiting arms. The problem is I’m having a hard time doing it right now. I just want to jump on my motor bike and find you and tell what an effect you had on me. Go on a date like normal eighteen year old males do.

When you dropped that flower, like it was your invitation for me to confess, you wanted to find Gatchaman again. I picked it up afterwards and kept it. It’s drying between the pages of a book so I can preserve the memory of our brief moment together forever.

Did you try to see me when we departed from the train later that afternoon? It’s a fantasy, you had thought I was long gone.

I know you looked over and saw me walk over to Jun, but you didn’t know it was me Gatchaman. I saw you staring at her and then your crest fallen eyes tore away and you vanished into the crowd. I was another young guy, greeting a girl to you, a normal episode that happens in daily life- Nothing special.

Rumi, did you know that’s one of the reasons I called her to pick me up. So even if you suspected the sight of a girl greeting me would have given you doubts.

You’d have thought her to be my girlfriend…

While I’m thinking about Jun, I found her behaviour a bit out of character on the way back to my shack.

Riding on the back of her bike, she ignored me completely. When we arrived at the shack, I invited her in for a coffee. She accepted, and I started talking about you. I wanted to tell a friend, and she’s been one of my closest for a long time. Usually we can talk about anything. I explained how you made me feel.

 After a while, she told me she had to go, talked about Jinpei being on his own at the Snack J. Since when did she worry about it in the past? I asked if she wanted to do a mail run with me, usually she comes when I ask. This time she couldn’t leave fast enough.

I mean I know her brother Jinpei teases her about having a crush on me. But that’s all it is-Teasing. Jun doesn’t see me as more than a friend, and I don’t have time for any relationships in the work we do.


Huge big heaving sigh…


Here I am trying to talk to you and all I can do is try and work out what’s going on with Jun. I suppose I should try and talk to her again, but what if she pretends there’s nothing wrong?

 Women! I don’t understand what makes them tick.

It’s not like I’ve had time to find out over the past eighteen years. I’ve never been out on a date and the only girl I know is Jun, and up until now she’s always been so young to me.

Since she turned seventeen she’s looking less like a girl, and more like a woman, cuter with curves... Hey wait a second, did I just say that about Jun? No way- all of this screwing with my mind.

I can’t look at Jun that way. I won’t, or I can’t.

Three days later… New entry.

I have a confession Rumi, I went to your High school a few days later, blended in with crowd. So, you have a boyfriend, he’s a footballer. You were talking about meeting ‘Gatchaman,’ with your friends. It was a fantasy after all. Watching you, I felt my heart race, and then hearing you saying some unkind things about the Swan tarnished my image of you.

I didn’t know you could be snobby, it’s not attractive, in the at moment I understood it was simply a physical attraction. I didn’t know you.

Let me tell you about the Swan, she’s smart Rumi, and someone I can trust. That’s right Gatchaman trusts her with his life in battle. How dare you call her cheap because of her birdstyle. Do you know when she transmutes it’s a full armour like ours. The dress is part of a bodysuit. She doesn’t ‘flash her panties.’ Because she’s desperate for attention from me and Joe.

She’s to be respected. We respect her- I’d die for her.

Did you know we once promised to die together? It hurt to hear her put down after all she’s done for the planet. I walked away from you. Gatchaman wasn’t impressed.

After listening to you reveal your true colours all the attraction for you vanished. You so sweet when I rescued you… Shows how much I know. Tonight, I think I’ll drop in and see Jun. Have a few drinks with her and pay off my tab. Its time I started respecting her more. I have at least that to thank you for. You opened my eyes.  

Goodbye Rumi…

I have to go journal, birdscramble… 

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