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Intro to Parallel Universe 004 by Calezane
Intro to Parallel Universe 004 by Calezane
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                       Parallel Universe 004      


To start with an explanation of the arc's name: I consider any work of fanfic as a parallel universe to the original. In writing mine, I was strongly influenced by Ennien Ashbrook's work, which in turn was influenced by that of Alara Rogers. That makes two. Inserting Kathleen Coventry, who collaborated with Ennien on a "Bring back BK" arc, it makes three, and my parallel universe grew off theirs as a fourth.

Yes, this is another "Bring back BK" arc. I happen to like  the character. What I appreciate this show for is its mix of farce and drama, something to which BK is well suited, and in my stories I hope to achieve the same. Ergo, here is the first warning: these stories are unsuitable for anyone who likes the Heroes, loathes the Villains or generally disapproves of  ridicule. In this particular arc, the deus ex machina is an alien, though not quite of the same brand as X.

               Credit where credit's due

As stated above, my world and characters owe a great deal to Ennien's. Consequently, both Brace and Kai (or rather, the memory of Kai) survive into this world, and there are references to Ovanon. I've tried to stick to their character as the author perceived them, although my characterization of Kai in "The Day  that..." was way off. However, the timeline is different. I took over her idea of the gaelic nations in the world segregating and reverting to the clan system after the Third World War, but jumped only one century ahead, to the 2070s (yes, the seventies again) and had the main character return to Ovanon at fixed periods, rather than for one specific part of hir life. I stole the term for the  gendermorphing trick off Alara, but reincarnated her mama Bergmann into a hysteric who was sterile but obsessed with wanting a baby, married to a child-molesting sleazeball of a Galactor who took  every chance of working his way up - ideal adoptive parents for a future world conqueror, X must have thought.

For the rest, I follow the Gatch tradition of mixing the known with my own creations. Joe is born in Italy, but Katze in Halvatia; the Black Crowes are existing persons, but the Raven is not; "Codename Blenny" is a contemporary (21st century) version of Cutey Honey; Galaxy Girl Yuuna has returned as "Cherry Blossom", and  Vampire Miyu has been (ugh) serialized into 101 episodes. Instead of the Highland clans, my counter-culture to Galactor (or rather, two of them - I tried to get in some cultural diversity) is a race of humanoid aliens whose only interest in Earth is for copying (illegally) as many anime tapes and Alan Parsons albums as they can get their grubby little paws on.


Well, I guess I had to say it: in this arc, people go to bed with  each other. Frequently. For s-e-x. Described in as much detail as  I think is necessary for the plot, so if you don't approve of that  sort of thing, don't bother to read it. (There will also be gory disembowellings and heads ripped off spines, but I know that doesn't  generally upset people.)

Second warning, already mentioned above: I'm not very kind to any of the characters, especially the Heroes. Joe fans have been known to  take offence.


No, the team can't fly. Glide, maybe; defy gravity, but all anime characters can do that, it's stated in the Laws of Anime. However, when I watched BOTP, I was under the strong impression that the team could take to the air due to anti-gravity units, or something (why else call yourself G-Force?) and by the time I'd learned  otherwise, the stories were already written and I was too lazy to edit them.

No, the Peter Beckett of the Little River Band is not in fact  the guest singer for Alan Parsons who won my undying admiration with his rendering of "Time". (No, I'm not a Parsonomaniac, why?) It's  not particularly important to the plot, I'm just finicky enough to want to mention it.

No, Ken is not half American. Blame the synopsis of the Gatch movie. This erroneous statement is corrected in a later fic.

Those are the only mistakes I can think of, up to story 5. I'm  sure to make more as the arc progresses.

In conclusion, here is the full poem quoted in "Man the mighty aviator", courtesy of Ogden Nash:

How courteous is the Japanese;
He always says: "Excuse it, please."
He climbs into his neighbor's garden,
And smiles, and says, "I beg your pardon"; He bows and grins a friendly grin,
And calls his hungry family in;
He smiles, and bows a friendly bow:
"So sorry, this my garden now."

Written in a time when Japanese-American relations were a little... strained. But, as Win would say: "Mieux vaut en rire."
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