Cyberways by Calezane
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Summary: The Condor is illiterate when it comes to computers, so Nambu orders him to learn, but he doesn't specifically tell him how to do so, so Joe amuses himself on a chat line. One which reaches a lot farther than he ever would have dreamed possible.
Rated: 18+
Categories: Gatchaman
Characters: Berg Katse, Dr. Kozaburou Nambu, Joe Asakura
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama
Story Warnings: Mild Adult Situations, Mild Language, Mild Sexual References, Mild Violence
Timeframe: Mid-Series
Universe: Alternate Universe
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 7018 Read: 1572
Published: 05/23/2007 Updated: 05/23/2007

1. Cyberways by Calezane [Reviews - 1] starstarstarhalf-star (7018 words)