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    <clickclick> <clacketty>


<clickclick> <whrrrr>

"Ohhhhhh YEAH... oh man..."

<clickclick> <whrrr> <scrnch>

"AOW! Damn, hate it when that happens.."

Ken clicked the 'refresh' button and the picture of the antique WWII Axis Forces Henkel fighter plane scrolled down properly.  Ken whistled, "Mmmmm, baby! That's one nice plane. Yep, they were making war machines long before Galactor came along - lookit those guns!" He clicked back for another picture, then nearly jumped out of his skin as Nambu's voice leapt from nowhere.

"Owashi no Ken, report immediately!"

Ohshit, what was it this time? Mecha devastation?  Manipulation and bribery? What was Galactor up to this time? He brought his bracelet to his lips and tapped the channel open.  "Owashi no Ken here, doozo."

There was a long silence. "Er.. yes, Ken?" came Nambu's slightly puzzled voice.

"What's Galactor doing this time, Hakase?"

There was another long silence. "Er.. near as we can tell, its their day off."

Ken blinked. "Then why did you call me?"

"I didn't call you."

Ken blinked again. "But I heard.. Hrm. I could've sworn I heard you.. well, never mind. Must've imagined it. Good day, Hakase."

"Good day, Ken."

Ken closed the channel and scratched his head. Odd. He opened his browser again, noticing that his new-mail flag was blinking. He clicked on it -- just a message from his warplane-fans' mailing list. He deleted it and minimized the window.

He surfed a while longer, collecting several new pics and ordering the new Domiko novel from his favorite online bookstore.  After getting some tea and chazuke, he sat down and opened his newsagent. There were several new messages in  Ken smiled; he liked to lurk there, liked to see how the team appeared to the public's eyes.

"Owashi no Ken, report immediately!"

"ARRRRRGH!! Hai, Hakase!"


"Spilled hot tea on myself.. Drat, its all over my keyboard.."

"How can I help you, Ken?"

"You just called."

There was yet another long silence. "Ken, perhaps you should bring your bracelet in for a service check. I did not just call."

"But I heard it for sure! I heard you say.."

"Owashi no Ken, report immediately!"

There was a very long silence. "That was not me."

"That came out of my speakers! What the hell??" Frustrated, Ken minimized his newsagent and noticed that his new-mail flag was indicating two new messages. A nasty suspicion began to form. "Hakase.... send me an email."

<clickclick> <clackettyclackettyclacketty> <clickclick>  "Sent."

"Owashi no Ken, report immediately!"

"OH FUCK!!" Ken clicked on his mailer preferences, searching frantically. There it was, under "new mail sound" -- Report. Ken slumped back in his chair, "But my system is secured! How did THAT happen?"

In a far-away land, a deep voice barked, "BERG KATZE, REPORT TO ME IMMEDIATELY!" It was the fourth time. The ensuing argument was tuned out by the little black-haired Gaelic woman sitting at an inconspicuous desk. Finishing an upload, she clicked "test," nodding with satisfaction as her speaker softly whined, "Onechannnn!" She rebuilt the security parameters and withdrew.

Wearing a shit-eating grin, she commenced hacking into Kondoru no Joe's system. "I'm so evil," she purred.
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