Dear Jun, From Jinpei by Daniel Rush
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Dear Jun,

Thanks sis, thanks alot for sending me to summer camp, especialy to this place, boy I'm just having a ball.........right!

I think you made a mistake at the YMCA when you signed me up for this "It'll be fun you'll see!" deal.

We get up at 1 am and run for God knows how long, in the mud, in the sand, in the surf, making all kinds of weird noises and stuff.

The camp councelors are like Darth Vader and Katse all rolled into one. They yell in your face, spit in it too, call you bad names, and make you do push ups all the time!  Guess what sis..........'I HATE IT HERE!"

Oh yeah...the lead guy's wondering how some one my age got into his platoon in the first place, especialy when I kicked his butt after he called me "Stumpie!"...Made me feel real good....but....I STILL HATE THIS PLACE!

Well...That's all for now Onechan, my loving sister. I'll see you in two weeks and I hope you won't forget to treat me to a big hot fudge sunday for all the mess I'm going through.

 Your Brother, Jinpei

 The Great Swallow  

P.S. I was just abolut to councelor says US Navy SEALs isn't a YMCA camp? Can you check that for me?


Dear Onechan,

  Remember when I told you I didn't like this YMCA camp?....Heh heh....I lied!

Where do they get these guys, Gallactor Good Will? If these are supposed to be Navy SEALs then Gallactor must be one step above the ladder rung (SEALs being those furry things that juggle balls at Ringling Brothers Circus)

These guys can't match the prowise, the awsomeness of me, the great swallow Jinpei! Heck, I can stay underwater longer than they can, swim better, and play poker too. (I won 3,000 dollars last night! but they told me I can't have the M-1 tank I got off this one dude, man that made me mad!)

Oh yeah...I gotta ask you a favor. While I've been here, they let me take care of Barney. (no, not that dumb dinosaur) Barney's a real cool sea lion, a real seal! Can I keep him Jun? He realy likes me! I bet we could keep him in the ISO pool if we asked Doctor Nambu nice enough?........pleeeeese Onechan? my most beautifull and loving sister ever? Please? He won't eat much and I'll take him out for a swim every day? Can I Can I Can I Can I ?

Well, I gotta go now cause their starting hand to hand combat and I gotta show em how it's realy done!

Love you!

Jinpei, TGS

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