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Teaching a Lesson to Bullies by Daniel Rush
Teaching a Lesson to Bullies by Daniel Rush
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Teaching a Lesson to Bullies!

An actual event right out of Gatch one with my own translations added.......

Jinpei was out walking around Utoland's Kodaima district when he heard the cries of a little girl around the corner and a group of laughing boys.

There she was, a little girl no more then five or six being taunted by a group of older boys who passed a little carrying bag amoung themselves as the poor child tried to get it back.

"Oh, you want this?" Said one boy. "Well you can't have it!" He tossed the bag to his much bigger, fatter, and obviously the leader of this pack of wolves ,as Jinpei saw them to be, and he placed the bag atop his head and dipped just out of reach of the little girl's hands.

"Can't take it can you?" He said with a real mean look in his eyes.

Just then, he felt the bag fly off his hair and he turned to see Jinpei holding the bag with the most angry look on his face. The little girl quickly ran behind her rescuer and pointed at the group of boys.

"They took my bag!" She cried as Jinpei patted her small head.

" Don't worry...I'll protect you." He said as the boys grouped together.

"Who do you think you are! You must be realy dumb to think you can just walk up and make me look like a fool!" The fat boy said as his gang quickly began agreeing with him.

" So....Who do you think you are if you can't pick on somebody your own size, stupid!" Jinpei said as he held the bag before him. "Come and take it if you dare."

" All right....we will!" Said the fat leader as he motioned his gang to march up to this stupid looking kid before them.

They didn't go two steps before Jinpei handed the little girl her bag and did a threatening little shuffle forwards which stopped the boys in their tracks.

"You must be crazy to think you can take us all on!" The fat leader said aloud!

" Well you must be stupid to think you can handle a ninja by yourselves! Stupid!" Jinpei said in return as he thought....." Ok Jinpei, these are only kids, not the Galactor, so

don't hurt them. Teach them a lesson!"

The fat boy moved forwards and Jinpei caught him in mid stride, picked him up off the ground, and tossed him flat on his belly without trying to hurt him.

The rest of the gang got angry! "Let's get him boys!"

One youngster tried to tackle Jinpei's legs but felt his boots on his back insted! Jinpei hopped atop the boy and held his left leg up so that the boy behind ran into Jinpei's foot and knocked himself to the ground!

The last boy was obviously very young but no less brave! "You meany!!" He said as he thumped Jinpei's chest and in a comical display looked at Jinpei's smiling face.


The little boy took off like a rocket down the street leaving JInpei to walk back to the little girl and take her hand.

"They won't bother you any more. Let me take you home ok?"

"Thankyou.....your so brave!"

"'s natural for the great swallow Jinpei!" The boy said as he skipped along the street with a happy little girl in tow and five bullies wondering what had happened.
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