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Like Father, Like Son by Daniel Rush
Like Father, Like Son by Daniel Rush
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Like Father, Like Son

In building a fan fiction, it's good to write small shorts that set a character's mindset and mood in reguards to interactions with other characters....

The following Fan fic is related but not part of my present one ...."Ressurection"

It deals with the older Jinpei and how he deals with his nine year old son Keitchi who wants to be a sciance ninja much to his father's reservations.

The setting is in the family house in the hills of Mount Ayo where 35 year old Jinpei is resting in the living room when Misako walks in to talk to him.

He sits quietly in a black evening happy coat calmly smoking a long bone pipe. The older Jinpei has aged much, has a thick stash, and short hair but still has the well thined and physical tone expected of a ninja master.

So here it goes.........

Misako: You look puzzled tonight.

Jin: Hmf, A good judge of character as always.

Misako: You saw it today didn't you. You saw him wearing your old uniform.

Jin: Yes......

Misako: It troubled you.

Jin: yes....

Misako: You can't deny that your encouraging him Kyo. Your his father and his teacher.

Kin: Do I have to be his hero to? Did you see what he has in his room?

Misako: Yes I did, and why should it bother you! He thinks the world of you, looks up to you unlike other children we know who don't see their father's as heros.

Jin: But is it me? The me now or the me that was a boy? Misako, I saw him running around in my uniform, with my clackers above his head, do you think I want that?

Misako: I think it made you happy for the moment.

Jin: Happy yes, wanting? no. I won't have Keitchi following in my foot steps. I won't let him become that.

Misako: That is for him to decide Kyo. Your making it possible by teaching him the way, but that doesn't mean he'll follow you...

Jin: And if he does, what then? Will he have to give up the best years of his life too? The most important years when I was doing things most children never had to do? Misako, I lost a good portion of my childhood with Gatchaman, I won't have my son doing the same thing!

Misako: And what if he does decide to do it, will you still love him despite that? Will you turn your back on him Jinpei?

Jinpei doesn't move. He sits with one hand on his chin and his fingers stroking his lips in thought.

Jin: Where is he?

Misako: In his room doing his homework.

Jin: Tell him to come in here, and close the door.

Keitchi walks in and gives his dad a good long hug as Misako leaves the living room and closes the sliding door.

Jin: Well, did you have a good day today?

Keitchi: You bet I did father! I wore your uniform today and it fit me! It was so awsome!

Jin: It was....You know watching you run around in it brought back alot of memories of when I wore that suit. Some of those memories arn't so nice Keitchi.

Keitchi: But it must have been fun!

Jinpei places his son on his lap and takes a good long look at him, remembering the same high spirits he once had in himself before the reality of adulthood hit home.

Jin: War is never fun Keitchi, nor was what I had to do. It's easy to look at the suit, the model of the God Pheonix, my medals and pictures and say it was fun......but as an adult now, I know it wasn't fun at all. It was terrible.

Keitchi: But father.......

Jin: Keitchi, listen to me good. If you chose to be a sciance ninja now, at this age? I won't approve of it though if you say you wanted to do it, I won't stop you. Your too young as it is anyway and I won't have you doing at nine what I was doing at 8, no.

Keitchi looks disapointed.....

Keitchi: Then you were angry at me for wearing your uniform father? were you ashamed?

Jin: Ashamed? No. Scared? very much so. when you reach 18 and if you still want to be a Sciance Ninja, I'd aprove and be the proudest man on Earth.

But not now. You must promise me you'll wait till then.

Keitchi: Yes Father....I promise. Could you show me how to spin a bola father? I keep hitting my head all the time!

Jin: (laughing) Come on....we'll go outside and do it till bed time! Make your mother as mad as I'd get your Aunt Jun when I was nine years old huh?

Misako watches as Jinpei and his son twirl the bola with a shake of her head. "Like father, like son." She says as she retires to the bedroom.

the end

About Keitchi (Keech ee)

Jinpei's son Keitchi is nine years old, the same hight and build as his dad was at that age. His hair is black like Misako's and his eyes are a deep Hazel in color like Misako's but his whole attitude is Jinpei's.......and yes, he likes sweets, and animals, and baseball, and keeps a very messy room!
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