Jinpei meets Princess by Daniel Rush
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Jinpei meets Princess?

Jinpei felt a warmer than usual greeting to the morning sun, a gentle backrub that made him giggle and wish for more. "Mmmmm.........That's so good Onechan... Do it some more?"

"What?" Came the off voiced reply. "Say that again Keyop?"

" I said..........."Nani?" Jinpei thought as he suddenly caught the name by surprize.

"Keyop? Holy shit! I'm in a Battle of the Planets episode?" He thought as he tried to find a way to cover his mistake.

"I said....areet toot tooot Do it some arreet more?"

Princess was shocked! "Keyop I heard you speek a full sentence just two minutes ago! Try it again?"

 Jinpei sat up in Keyop's bed and looked at his alter ego sister Princess. Despite the obvious name change and voice, she was just as sweet sounding if more so caring than Jun was. He thought of a fast fix to his current problem...

To Princess, it looked as if Keyop was struggling with his thoughts, seriously trying to make an effort of it......

"Is this.......a little better?" He said with a smile that threw her off her chair and over to the door.

"Mark! Get up here! Keyop's voice has changed!"

Jinpei shook his head. "Oh no....Keyop told me about this guy, he's just as messed up as Ken is with Jun, can't make up his mind two ways from Sunday with Princess!

Mark entered in his usual commanding stance. "What's up Princess?"

"It's Keyop Mark, I swear he just started talking normal for a bit and now he's getting better at it!"

Mark walked up to the bed and looked at the boy who smiled even as he tried to speak. "Arrr root...Hi Mark."

"Well Keyop. You gonna show me this trick or is it just a gag?"

"No gag..............lot's of concentration that's all." Jinpei replied as Mark rubbed him on the head...

" I wonder how Keyop's doing?" He thought.


"Jinpei?" Jun asked Keyop with a puzzled look. "What's with the crazy voice?"

"oops.......think fast Keyop!"
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