Keyop's Journal by Daniel Rush
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My personal Diary

Keyop, the great Swallow G4

July 6, 2060

Dear Diary,

      Funny that this is the only thing I can do without all the dumb computer chirping between words. Sometimes I just wana kick myself for not being able to do a full sentence, not that I didn't try.

     Cried again today at another book I was reading about a child who lost thier mom. I like those stories but I hate them too. I'm the only one who doesn't have and never had a real mother. Princess remembers her's, so does Mark and the others but I never had one and it hurts alot!

     You know....there are times I could punch the others for treating me like a fragile piece of china, heck, I wasn't "created" or "built" for anything other than this team, why the heck can't they let me go on more missions by myself? It's like I have to prove to Mark that I'm smarter than any other ten year old kid all the time! He's not mean to me or anything but he's sure overly bossy. Jason likes to throw daggers in my side when he get's a chance to. "Shorty, Shrimp, Short stop" Someday I'll deck his sorry butt!

      Princess is a bit overcaring too but she took me in when I was just starting on the team. Ever since she's treated me with so much.......sorry, I get tears when I think about her.

     You know Diary, reguradless of my own thoughts, I'm bound to this team by blood to the very end if it comes to that....they're all I have....

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