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Night Time by Daniel Rush
Night Time by Daniel Rush
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Night Time

"Jinpei?" Jun called from down in the living room of their apartment, as she put the movie they were going to watch into the VCR.

No response, he was being too quiet at this time of night. Usualy with the Snack closed on golden week and all, he'd be a hyperactive little steam engine by now, especialy after the trashing they gave that Galactor cell this morning.

Jun thought about the equal thrashing he took in that fight, being thrown into the walls and kicked on several occasions. It was like Jinpei to shut his mouth rather than admit he might be in pain..."Don't wana be seen as a candy ass" he'd say sometimes.

She slowly walked up the stairs to his room and peaked in on him as he sat in bed, sure enough the tell tale wince in his face told her he'd been hurt.

"Jinpei?, let me check you out. And don't try fighting me off this time out." She moved to the side of the bed and as usual the bravado started.

"It's nothing Onechan, just a sore.....aach..!" He yelped as she felt his left shoulder. "You must be bruised from head to toe, and your shoulder's dislocated! Dam it Jinpei, why don't you tell me these things?"

"Jun!....." He said as she removed his shirt and looked him over.

" Don't even try the old excuse....candyass or not, your no superman!" She told him as she made him face her. "I'm gonna pop your arm back into place ok. Look at me."

" Onechan!" He started balling as Jun stroked his hair and wiped his tears.

" Comeon now...I didn't know the swallow was such a little baby?"

" Shut up!" He said back as her jab served it's purpose.

"CRACK!" Jinpei let out a howling mad scream as Jun rolled him back on the bed. And held him till the pain was gone.

"Kamei-da, that hurt Onechan!" Jinpei cried as she smiled at him.

" Not as worse as the other times you blew me off when I knew you were hurting." She said as she helped him sit up.

"Listen.....let me draw a hot salt bath down stairs and set up the tv so we can watch the baseball game ok?"

"We?" Jinpei looked at her startled. "I'm not taking a bath with you! I'm not five years old anymore you know!"

"Silly kid. We're not taking a bath, you are. I'm just going to get a little practice in with my cyropractic medicine course. I'll see you in the washroom in 10 minutes and don't even think of skipping out!"

Jinpei turned redfaced at the thought, it was like that stupid picture over the bar all over again. The one she'd show everyone when he tried to get her goat.

"Stop tensing up!" Jun said as she shook Jinpei from behind and pounded his back.

"I would if you'd stop looking at me!" He growled even as he was wrapped in a towel and she was in a possition to see nothing. The bath was as she said it was, warm and soothing with all the salts she had added.

He listened to his arms crackle as Jun  continued to "torture" him in place. He  thought about jabbing her back to ease his "embarrassment."

"I bet you'd like to do this with Ken huh Onechan?" Jinpei smiled as he expected the usual reply.

" You think I wouldn't?" She answered. Which made the boy a bit startled.

" Onechan? about being dirty. And you jump my case for finding those dirty books under my bed!"

Jun pushed Jinpei forwards and began to rub his back. "No use in hiding the obvious is there, after all mr. wizzard, you started it during training by nagging the both of us!"

"Hah hah....Because I knew when I saw Ken looking at you funny that he was hooked. He loves you alot I think."

"Sure....he doesn't like to show it though." Jun said as she pointed to the television. "The Dragon's just got another hommer!"

Jinpei shot out of the tub in screaming exstacy. "Yeah! Your dam right we're bad! Three run slammer yes!"

He soon realized that the towel had slipped off! "Yikes!" Jun jumped out of the way as he dove into the deep tub and sent water all over the room!

"Did you look!" He asked her as he came back up with the towel restored.

" Your still as cute as that picture!" Jun rolled around in dying laughter as her less than amused brother sat down with a mean smirk on his face.

"That's not funny Jun!" He bellowed as she rubed his head.

" Oh Jinpei...your so easy to get upset over the smallest things"

" Yeah, like my......."

" Jinpei?......shut up!" Jun warned him with a finger as he smiled at her.

" Your still getting married right Jun? I mean, I bet you have the honeymoon, the champaign, and the bed cover colors all laid out."

"Why you!" Jun tried to grab the slippery youth but Jinpei was alot smarter. He pulled Jun off ballance and jumped from the bath as she tumbled in!

There he stood, proud and taunting her as she climbed out and chased him out of the bath and up the stairs to his room where he nailed her with a good swipe of his pillow!

"Ha ha, The great swallow Jinpei strikes again! na na na na na......"

"The great swallow is also minus his towel!" Jun smirked as Jinpei went to cover himself but forgot that he still had the towell on!

"Psyche!" Jun yelled as she took his pillow and proceeded to beat him back into a feather covered, wet little ball in the corner.

" Gotcha!" She cried as she picked him up kicking and giggling all the way back down to the tub and tossed him in!

He wisely relented to trying any further damages as she moved to finish her work.

" There, now your 100% better. Though I bet not much smarter huh?"

" forgot one thing Onechan..... MY SUPER SOAKERS STILL IN HERE!"

Jinpei let Jun have it full in the face with his big pump gun and the chase through the house was on again! another typical evening for the family of Gatchaman.
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