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Day of Infamy by Daniel Rush
Day of Infamy by Daniel Rush
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Kagaku-ninjatai Gatchaman

By Dan Rush

All rights respected. Non-profit fan fiction

Forewords: It's the kind of war John Kennedy talked about 40 years ago. In the wake of this monstrous brutality against humanity, men schooled in the ancient arts of ninja warfare are now taking America's reply to her enemies. This Gatch story is dedicated to the U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan. Go get the bastard guys.

Remember the dead by defending the living, this is not a time for peace, that time has now passed, it is time for war. SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2001 6:15PM Japan time


Ken's Airfield, Yutoland City

" Ouch! Damn it!" Ken snarled to himself as he pulled away from the engine cowling of his plane and dropped the socket wrench in his bleeding hand. " Hey pal,how about a little help?" Ken started to smirk at the thought of chewing out an inanimate object. He snatched up a rag off the nearby tool bench and wrapped it around his hand. " Oh heck, tomorrow's another day." Washio walked from the hanger and stopped to pull the clothes off a dry-line, stopping for a moment to think about the panties, bra and other girls clothes he was about to grab. " I wonder what Hakase would think if he saw all this. " Gee Ken? Uh,those are Jun's right?" duh, no I'm a cross dresser Hakase." Ken allowed Jun the privilege of the extra laundry space she didn't have at her apartment in the city. He kicked the back door open and dropped the pile of clothes on the kitchen table. " She can fold her own when she comes to pick them up." He said as he walked up to the refrigerator and pulled out the remains of last night's Chinese food and threw it on a plate. " Leftovers and coffee, dinner of desperate bachelors." Ken flicked the switch of his small television on as he walked over to the microwave,

" THIS IS NOTASHI NOBU OF NHK!,THE,THIS IS A TERRIBLE SCENE! OH MY GOD!! ANOTHER PLANE, ANOTHER PLANE HAS CRASHED!" Ken turned to see what was happening on the television and caught the fireball as it rose to fill the screen.


" What the," Ken reached for his remote control and tried to change the channel.


" What the fuck?" Ken's eyes bugged out at the images of indescribable horror being played out before him.


6:18PM Japan time

Joe's Trailer, Yutoland City

" Ryu! Ryu,you seeing this?" Joe Asakura said as he turned the channels on his television and got the same horrible pictures. " Son of a bitch!" " Seeing it? I'm getting a face full of it!" Ryu's voice came back over the wrist band as Joe threw his boots on. " What's going on?" " What do you think? This could be the start of a full scale Galactor assault, all out fucking war! Where's Ken?" " How should I know,I don't have the Ken watch." Ryu snapped back. " Do you think I should go get the ship?"

" Duh! Someone should go and get it!"

" EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, .EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" " Holy shit!" Ryu snapped out over the wrist com. " That's the war alert claxon."

" I'll say it again, Duh!" Joe snapped as he grabbed a jacket and ran out the door of the trailer for his Skyline. " What a day for the whole world to take a big shit."


6:37PM Japan time
Snack J, Yutoland City

" Please! Everyone leave! I have to close up the club!" Jun was running around pushing patrons out the door as they stood shocked and stalled by the television set at the bar.

" THE PENTAGON! WE'VE JUST LEARNED THAT THE UNITED STATES PENTAGON HAS BEEN BOMBED, THE CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES IS UNDER ATTACK," " Onechan!" Jinpei came running into the club and threw his school bag over the bar counter. " The War Clax,"

" Will you hush!" Jun snapped back at him as she finished clearing the club of patrons and locked the door.

" What's going on Onechan?"

" What does it look like?"

" Looks like shit but that's just my opinion." The boy chirped as he followed his sister into the garage and jumped on the back of her motorcycle. " Eeep,eep,eep,eep!"

" It's Ken!" Jinpei said as he held fast to his sister's shirt. " Jun! Have you seen it!" Ken's voice snarled out. He was obviously in his car by the sound of the background noise. " What is it? A full scale attack?"

" I don't know,the World Trade Center in New York, Washington, the United States could be launching nuclear missiles within the next few hours! Get to the ISO building as fast as you can, we might be heading for the U.S. in the hour.


6:59PM Japan time

J National Highway, Yutoland City

" Hakase this is Ken,what's going on in the U.S.? Is it a full scale war?" Ken's car didn't break a stride, it bypassed the toll gates and sped like a rocket towards Yutoland City. " How many planes? Any mecha? What the hell is going on?"

" Get here as fast as you can Ken. The whole complex is being locked up and the anti-aircraft guns are being pulled from the bunker. Narita and Haneda airports are being closed. That's all I can tell you right now." " Joe? Where are you?"

" Coming up JN South,It's all over the radio Ken, it's fucking madness!"


7:10 PM Japan time

ISO Complex, Yutoland City
Ryu pulled up to the gate just as a heavy anti-aircraft gun tank took up it's post in the street and troops poured off its sides to secure the entrance. One of them ran up to the Owl's van," I need to see your I.D." " What's going on?" Ryu asked. " Has the whole world gone insane?" " Terrorist." The guard replied.

" They may be targeting large buildings and no one knows if it's just America or all over the world. We've gone to triple threat Delta."

Ryu saluted the man and drove his van through the gate. Jun and Jinpei arrived soon after and met the Owl as he walked towards the main science building. "This is not a good day." He said as the Swan caught up with him. " What gave you that idea? The fact that terrorist just murdered thousands of people or the weather?"

" They flew airplanes into the buildings Ryu! Planes full of people!" Jinpei was visibly upset.


7:39 PM Japan time

ISO Complex, Yutoland City

Ryu, Jun and Jinpei were transfixed to the horror ongoing in the United States, the image of the North trade tower falling in an explosion of flames, dust and debris filling the big screen television in their briefing room. Just then, Ken walked through the door with Joe on his back... " Don't tell me who it isn't, Beoluke and Hontworl have been making noise all fucking month! Galactor and them bastards did this, I tell you Ken we have to attack that SOB and nuke them before the United States decides to sling a few or it'll be world war fucking three out there!" " There's no evidence Joe!" Ken snapped back. " Since when does Galactor use passenger planes as weapons? And why would Hontworl do something so crazy?" "Oh I don't know, they're led by maniac bastards maybe? Open your damned eyes Ken! They just murdered God knows how many people and you want to sit the fuck by and count fucking daisies!"

" QUIET!" Came another voice. Nambu slowly walked into the briefing room and clicked the television off. Joe threw his hands out, " Hakase,look what's going on. God damned Galactor bastards,that son of a bitch Beoluke's behind all this, you know him and Katse are allies,we need to strike that miserable country now and kill those bastards!" Nambu threw a hand out. " Sit down Joe,before I come over there and make you sit."

Joe sat with a very audible grunt. " What a bunch of," " Joe, do you mind?" Jun said from across the table. " Give Hakase the respect."

Nambu slowly moved to take his own seat at the end of the table. " I know what you're all thinking,nothing could be more dangerous right now than to just go off half cocked and escalate this into something more destructive." " More destructive?" Joe had to start again. " As if what we're seeing isn't? God damn it Hakase, they just killed how many people and you're talking about limits? Fuck!"

Ryu raised his hand. " Shoot Joe, we can't just start chucking missiles at people without hard evidence. It would be like taking a baseball bat to your neighbor because you found dog shit in his yard the size of Diamo truck and he owns an ankle biter."

Ken sat shaking his head. " Ryu,you pick the wildest examples to philosophize. What are we hearing so far Hakase? From intel and all that?" Nambu pursed his lips. " Possible Middle Eastern involvement,it'll be some time before we know more."

Jinpei raised his hand," Uh,how many people in the buildings?" " I've heard estimates, as high as 150,000 a day,don't know the true estimate." Nambu's words seemed to drop like a hammer. The whole team sank as he turned to click on the television behind him. THIS IS NOBA KASHIRO,BOTH TWIN TOWERS HAVE COLLAPSED, THE DEATH TOLL COULD BE, A HOLLOCAUST,THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS BEING TAKEN TO A SECURE FACILITY SOMEWHERE IN NEBRASKA,

" Holy fuck." Joe snapped. " Nebraska?"

" The one place the American president would go in the event of,Hakase? You don't think they plan too,"

Nambu pursed his lips. " No,perhaps it's a measure of safety for the life of the President. They did attack the capital. I don't think they're going to DEFCON one."

" Uh,Deaf What?" Jinpei asked Nambu.

" Defense Condition Jinpei." Ken said back. " Number One means, nuclear war."

" Oh, shit." The boy blurped out.

"BRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGG!" A phone near Nambu rang. " Nambu Hakase,Yes Bogamill, I don't care who you get to help you,yes, if you need to get some hackers busted out of jail then do it, I'll take the heat. Your suspicions don't help right now,I need facts." Nambu put his phone down. " We'll just have to be patient."

" Patient?" Joe snarled. " Patient? How do we know what they'll do next? God damn they just bombed the United States! What next? Tokyo? London? Chemical weapons or a nuke? Hakase,"

" Joe,sit down." Nambu warned him for the last time. " I share your concern,but we are not rushing the whole world to World War III, I will not be responsible for ordering a blind assault.


Ken held a coke in his hands as he stood watching the television news coverage of the day's unfolding carnage. Reports kept coming in to the team's recreation room via the intelligence center of ISO and every new piece was worse than the last one,

" Now They're concerned that Iraq might be involved." Ken said to Joe as he handed him the slip of paper.

" I wouldn't doubt it." Joe replied. " Saddam Hussain has a lot to gain. But I still say Galactor and Hontworl are involved Ken, this fits perfectly into their schemes, we can't count that out." Ken turned to Joe. " Nothing's going to be normal after this. What if it's not Hontworl or Galactor but a new group? A real nasty bunch of bastards with no ties to Galactor?"

" Middle Eastern terrorist? They've never been that organized." Ken shook his head. " Times have changed Joe,the internet? Advanced systems of communication? Computers? Exactly what terrorist have been hoping for." Ken looked around the room. " Where's the others?" " I think Jinpei got upset. Jun probably took him to get an ice cream or something." Joe replied. " Ryu was going to get a coffee." Ken turned back to the television. The scenes rolled across his eyes,firemen carrying a dying priest,dust covered and blood drenched survivors collapsing in the streets,a single horrible image of a child standing alone in tears as the dust settled around her,it all felt so detached. It was like some wild Hollywood terrorist movie, a Bruce Willis fantasy gone to hell. 10pm Jinpei and Jun were back now, both of them sat silently glued to the television while Ken, Joe and Ryu stood in sort of a huddle in the back with Nambu. A courier from intelligence arrived with another handful of papers. " Thank you." Nambu said to the man. He scanned the papers and handed them to Ken.

" Osama Bin Laden?" Ken replied. " I've heard of him before." Nambu nodded. " Saudi Arabian,fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, has a deep hate for the United States, Highly educated,a wizard in business." Ryu read the papers. " Certainly bizarre,talk about your ideal villain." Joe took a glance. " Do they think he's behind this?" Nambu nodded. " The man's linked to other terror stunts,a great mind coupled with a theology , a grudge and a chip on his shoulder,bad combination." Nambu turned to Ken. " Follow me,the rest of you sit here and wait." Nambu walked out of the room with Ken, down a hallway and into another room. Nambu locked the door behind him. " Take a seat."

" What are you thinking Hakase?" Ken asked as Nambu took a seat. " Every minute the intelligence gets firmer,every minute this whole situation gets worse. This Bin Laden fellow is a loose cannon." Nambu leaned forwards. " I have to put Galactor on the back burner on this one." " What do you fear? That he might tie up with them?" " Possibly,but I fear much worse than that. If this whacked out fanatic can send four airliners with innocent people to their deaths,he has no compunction for anything else."

Ken pursed his lips. " And this guy's worse than Galactor?" " Galactor wants the word." Nambu replied. " This bastard wants people dead, there's a difference. At least Galactor has some concern about preserving things,this guy would kill a cat if it offended him, he's a dangerous man." Nambu took a deep breath. " As the information gets more firm,I'll be tasking all of you to hunt this man down, with his immediate leadership,and kill them, every lasting one of them."

Ken nodded. " I thought you were going that way." Nambu stood up. " Do you understand what this man can do Ken? In a region like that he could topple the delicate balances of regional stability,we're talking violence on a scale not seen since World War I. The man's a Hitler and he needs to be stopped. You must use every weapon at your disposal and this may require you to drop any pretense of humanity. For the sake of the greater good, you may be required to kill innocents to get your target." Ken stood. " You're asking a difficult thing. You taught us all that the warrior must have humanity or he falls to the level of a barbarian." " We're dealing with barbarians Ken. And these barbarians could care less for any kind of life so to rid the world of barbarians we must be ready to be as ruthless and un-caring about them as they are about human life. The fate of humanity is at stake. If some must die so that the rest may live,that's how it has to be. No doubt we just got a clear example of that today. Tomorrow could see 10,000 more or even a million. That's unacceptable." Ken clenched his hands.

" I see,if that's how it has to be." " Keep your team ready Ken." Nambu said. " You may be required to move very soon. This will be the ultimate test of your ninja fighting skills." Nambu stood up and walked silently out of the room, leaving Ken to think to himself about what the future might hold.

" Shit."

End of the prelude
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