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Devil's Deep by Daniel Rush
Devil's Deep by Daniel Rush
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Devil's Deep

A little Gatchaman nightmare for you all........ the cold.cold.deep..........
no one can hear you scream.    
Dan Rush

"Great catch Ryu!" Jinpi yelled as he pulled the record Steelhead bass into the boat.

"just look at it Jimp! Never saw a Steelhead so deep blue in color though." Ryu said as he examined the fish.

Jinpei smiled. "Who cares about color, just think of how good it'll taste!" Just then, Jinpei's fishing pole jumped and he had to dive on it to keep it from flying out of the boat.

"Wow! This one's a monster!" He said as he strained to pull the fish in! He let it take out a little line, then pulled bak with all his might. The line parted and sent Jinpei head over heals into the water.

"Shit! This water's cold!" He screamed. "JINPEI! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Came Joe's voice. Jinpei was no longer  on vacation, enjoying fishing with Ryu.

Now he was on the command deck of the God Pheonix. Everything about him was a smoking wreak!

He could hear Ryu calling out damage fom his pilot's station. "We've lost port engine, main electrical bus is shorting out, I can't get control!"

June was lying on the floor, bleeding from a head wound. "SIS!" Jinpei screamed as he ran to her side.

 Joe quickly snatched Jinpei by the arm. "She's OK kid! Get back to your station and try to get us some power!"

 "Anikie! What's going on? What's happened?" Jinpei asked.

  Joe looked at him like he was crazy.  "What do you mean what's happening. We're under attack damm it!"

  Joe pointed to the windscreen where a huge, mamouth Galactor mecha was tearing the God Pheonix apart like swiss cheese!

  Joe threw Jinpei towards his station. "Get back there and try to get us some power!"

 Jinpei rapidly worked his console. Where the fuck was Ken? Why wasn't he here? "Never mind that now, get your butt in gear and set things right!" He told himself as he worked.

  Another explosion occured, this time at Ryu's station. He grabbed at his eyes, "Oh God! I can't see! I can't see!" The panel was a raging bonfire untill Joe put it out.

   Jinpei was franticly calling out damage. " Starborad engine failing! Main bus failing! depth 2000.....2300.....2500....WE'RE SINKING LIKE A FREEKIN ROCK ANIKIE!!"

    Jinpei's mind was a blur! Engines dead, power dead, bypass systes failed! He pounded his console in frustration. "Think stupid, think!" Suddenly, it came to him and as if on auto pilot, he jumped up and headed for the turbo lift!

"What the hell are you doing!" Joe screamed as Jinpei disapeared down the shaft. "I'm gonna try a manual bypass on the starboard engine! If it works, we may escape!"

As the turbo shaft door opened to the lower level, an inch of seawater poured into the new gap at Jinpei's feet. "Dam this water's cold!" he cursed as he ran towards the Starboard wing access tube and jumped into it.

 The explosions outside the ship slammed him around in the tube but Jinpei kept up his crawl untill he reached the outer service casing of the starboard engine.

  He moved like a mad demon as he unscrewed the quick disconnects and threw the panel bhind him. Quickly, he hooked his miny P/C to the computer bus starter and ran through a series of commands.

 Once finished, he ran the main starting command ad set it to auto sequence. Sweat poured from his fac and the smell and sting of salt was heavy in the air. "How high was the water behind him now? Don't think, just work!"

  The engine began to spool, but soon died. Spooled again, and died again!" Jinpei was angry as hell and he cursed and kicked the computer board untill the sound of the engine thundering to life made him cheer, "I DID IT!"

Then it came....a God awfull explosion from the outside. The casing gave way!  "GOOD WORK SHORT STOP!" Joe screaed as Ryu brought the God Pheonix to life!

Water was pouring in! Gallons of it! It swept Jinpei down the tube and out into a swirling mass of deep, dark sea water.  "SHORT STOP?" Joe called.

Jinpei swam, and swam, and swam, but the access fell farher and farther away. The water was gaining! The overhead closing in! "ANIKI!" Jinpei cried out!

"JINPEI!" Jun jumped towards the entry to the turbo lift but it wouldn't come..........the lift had locked in place!

Higher and higher! Swirling....dark.....cold ."Dam it this water's cold!" JUUUUNEEE!!!!"

He screamed as the overhead vanished, as

the last gulp of air was taken. SWIM!! Thoughts

ablur....thought of home....of family....of sister

and brothers...of a mother he never knew....

"Oh God!"....Expulsion........fear....pain.......

then silence.

"NO!!!" Joe screams at the top of his lungs! "Get us home Ryu! Fly dam you!!" He screams

as he pounds the bulkhead of the ship.

The God Pheonix arrives at last, the water slowly falls in the dock. The lower bay empties itself. Finaly, the turbo shaft unlocks.........

Joe is the first to make it down. Jinpei lies in a heap on the floor, unmoving, wet, face frozen in fear. Joe grabs the helmet and all but rips it off the boy's head! " No!!, you stupid kid!"

Tilt the head, clear the throat, begin to breath for him!. Ryu can hardly hold June back. She fights, screams, punches, and kicks, but Ryu won't let go.

 "GET HER OUT OF HERE!" Joe screams as he pounds on the small chest. The lips are blue, the skin a death white.

  "HELP ME YOU LITTLE BASTARD!  DON'T GIVE UP ON ME!" Joe continues to compres the chest as the medics arive and throw him aside. They rip Jinpei's uniform apart.

"PADDLES! 10 CCs 2 PAM Chloride!! Set for 40 microvolts!!...FIRE!......." The body rises, then collapses. FIRE!!........ again it rises, again it collapses...again .....again.........again..till all hope is gone all is lost............

"NOOOOO!!!!!" Kicking, screming, punching ........then..........home. The bed is real, so are the model cars, the ant farm on the dresser, and the soaking wetness of the skin and covers from sweat.

June? She moves to kiss and carress, to make everything right again and stop the tears. Lie down now, for tommorow is another day.

Jinpei slowly falls to the pillow as June rubs his back to make him feel secure again. Finaly drifting off to better dreams. A blue steelhead salmon and a girl named Julie.

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