Farewell Traveler by Daniel Rush
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Farewell Traveler

It was over at last. The long good fight had been done and now tthe time had come to say goodbye.

If Ryu wasn't such a heart filled man, if he didn't possess great feelings for the things and people he loved, he would not be the warriror he had been or the good man he'd become.

But here before him sat a thing which grieved him to no end, the silent form of his beloved Traveler, a nickname he had kept between her and himself.

She was old now, old and tired. The bearer of many fights, the holder of many wounds, the saving grace of so many lives. She had bore the team aloft and brought them back so many times.

Her paint was as worn as her metal skin and her body was as tired as her engines but she never gave up on them, and for that, Ryu gave away tears in gracefull love as he caressed her still warm sides.

They had torn the life out of her. The engines were gone, the electronics stripped, the fuel tanks empty, The compartments sealed. They talked about making her a museum piece which made Ryu howl with anger.

"How dare they?" He asked. A warrior goes only one way. How he wished he could fire her up one last time, one last glorious flight through the air and into space where he could blow her up or send her to a well deserved flaming death in the atmosphere. A noble death for a noble warrior that had saved all that was dear and deserved no less than to fly into the arms of vanquished and great warriors who had died for freedom's great fire.

"Traveler" Ryu said as he gave the God Pheonix her last warm embrace before turning to leave her with a heavy heart. " I still love you valkre of my soul, when I die our spirits will soar again as one into heaven's good graces, for we saw our duty and we did it well. Goodbye my sweet Traveler, my war horse, and may your soul sleep till we call for you again...fairwell."
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