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JoJo by Daniel Rush
JoJo by Daniel Rush
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"Hmm......not a bad mission this time, if only they'd let me do more like that." Jinpei said to himself as he walked through Coral Cressent Base somewhat enjoying his free time off. Being a ten year old ninja was a pain sometimes as the others tended to be more protective of their young friend than he liked.

Today's mission was no different, "Let me go Ken Anikie! I can do it!" went through his head at least 50 times only to be returned with a stiff by still loving "No." sometimes the others could get on Jinpei's nerves, even Jun would do that at the Snack, causing Jinpei to fly off the handle.

So what did he do? The usual, he threw the rule book out and went alone anyways, which gave them all fits as usual and dropped a rash of heck down on Jin's poor head. He didn't get too upset from the verbal slams he took, they were all naturaly worried about him so getting angry wasn't going to help matters much.

Jun asked him if he wanted to watch that movie she had but Jinpei declined with the usual bravado he'd flash every now and then to make himself feel like he was in charge insted of Ken.

" No....I'm going to see Jojo. At least he listens to me. Unlike most grownups!" He said as he walked out of the rec room leaving Jun to put her hand to side of her face and smile at him as he walked out.

"Where was he?" A thought that formed inside the smooth, brown body as it moved through the tank with effortless grace and beauty. He'd been waiting patiently as usual for the familiar little visitor, no, friend to show himself all day. It's not as if Wedel Sea Lions could actually say out loud, "Hey! Will someone call the kid and tell him I'm getting a little miffed that he's not here!"

Jojo allowed action, movement, a twist of the head, the wild flutter of flippers, to comunicate his discomfort to his usual handler when the little one was off somewhere else. But that handler had left him alone for a moment.

The sudden noise from above shook the seal from his slow, gentle cruising at the bottom of the pool and he propelled himself to the surface to get a quick look around the pool area.

"Oh....there he is!" The seal must have thought this as Jinpei walked into the pool and took a seat at a lounge chair.

"Oh...oh.....the usual again. He's not happy."


Jinpei watched as the wedel seal flew from the water and slid across the pool deck in an almost comical display of rolling fat and waving flippers. It made him laugh as Jojo came to a stop by the chair and barked as if in joy that Jinpei had come to see him.

 " I hope you brought the usual." seemed to be the seal's current disposition as he shuffled around the chair, sniffed his small friends skin, then came back to the front and placed his head on the boys legs and barked.

Arr..Arr! "Where is it?"

" Oh....You want the usual present huh?" Jinpei said as he pulled a plastic bag from a backpack and produced a big salmon before the seals face. Jojo wobbled and barked as Jinpei teased him by making him bite for the salmon as Jinpei pulled it away!

Arr.Arr..Arr..Arr...."Stop it! I hate when you do that!"

"Here you go..." Jinpei dropped the fish into the open mouth and sat back to watch Jojo take the fish in with a few short gulps. He repayed the boy by rolling on the deck and clapping his short fins as he watched his friend shrink into a sullen mood once more.

" I've seen that before......."

Jojo waddled back to the chair and rubbed his furry head along Jinpei's small chest which made him laugh aloud and squirm as Jojo's muzzle pushed into his stomach..

"There, now I bet your much better!"

" You always seem to know what's best Jojo! At least I can count on you to understand me, unlike the others. Yeah....they did it to me again Jojo, stay put Jinpei, no Jinpei, I'm very angry at you for going off on your own Jinpei! The same stuff every time!"

Jojo raised his head in a funny sideways slant. "That again? Comeon and swim."

Jojo tried to pull at the draw strings on Jinpei's swim trunks but the boy softly pushed the head away and held it with a gentle pat. "No, I think I'll just sit here this time Jojo. I bet you need a break from swimming to."

"Oh no.....not just wait."

Jinpei thought for the moment as he watched Jojo do more funny tricks around the chair. He reached into his backpack pouch for a bag of Skittles candy and was just about to open it when the sea lion snatched it from his hand and took off across the pool deck!

"na na....... na na na" Jinpei could swear he heard the seal saying that funny toon as he took off after the thieving mammal!

" Come back here with those Jojo! You hear me! I said come back here now!!" Jinpei slipped on the wet pool deck and crashed on his stomach just when he had a grip on the seal's tail!

Jojo slid to a stop and teetered side to side as if in taunting his young friend to chase him a little more.

" Comeon little one......I like this game!"

"Jojo....if you give me that bag, I'll give you another big FISH! You'd like another FISH! wouldn't you?" Jinpei said as he placed his hands behind his back.

"What do you think I am......stupid?"

Jojo was off again with Jinpei close behind. "Get back here!" Jinpei suddenly slipped off his feet again and fell into the pool. Jojo stopped to watch the boy swim but insted saw the boy lying face down in the water!

Arr Arr......Arr Arr......."No!"

The sea lion slid quickly into the water and without much effort, rolled the boy onto his back and tried to keep him from sinking.

Jinpei's hands quickly took the bag of candy from Jojo's mouth and the startled seal flew under the water and came back up some distance away to hear the boy's laughter at catching Jojo off guard.

" least your in the water!"


"Human's are so crazy." Jojo was watching Jinpei as he stood at the end of the high dive board where so many other attempts ended in the usual hard.........."WHAM!"

" Shoot! Next time I'll jump feet first!" Jinpei said as he held his back and grimiced at the painfull redness his attempted dive had left him with.

Jojo flopped on his belly and gave Jinpei the most contorted face he'd ever seen. "I know what your thinking Jojo!" The boy said as he rubbed the seals soft nose.

"What.....that your crazy? I all ready knew that!"

Jinpei liked to copy Jojo's actions at times, lying on the deck and see who could stare who down was the usual game Jinpei played with the seal.....he often won those.

 He couldn't beat Jojo at water basketball though. After all, Jinpei couldn't bounce a ball in the water like Jojo did on his nose, a very good advantage indeed as Jojo watched Jinpei dribble the ball and toss it for the seal to catch it.

"Too easy....." The seal waddled th whole lenth of the pool with the ball on his nose as Jinpei ran ahead of him to set up the net.

"Ok on one. Let's see who beats who this time!"

Jojo threw the ball from his nose to Jinpei as they started to play in the pool's shallow end. It took no time for the seal to once again jump ahead of his human friend for Jojo didn't know and obviously didn't care about the rules of the game.

Jinpei on the other hand also didn't care for such things as rules either. Which made for a most interesting evening......

Of course....Jojo won that game.......


Jun thought she'd seen everything till she walked into the pool and saw Jinpei and his pet seal gliding and moving on the far side of the pool to the echoed sound of a radio and some techno tune she didn't know.

 Jinpei had obviously tought Jojo this wild act as the sea lion rolled on it's belly and made the most funny waddling as it tried to match the moves of it's master. Jun was impressed though, they were moving at the same time.

"your new dance partner Jinpei?" Jun asked as she took a chair and watched Jinpei walk with the seal close behind him.

"Hi sis!" He said as he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

" Wow, your playfull tonight Jinpei. Did Jojo change your mood again?"

"How couldn't he sis! He's my best friend!" Jinpei played with Jojo's face causing him to snap back like a dog...

"Come here! Let me get just one good snap!" The seal barked up a storm causing Jinpei to stop and rub his head.

" So that means I'm out when it comes to pizza and movies tonight? I'm closing the snack so we can have some fun togther?"

" know what you are to me sis. But I'd hate to leave Jojo here alone?"

Jun smirked but quickly smiled. "Allright, you can bring your sea lion with you. Just don't stick him in the tub like last time ok?"

Jinpei jumped and danced about Jojo with a big smile. "Comeon Jojo.....your getting away from this dumb tank tonight. You'll like my room, It's a cool place!"

"What? More fish! Cool!!" Jojo barked with joy as Jinpei put a leash around the seal's neck and slowly walked out of the pool for home.

I wonder if sea lions like pizza?

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