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Appendicitis Spectracitis by Daniel Rush
Appendicitis Spectracitis by Daniel Rush
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Appendicitis Spectracitis

Jason was driving like crazy towards the hospital in downtown Bay City. All Princess would tell him was that Keyop was in a bad way, a very bad way.

He met her in the emergency room ward as Tiny and Mark were just coming in from down the hall.

" What happened!" Mark boomed as he could tell Princess was visibly upset.

"I was waiting for Keyop to get up this morning so we could get the Snack J open for the lunchtime run, but he never came  down even when I told him breakfast was ready. So I went up stairs to his room and there he was all doubled over and crying like mad. He couldn't even talk...I grabbed him and brought him here and he just passed out! Mark he's as white as a sheet!"

Just then, a doctor walked out of the emergency room and cleared the way so they could wheel Keyop through to the Operating Room. Mark grabbed the man by his coat.

" Doctor, tell us what happened." Mark commanded. The man pointed to Princess. "She's the only person I'll talk too right now mister. Immediate family only."

Mark and the others cleared out as the doctor sat Princess in a chair. "Your little brother's Apendix ruptured  this morning. He's going into surgery  right now but his condition is very   serious, he's suffering from poisoning,   but we caught it early enough that he's   got a good chance of getting through   it."

Princess was shocked to think   that Keyop would even have such a   thing, then again the wonders of modern   genetics often make such errors.

" I want to see him!" She said with near tears. The doctor had to decline her request for now so she began the long, tortured wait.


It was almost five hours since Princess brought Keyop into the hospital and the wait was becoming intolerable.

Mark tried to change the mood of the team over and over, but the thought that they might loose Keyop was overwhelming. They all at one point or another had thought about being killed on missions, or in training, but never from something so simply missed as an appendix, it just didn't click.

Finaly, at three in the afternoon, the operating room doors opened and Keyop was wheeled towards the ICU. Mark watched the same doctor coming towards Princess and resolved not to take the "immediate family" bullshit line again. Fortunatly, that wasn't going to be contested.

" I've been briefed on the phone by a representitive of the Intergalactic Sciance Organization, a Chief Anderson I presume? The boy will be transfered later tonight to the Conway Medical Facility."

Mark was relieved. He'd rather have Keyop there, than in some unsecured hospital. "How is he?" Mark asked as the rest of the team gathered around.

The doctor crossed his arms. "It was a very close thing. He's extreamly weak and we had to do a transfusion to replace the blood that was poisoned by the appendix. He'll be out for quite a while and he may suffer a high fever as a result. For now, he'll be unable to move."

"When can we see him?" Tiny asked. " We've been waiting all dam day!" Joe put his hand on the big pilot's shoulders.

"Easy Tiny. I think if anyone should see him first, Princess should go." Mark said as he looked at her. "Go, and tell him how much we all love him."

Princess stood in shock as she turned the corner of the ICU booth where they had placed him. The sight of his skin color was upsetting in itself, a death palor void of any pink shade. They had him wired and stuck with needles in various places on his arms and chest plus a nose ventillator with two large hoses to help him breath.

She went over to his bed side and slipped her hand under his as she could no longer hold back the tears.

" Keyop?" She said sobbing, " If you can hear me, sqeeze my hand."

Princess could feel it, a small feeble attempt but one none the less. He was alive and she knew he was going to make it.


 Danny Bogamill's vintage 68 Mustang led the caravan of cars and an ambulance across the midnight darkness of Yondland city to the Conway Center in Minami hights. He was friend of the team, not to mention their main intelligence officer but he didn't dress like it.

Bogamill was from Killkenney Ireland and he had the typical 5 foot 9 features that marked him as a beer drinking, cigar smoking fight seeker with all the charms of a friendly Irish Wolf hound. He was Princesses regular at the snack J and seemed to be the only other man beside Mark that she had an intrest in.

He dressed like a cowboy field hand with his long Texas riding coat, worn Levis blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a big white Stetsen. Under that long coat was a slinged 12 gauge Remington shotgun and a 12 inch barreled 357 Magnum hunting revolver.

Princess was out like a light, resting on Mark's shoulders for the short ride while she allowed Tiny to sit in the ambulance with her brother. Mark was listening to the music on Bogamill's sterio and trying to figure out the singer.

"Who's this?" He asked Bogamill who answered in an Irish broge. "That be George Thorogood. He's an old tonk kicker from a long time ago. Princess plays it for me when I visit Snack J's. By the way Mark, Do yeh know about the big meetin that's comin up?"

"The Federation Councel? Yeah, they call it a interglobal stratigy and policy review. There's word that this one's pritty major, alot of critical big wheelers will be here."

Bogamill raised his hand. "Yah know, several months back your boy Keyop told me somethin personal. Come ta find out, one of the delegates is a Mr. John Lesslie, the Andromidan Representitive. Well yeh never guess who's with him."

Mark smiled. "No....his daughter Julie?" Bogamill smiled back. "Aye, I thought she'd be the perfect get well gift fer my favorite bartender. I think I can have it arranged boyo once he wakes up."

Mark could just imagine the look on Keyop's face.           


"Warmth....the feeling of a gentle hand .....the soft wispers of someone I love......." Princess heard the faint sturrings, small groans, then watched with joy as Keyop rejoined the land of the living.

"He's awake everybody!" She said as she lay her head on his small chest and thanked God for his mercy. Keyop couldn't move, only watch with his half open eyes as Princess kissed him on the cheek.

" Don't you ever do that again to me!" she said with excitement. " You had us scared half way to hell."

" If you think your going to skate out of the morning briefings this way, your very mistaken kid." Mark said as he pulled up a chair beside the bed.

" I thought you might like a new  baseball glove for your birthday Keyop. I even got it signed by Jumping Joe Rizzo, so don't lose it." Tiny moved to slip the mit on Keyop's right hand.

  Joe, who was usualy not emotional, chose to stand back and say nothing. He was fighting a losing battle against tears. He left soon after, having lost it all together.

 Danny Bogamill was there, saving the best for last when everyone would leave. " Hey boyo, glad tah see yeh back. Been a nasty scare ta all of us. I know yer too young to pop a shot of some good Irish Whiskey so I'll drink yer shot for yeah." With that, the Irishman downed two quick shots of the sweet brown stuff. "You better get well soon, so I can give yah my present."

Meanwhile, down in the street in front of the Conway building, a lone figure stood on the sidewalk watching the comings and goings from the building compound. The stranger was readying himself to settle some old scores with a few old enemies. His intention was to make the Conway Building howl with as many dead people as his men could kill.  END PART IV  Appendicitis Spectracitis part V

" He's as vicious as Hitler and as smart as Lucifer."

                 Chief Anderson on Brock.

Brigadier General Gallaris Brock was no stranger to the Federation. The former leader of Rega was an evil genius who made the hated Federation pay time and time again for his fall from power.

G-Force knew him only too well. Once, his special squads left Mark in a ditch, almost dead. He had fought them to a draw on every encounter and had been itching for this special mission against their own backyard.

Of course, the men he collected were of no importance to him. They would all die, but he told them otherwise. This was to be a suicide mission designed to inflict max damage for max gain, a Brock trademark.

A he climbed into the van that was parked a mile away from the Conway building, the assembled officers who would lead the various strike squads sat at rigid attention with their weapons on their laps.

Brock took a seat near the back doors and lit a cigar as he looked at their faces. "Report." came the low, growling voice from behind the cloud of smoke.

"Leutenant Gydar Sir, my squad will attack and secure the main security control room and prevent re-enforcements from entering the building."

"Leutenant Treece Sir, my engineers will destroy the emergency escape wells, cut off the elevators and prevent re-enforcements from attempting to get above the 2nd floor."

"Leutenant Dorok Sir, my men will invade the conference floor, kill the President, the Deligates, and the Security Chief, and all who get in our way.

"Leutenant Polany Sir, my men will cause a diversion to assist the rest. We will attack the hospital wing, the intelligence wing, administrations, and other targets of intrest. We will kill as many people as we can."

Brock was pleased. "Very well. Our operatives have been working without rest to prepair for our arrival here. Remember Gentlemen that the Great Spirit demands the utmost from each of you and your men. Do not fail me or Spectra at this hour."

Brock made a gesture with his hand which resembled the Nazi salute and sat as ridgid as his comrades.

"Hail Spectra and the might of the Great one!"

"Hail and vctory!" came the reply.  


Apart from feeling like a wrecked car, Keyop hadn't lost his apitite for ice cream at all. His sister couldn't keep up with him as he gulped spoonfull after spoonfull of a hot fudge sunday faster than she could give it to him.

Tiny quiped him as he sat on the other end of the bed looking at the baseball glove he gave to the kid as a birthday present. "Man if you keep that up, you'll be fat in no time!"

Then an awfull thought hit Tiny in the head. "Oh no! The camping trip we planned is this weekend!" He said slapping his head. That put a sudden frown on Keyop's face.

"I guess we could cancel it for now." Said Princess who watched as Keyop shook his head.

"Go without me." He said, but she wasn't keen on that idea.

"And leave you here like this? It's not right. We'll all go together." She said as Keyop started to protest it.

" You planned this for weeks! Don't worry about me, just go!"

" The lad's right." Said Bogamill who stood in the doorway. " If he's that insistant, then yah should do what he says and goo. I'll watch im and besides that you'll only get in the way of me little gift."

Princess started to become angry with the Irishman untill she saw Mark behind him, giving her and Tiny the cue to leave Bogamill and Keyop alone.

Danny grabbed a chair near the bed and strattled it with his arms resting on the back. "And how are you feelin bartender? Worse for wear no doubt. The Good lord was watchin yeh boy, we all were."

Keyop thought of Bogamill as a favorite uncle more than a customer at the Snack J. He liked to listen to what ever Keyop told him and he sure didn't pick on him like others did.

" I feel stupid." The boy said truthfully. "Putting everyone through this mess."

Bogamill laughed a little. " I thought as much. Tht's why I gots yah a fine gift, an old friend want's ta see ya, a wee lass you might know."

The Irishman got up from the chair and opened the room door. "Would yah come in here las?"

Keyop could have had a heart attack when she walked into the room. He seemed to freeze in a panic......

"Julie?" he said as she walked over to the bed and smiled at him.  


  She hadn't changed in the three years since Keyop last saw her. Her hair was the same golden blonde color that flowed down like a water fall. Her eyes still sparkled and her face was as beutifull at 13 than it was when she was ten. He just couldn't say  anything to her as he was all choked up.

" It's been a long time." She said as she took his hand. "Much like the last time we saw each other, only I was the one in the hospital bed." She stroked his hair from face as he smiled.

" I wish it wasn't like this." Keyop  quietly uttered as tears dropped from his eyes. " I was hurting for a long time when you left, thought I'd never see you again."

She laughed. "You allmost didn't if I hadn't been as stubborn as my father. He didn't want to take me back to Earth, "Too dangerous." he said. But I got my way in the end. Then that nice Irishman told me you were here, so I had to drop by."

"Drop by?" Keyop said with alarm. "Your not staying here?" He grabbed her hand tighter.

"Silly!" She said with a grin. "I've got three whole weeks! In fact, you still owe me an amusement park visit from our first date! Or did you forget?"

"Actually, I thought that kidnapper's house was our first date. You pinged me off the head with a brush!" Keyop joked.

"What! You were peeking in the window!" Julie said as she blushed and almost laughed.

" I didn't see anything! Besides, You thought I was dashing and daring. I bet you love me."

"No I don't!" She said smiling. "I said you were my very best friend and that's all it is."

" could have fooled me." Keyop said as he sat up and gave her a wild look with his face. "Comeon In fact, why don't you just marry me!"

Julie reached for the nearest pillow and whacked Keyop across the head! He came right back at her, and soon the room was a cloud of feathers and alight with the noise of medical alarms. It took the head nurse's loud angry screaming to restore a semblence of medical order to the teenage chaos.

Keyop sat back in tears wavering between pain and laughter as Julie blew him a kiss from the door. He may have had a high fever, but it sure wasn't the appendix that caused it!


  The Pheonix Command ship 9pm over New York State....

Princess still hadn't stopped bruding since they had left the HQ, and Mark wanted her to relax. She just snapped at him from the time they left the hospital till they got aboard the Pheonix. She was realy worried about leaving her little brother alone.

Now it was Jason's turn to try. It was true Jason style that he dropped a stuffed bear in her lap, something she didn't dare refuse.

" Well?" Jason asked. " Are you going to stop being such a grouch? Or do I just take this little guy back?"

Princess gripped the teddy bear tight and moved it out of Jason's reach. "Realy all of you, can you blame me for being like this?" She asked.

Tiny rose from his pilot's seat and smiled. "You bet we do. If Keyop saw you like this, he'd waste no time in badgering you. He told us to have a good time and since when has my Uncle Jack not offered you all a good time?"

Mark sat back in streched in his seat. "She's worried about leaving him and Julie  Lesslie alone, that's what's driving her nuts!"

"Mark!" She said with a surprized look. "Realy...." She could have killed him had she not laughed about it. They all broke out  laughing.  Conway building 5pm California Time.

"Another slow shift I see." said the man in blue coveralls as he and several others walked into the Conway building's security control complex on the second floor.

" You guys are here early. Usualy we don't see maintenance till about seven or so." Said the on duty Marine guard who took down pass numbers.

"Yeah, but we have a lot of work to catch up on." The maintenance worker said as he twirled a screwdriver in his right hand and fired the flat head shank into the guard's head!

"Shit!" The other Marine yelled to his companion at the control desk as he tried to reach for his side arm. Both fell dead with equal swiftness from the rigged screwdrivers.

"Hurry!" The leader commanded as a Spectra soldger tapped into the main control system and began a computer overide of the main network.

"We'll have it in another five minutes!" The soldger said as he pounded the keys rapidly.

" Brigadier! We are in control of the security room!" The man was heard to say as an equaly disquised teams entered the large service elevators with maintenance carts in tow.

" Stairwells...Status." A soldger standing next to Brock said into a comlink as he watched the men around him assemble their weapons.

" Moving rapidly to secure charges! Give the word and we'll blow everything from the 2nd to 20th floor!" Came the response.

  "Perfect......right on schedule." Brock said as he armed his small assault rifle."Mr. Dorok, I'll go with you." Brock said as he turned his radio on. "Polany, you will stop your elevator on the 30th floor and go on my signal. Is that clear?"

"Understood. We are ready!" Said Polany as he cocked his rifle and checked his watch.

On the 50th floor, Dan Bogamill was visiting members of his unit who augmented the large security detail assigned to guard the deligates when he noticed a group of blue coverall clad maintenance workers coming out of the elevators farther down the hallway.

" Were we expectin a maintenance crew up here tonight lad?" He wispered to his man who guarded the double doors to the chamber.

" Not on our list sir." The man said as he cought the hint.

" Sun of a bitch." Bogamill said as his hands reached into the coat pockets and wrapped around the shotgun.  


It all happened quickly,violently. Bogamill opened his long coat and brought the slug loaded shot gun into a quick draw as the Spectra terrorist pulled their own weapons. The first slug slammed one of them square in the chest, blasting off his feet as his comrades let fly!

Bogamill watched as his companion took a good smack in the shoulder and dropped to the floor amidst a hail of gunfire. Other agents from inside the meeting chamber responded, joining the fusilade from the protection of the steel door jam.

The Irishman dove to the ground and pulled his wounded agent through the chamber doors as one by one the secret service agents pulled back and allowed the heavy, blast protection panel to fall behind them, sealing them in.

The councel members stood in collective shock as their agents began drawing every weapon they had, Anderson ran to his chief intel agent who was busy putting a makeshift bandage on his wounded agent's shoulder.

" What's happening Bogamill?" Anderson asked.

" Looks like Spectra's hitin our house Chief. There's no way they could ave gotten this far lest they took the security control room, which I bet they did." Bogamill said as he rapidly reloaded his shotgun.

" Chief Anderson to 7 zark 7, priority alery alpha at the Conway building! Repeat, priority alert Alpha! Request immediate support. Recall the Pheonix!"

The other group of terrorist, now on the 30th floor, emerged from their elevator and began a murdering rampage through the hospital wing! Stunned nurses, doctors, and patients alike were ruthlessly killed in their surprize!

Julie ran into Keyop's room where he was allready trying to pull himself up. "We gotta get out of here!" He winced as pain once again shot through his lower back.

"No uniform, no bracelet, no weapons, no where to run!" He thought, untill he looked up at the vent screen over his head. He took a jump on the bed and grabbed at the screen. "Comeon!" He shouted as the sound of doors being kicked in and machine guns being fired became louder and louder! The screen gave way and he fell back on the matress in searing pain.

"Julie! Get out of here!" He screamed at her. "Go!"

She couldn't leave him. Insted, she helped him up and boosted him into the vent.

" Give me your hands!" He shouted as he could hear the door in the next room crash apart. He pulled her up and through the opening, then pushed her ahead of him. " Move!"

He could hear the room door explode from the hinges behind him and the sound of the bullets as they ripped the walls, the I.V. bottles, and the furnature to shreads.

The Spectra terrorist knew someone had been in the room. He picked a fallen Identification badge off the floor. " Security room, This is Guidar with team four on the hospital wing. Who has badge A-83476 checked out?"

The response came back.."Julie Lesslie Daughter of Ambassador John Lesslie."

The man cut loose into the cealing with a full clip,raking the ventalation above with hot lead. " Brigadier!" He called in his radio, " We have rats in the ventalation system. Very small rats!"

In the vent itself, Jullie held Keyop in her arms. He was burning up with a fever and she was burning with fear herself at the nightmare they had just escaped. Down the shaft there suddenly came two loud, ear shattering explosions as the second team of terrorist blew apart the emergency escape stairwells, trapping everyone above the 20th floor.  


" Rats?" Brock said as he watched his men afix explosives to the heay wooden doors of the conference chamber. "That shouldn't be a problem Leutenant."

" Security room. Find the air ventallation cutoff system and close the blocking ports to floors 35 through 25. Well simply trap them there."

Brock's men scrambled for cover as their explosives detonated with a shuddering roar, blasting the doors to matchwood. However, the heavy steel blast panel behind them stood firm! Brock swore under his breath.  Brunswick,Maine

Captain Jack welcomed Tiny with a bear hug and a healthy slap across the back. He then did the same to each team member in turn. "Where's the boy?" He said as he looked for Keyop.

Princess smiled. "Sorry Uncle Jack, Keyop's appendix burst yesterday. He's in the hospital back in California."

" My Lord." Jack said with concern. "Well that's too bad. I know how much he likes to eat Martha's cooking. Comeon all of you....."

"BEEEEEEEPPPP!!" The aural warnings of the team's braclets went off all at once.

" Mark here! What's up?" The G-Force commander said with a noticed frown. Vacation was over.  Air Filtration vent 31st floor, Conway building.

Julie was becoming scared for poor Keyop behind her. He was dripping sweat, hot with fever, and breathing heavily. Now from each end of the hot vent shaft came the sound of slaming metal as the fire blocking panels closed off their escape.

Keyop collapsed on the metal floor. "I'm so hot." He growned.

" Don't pass out on me!" Julie said as she grabbed his hands and shook his head to keep him awake. Suddenly, she realized that there was a screen not too far down from where they were. Sure enough, it was an office!

"Your lucky I'm not wearing high heels today Keyop!" Julie said as she braced herself against the wall of the vent and kicked the screen off it's frame. She crawled back into the vent and pulled Keyop to the opening. " This hero stuff should be the other way around shouldn't it?" She asked as she helped Keyop down to the floor.

It was almost by shear luck that the office had two five gallon containers full of fresh water next to the cooler and Julie wasted no time in taking Keyop's hospital shirt off and dousing him with one of them.

"Drink this!" she commanded as she forced him to drink a few shots of water to rehydrate his depleated supply.

" I feel like hell." He said as he grasped her hand and squeezed it. " Some second date huh? Everytime it seems these Spectra goons wind up ruining it all. I think we should invite Zoltar to the wedding." He said as he smiled and chuckled.

" Your crazy Keyop. Wedding indeed, I told you we're just friends and that's that!" She said.

Keyop looked her in the eyes. "Stop lying to me Julie. You loved me then and you still love me now. The only reason you didn't say anything three years ago was because we were both too young to figure it out."

Julie frowned. "The reason why I never could tell you was because my father told me I could never see you again. You think I didn't know you were a member of Gatchaman Force? Father told me it was too dangerous for you or me to see each other again. But it seems that didn't work too well did it?"

Keyop reached out and grabbed her firmly by the shoulders. "I want you to promise me something Julie. Promise me that when this mess is over, when Zoltar's finaly'll marry me."

 Julie was shocked. " Keyop?...I..."

"Promise me!" He said once more as he looked into her eyes.

Julie said nothing, insted she moved slowly towards Keyop's face. She kissed him as he held her while they sat on the floor.

The sudden sound of footsteps outside the office broke them up. "Get under the desk!" Keyop said as he jumped upon the heavy oak desktop and watched the door knob wiggle.  END OF PART X  Appendicitis Spectracitis part XI

One more kick and the Spectra commando was inside the office aiming his assault rifle at the boy who sat atop the desk at the other end of the room. He didn't look like a threat, just some poor sick kid who managed to have more smarts than the other dumb humans.

" Well,well.....hello little rat. Where's the girl?" the man snarled as he move closer.

"Girl? What girl?" Keyop shrugged. " The girl who owned this I.D. badge, or are you too sick to remember?" The sound of the rifle bolt flying home with a loud click came through the air.

Keyop slowly tightened his grip on a large glass paperweight next to his left hand, his good throwing hand.

"Look mister, she ran off way before you guys even came. Besides, I don't like girls at all. But I like baseball. Do you like baseball?"

" What the ....... do you play me for! No! I don't like baseball!"

Keyop fired the paperweight and rolled back across the top of the desk as the man fired his rifle. The heavy glass flew with bone crushing speed into the man's face, shattering the nose, and sending the bone into the brain! He stood for a moment, then crashed to the floor....dead.

Julie cocked her head to the side as she looked at Keyop who sat before her on the floor. "You don't like girls?" she asked.

" Not unless they can pitch. You pitch, heck I heard your a good one too." He sniped as he got up and walked over to the dead terrorist.

Getting up from behind the desk, Julie watched Keyop rifle through the dad man's uniform. " Sure, but I can't kill a person with a fast ball." she returned. This was the cold hard truth of why her father wanted her to forget Keyop. What kind of life could they have indeed with Keyop as he was. To her it didn't matter anymore..she did love him despite G-Force.

" Well, we got a rifle with ten clips, a pistol with six clips, two grenades, a flack jacket, and a pair of very large boots. How do I look?" Keyop asked her as he stood in the large kevelar jacket, black boots, and a very wet pair of hospital PJ's.

" Totaly rediculous!" She said with a laugh. "Maybe you can make them laugh themselves into surrendering?"

" I doubt it." Keyop returned. " We gotta leave here and go somewhere else, but first. I have to do something real quick!"

Keyop walked over to a computer next to the office desk and turned it on. "Good, they wern't smart enough to cut the emergency  supply circuts." He said as he quickly typed on the key board.

" What are you doing?" Julie asked as she watched him fly through various programs on the screen.

" The Conway building is defended by a very complex, and very dangerous, security computer. There's enough firepower around this building to wipe out an army of Marines or a low flying passenger jet. What I'm doing is trying to hack into the back door system so I can wipe out the master drive with a neat little virus. I didn't take a course in computer warfare for nothing."

Julie placed her hands on his shoulders and began to rub them. " do you feel now?" She asked as he continued to type away.

" Much better now. Not so good for those poor Spectra idiots, though. They got me realy angry."  


  0300 AM Pheonix Command Ship

" Tiny! Floor this thing!" Princess called out from her station. Normaly she was calm in such situations, except when they involved her little brother fighting in some tight spot by himself, then the maternal instincts kicked into gear.

" Tiny was listening to the wide band radio reciever at the same time. He could hear the explosions, gunfire, and orders of Marines outside the ISO building....and it wasn't looking good for the home team at all.

A flash of light and 60 tons of armor went up in a ball of fire as the Marine gunny vaulted over a wall and landed beside his commander. "Son of a bitch! We can't even get within the perimeter sir!" The commander cursed under his breath, "Where's G-Force!"

Up in the conference room, Bogamill and the other guards could hear the Spectra goons trying to force the heavy armor door but it continued to hold despite their attempts.

Chief Anderson walked amoung the other deligates trying to reasure them that the Pheonix was on it's way. He then stopped to talk to John Lesslie.

" My daughter's outside somewhere Anderson, amoung those fanatical bastards!"

" I wouldn't be too concerned about her safety John. She's with one of my best people, I'm sure of it."

Suddenly, a voice filled the air around the room. "Anderson! Look at your monitor!"

They could all see Brock in his fearsome angry visage on the screen. He was holding a handgun to little girl's head.

"Long time Anderson. Open the dammed door, or this little girl becomes instant road kill on the floor!"

"You son of a bitch!" Screamed one delligate. "Anderson, we can't let him do it!" The man pleaded.

Anderson looked back at the screen.  "No...Your threats are weak and waistfull Brock, you can't win. Gatchaman will be here in a mater of hours. Surrender is your only hope of salvation."

" So be it!" Brock snarled as he blasted the little girls head apart!.

" I hope you can live with blood on your hands Anderson. I will kill a hostage every five minutes if you continue to resist me." The screen went blank before the shocked councel.

Brock turned from the body as it vanished into thin air. "Holographic images serve their purpose gentlemen. Now start getting me some real hostages to kill!"   


"Julie? Julie wake up." Keyop said as he tapped Julie from her short nap. "Finished it! heck, those poor idiots won't even know the system's off!" He sat all cocky in his chair, smiling widely.

" What did you do?" Julie asked as she watched the screen.

"Very simple. went through the back door and commanded the computer to run a fake attack sequence in an eternal loop. The stuff's off but the computer's still telling the operators that it works!"

"Wonderfull! Now we'll just sit back and wait for the rescue right?" Julie said as she watched Keyop jump from the chair.

" Nope. Your gonna stay here while I take care of some buisness with these jokers."

Julie grabbed Keyop by his wrist. "Your crazy! Your just going to walk out there and take all those gun toting freaks on by yourself?"

Keyop smiled as he placed his had on Julie's face. " A good plan, but your not invited. I'm gonna find a good hiding place for you and you'd better stay there, understand?"

Julie wanted to protest, but who on Earth dares to argue with Gatchaman? Keyop took her hand and led her out into the corridor.

Danny Bogamill could feel the heat that eminated from the armored door. The Spectrans were cutting into it with plasma cutters, but the high quality of the steel was making it difficult He walked back to the Chief and the President.

" Chief, their cuttin into the door. I hopes yah has another option cause we only ave about 15 minutes at least."

Chief Anderson knoded. "I do have an option Mister and for them it's not very plesent."

The Commander of the Marine Security Brigade was in a pondry. The defense system hadn't fired in over 30 minutes, even after several brave Marines raced across the battle torn grounds to retrieve their wounded comrades.

"Gunny! Pass the word along the line. We go in five minutes. Full scale assault, send the first and second platoons to secure the emergency ladder wells, third platoon to storm the security room, Gunships and the fourth platoon to the roof!"


The Spectra Commando guarding the roof noticed the helocopter gun ships coming from the rising morning sun too late. He was ripped to shreds by one of the gunship's mini-cannons.

At the same instant, Brock's commandos penetrated the armored door of the conference room and stormed in shooting. None of them noticed the trip switch hidden under the rug at their feet and none of them escaped the thundering explosion that tore the room to pieces! The councel had safely vanished below into an armored anti-room below the President's podium. The space was crowded but it beat getting killed in the ensuing fire above them.

Bogamill turned to Anderson. " My, my.... I never thought yah had it in yah ta be so ruthless chief."

Anderson only knoded to the compliment. Above him, Brock was fuming with rage that his quary had escaped. From his radio came even more bad news....Marines were pouring into the building from above and below. He could hear the sound of bullets as those in security room were cut to shreads.

On the floor below Brock, several of his men took possitions to secure the elevators and hold back any Marines that made their way through the rubble of the blown stairways.  One guard turned around as he heard the elevator bell sound and the doors flew open.

It seemed empty, till Keyop fell from the ceiling and snaped the man's neck with a twist of his interlocked feet! He sprang forwards grabbing another terrorist from behind and allowing several of his comrads to blast him full of holes as Keyop returned their fire and sent them in flight down the passage.

Off he ran, just as a hand grenade came flying towards him from an office at the end of the hall. He caught it, threw it back, bounced it off the wall and back into the office amoung the two men!

Brock overheard the death screams of the men below him. The last man yelling something about a boy taking them out faster than they could turn to fight.

" Gatchaman!" He though as he left the carnage around him and exited through the stairwell door.

Keyop searched every room for more terrorist and when he was satisfied there were none, he returned to the elevator. The doors opened and Julie stood looking him in the face!

" Dam it!" He screamed as he grabbed her by the arm. "I told you to stay put!" He quickly rushed her into another room and was about to let her go when gunfire rose from behind him! He instinctivly tucked his head as bullets slammed the bullet proof vest and sent him flying to the foor

Brock grabbed Julie by the hair and thrust his pistol under her chin. "You little shit! I might have known it was you."

Keyop pushed himself onto his knees, "When I get off this floor, I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"I don't think so!" Brock snarled. "I'll give you just enough time to kiss your little friend here a big good bye!"



It couldn't have happened at a more desperate time! The Pheonix command ship apeared before Keyop's face just as mark's sonic Birdrang came through the huge glass window and smacked the gun out of brock's hand!

Julie pushed herself clear as Keyop flipped off the floor and crashed into Brock's chest, knocking him into the wall! Keyop followed up with punch after punch and kick after kick. "I TOLD YOU.....I'D.........KICK..........YOUR..... ASS!"

Keyop picked Brock up off the floor and ran as fast as he could, towards the now  shattered window! Both of them went over the edge and out into the air! 50 stories seperated them from death below!

Fumbling and fighting as he fell. Keyop smashed Brock's face with a hand grenade, pulled the pin, and thrusted it into Brock's flack jacket!

"Give my reguards to hell!" Keyop snarled as he kicked the man clear and spread his body out to slow his fall.

Brock disapeared in a thunderclap of flame and smoke as Keyop passed him by.

The sudden shock of being stopped in midair by a strong catch told him his gamble had paid off. Tiny cradled him as they stood atop the Pheonix with Mark looking as if he'd suffered a heart attack.

" You crazy kid!" Mark said as he gave Keyop a light smack aross the head. "Your supposed to be sick! Is there anything you won't do for attention?"

Keyop smirked in thought. "Stupid pet tricks?"

They all broke out in laughter as Mark reported in. " G-1 here Chief...The area is secure. You can tell Ambassador Leslie that his daughter's just fine, and it looks like Keyop's ready to come bak to work too."  Epilogue

The air was warm, the wind soft, the lights of the Bayside Amusement Park cast a multi- colored glow over everything. The ferris wheel seat had just crested the top when the ride jerked to a stop.

Keyop took Julie by the hand and pointed to the stars and the sea. "Hey, did you notice there's no one else on this ride?" He said as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Your going to tell me you planned to stop it like his too right?" She said softly.

"Paid the guy 20 bucks. So what do we talk about now? Kids? A house? Family dog, that's it. How about a little dog that just wrecks the whole house and barks all day?"

" Will you shut up." Julie replied as she placed her arms around Keyop's neck and kissed him quiet.

That is......untill his bracelet went off!

Mark's voice was clear..."Priority alert scramble! Report to gathering point Charlie!"

Keyop cursed, " I'll never get a moment's peace around here!"

Julie replied, "So how are we going to get down from here?"

Keyop took one look at her and grined! "No! No way! Your not getting me to do that again!" Julie protested as Keyop helped her  up and transformed into bird style.

" Don't worry, after a few more times you'll get used to it!"

Both of them launched into the air and into the night. The adventure was just starting!

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