Keyop and the Hontworl Hilton by Daniel Rush
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Keyop and the Hontworl Hilton
part 1 (replaces earlier deleted part)

It was just going to be another one of those routine missions...till the Law of Murphy took over and blew it all to hell.

As always, Keyop took up the lead recon flight while the pheonix did donuts around the mountains and the dense Bosnian forest where, rumor had it, that a large Spectra base had been built.

The Specks were getting better, they learned to wait this time insted of tipping their hand to early. In fact they waited four hours while the Space Bubble made trip after trip near Mostar without seeing a soul. Keyop began to think the whole trip was a waste of time......

Till the Specks got tired of waiting and opened up with a wall of solid steel on the hapless  Bubble. Though the tub of this slow airship was made of Titanium and triple Kevolar which stopped bullets and laser well enough, the door in the front wasn't so designed.

A SAM missle found it's mark as it exploded under the tub, tore through the door, and made a mess of Keyop's right leg! Another SAM and a shower of ack ack rounds blasted the two engines from their wing mounts and sent the tub crashing into the forest below. Had Keyop not replaced his old flight seat a week earlier with a much better designed harness seat, he'd surely have been killed by the crash.

Tiny wasn't giving up, that's for sure. He made several passes by as Keyop climbed from his destroyed Bubble and watched as the Pheonix absorbed the same fusilade of cannon and SAM rounds. With her tail on fire....she had to leave or join Keyop on the ground, not a very good option indeed.

1st law of the code of conduct...Keep the faith!

Keyop evaded Spectra for two days and he made them pay for totaling his buggy. He dirrected the incoming fighter bombers from the U.S. 3rd Fleet as they pounded the Specks repeatedly untill the voice of their small forward air controler vanished without a trace.....

2nd law of the code of conduct.....stay calm and keep a level head!

He woke up in a dark, cold space. Concrete floor by the feel of it. Keyop kept his eyes closed, thinking that faking being knocked out was a wise play for now. He tried to move his right leg and the crunching of bone told him that it hadn't been set, though he could feel the bandages around it.

He began to think. The helmet was gone, as was his utility belt and cape, that wasn't good. He slowly moved a hand to feel his hair, hoping the small tools he'd placed within the strands might still be there...they wern't.

There was the smell of soap which gave him frights! He'd been washed at some point and since Spectra employed "Prisoners" with dubious backgrounds, he was scared about some perverted bastard trying to get their jollies with him.

For now, however, he had to keep the mind clear of such "sick" thoughts and turn towards the one over riding thought of survival. Slowly he pulled himself along the ground to a corner of the cell and proped himself up to look over his surroundings, bleak as they were.

That was ok though....he wouldn't be here that long anyway. G-Force would come back for him soon enough.


3rd Law of the Code of Conduct
Do not accept favor or pardon from the enemy!

How much time had passed him by? It seemed like tons! Keyop remained where he was at, propped in the corner of the cell, still in the dark, still silent, and now feeling the pangs of hunger, the dry thursting throat, and the call of nature all at once!

"......gotta endure.......this is what they want! ....they want me to beg!"

Keyop thought about "holding it in" before he got up enough courage to search the floor for a low point water drain. The relief wasn't relief at all, he squinted with a sudden and crewl realization that he might be more badly hurt than he first thought!"

".........That hurt! kidneys?....internal bleeding?........or is it just nerves?............."

Slowly he dragged himself back to his corner and took in a few good breaths. He was surpirzed Zoltar hadn't put him in a rack or hung him from a wall or stuck him in a glass jar or any number of sadistic devices he used to "shackle" the team.

Where was he anyway? Usualy Zoltar didn't wait to show his puss to the team after capturing them. At least he should be taunting the shit out of Keyop like he did dozens of times before with that scratchy noise of a voice he had.

Keyop hated him, always hated him, was born and bread to hate him even kill him if could ever get close enough. It was a secret drive the others didn't understand which is why they'd punish Keyop for going off on his own too many times in the past without any orders.

Sometimes Keyop harbored a hatred towards his own friends! Mark for being to protective, Jason for being a jerk, Tiny for calling him "little" all the time and trying to baby him, but then there was Princess.

Princess was his most prized person, the one he loved dearly, would die for her if he had too because she took him in right from the start even when she knew he was only a clone, and clones were replacable.

She was in his thoughts now, even as he sat there thinking. She wouldn't give up on him. Anderson could, he thought. Mark might put up a good fight for him but he'd follow the orders to leave him if he had too. Princess would kill who ever stood in her way of getting Keyop back, he was sure of it and it kept him happy even as the hunger got worse.

4th law of the code of conduct
Occupy the mind with happy thoughts.

"Let's see..........Need to do my times tables for school..........2x2 is 4.......2x4 is 8........2x8 is 16........."

Keyop rattled off the times tables over and over for what seemed once again a forever and a day process. Till sleep began to move in and sap his mind of concentration. He tried to stay awake but the sleep was more inviting, wanting despite the coldness of the floor and the rock hard conditions.

" Princess will be here soon................"


The pillow felt good, the blanket was nice and thick, so was the futon.......


Keyop awoke kicking and throwing the blanket and pillow away from him as he once again took his seat in the same dark corner. They had done it again! Crept into the cell while he slept and this time he could feel the stiffness in his right leg and the thickness of a brand new cast.

5th law of the code of conduct
"Do not afford the enemy any advantage or show of weakness that can be used against you.

Keyop shook his head and ran a hand through his unkept locks of hair. The faint smell of some kind of food filled the air about him as he looked around the now dimly lighted chamber. He spied the small bowl of ramin next to the futon and just snarled at it. They wanted him to eat it, probably drugged it or something like that...

He picked the bowl up and threw it against the far wall before sitting back with his eyes closed.

"......Where are they?.........It's long?...........Princess I hate this place!....... Someone talk to me.........Zoltar?.....somebody say something!..........."

Zoltar watch the small one's actions from his control room with growing interest. He didn't hide the fact that he wanted to study this young boy more than the other Gatchaman ninja's, he was interesting to say the least.

Of course his new base Commander didn't think on the same wave lenth. His suit reminded Zoltar of an old Earth horror movie he'd seen during his multi-person lurkings in Germany not to long ago. "The creature from the Black Lagoon", that's where he'd seen such a design duplication. To him this new commander's brain funtioned in the same fashion that he wore....somewhat lacking in style....and brains.

" So..what has the small one done since last night?" Zoltar asked the big burly Chief.

" Nothing Sire. Just wakes up and sits there like a statue. I must point out some reservances about your abandonment of our more "traditional" ways of making these Earth people talk."

" That's because I do not relish your so called "methods" being used on a child. Our current course will work in time." Zoltar was very certain of that.

" Begging your pardon Sire but that is no Child! That little scum is a killer! a terrorist! I've lost many a good man to this "child". I don't think we should be catering "good faiths" to such a dangerous enemy!"

Zoltar rose from his seat, his hand resting on a huge Desert Eagle magnum slung from his waist belt. " And do you intend to "debate" your reservations with me commander? I hope not, I always win my debates! The path we have right now is apptly chosen by the Great One, do not mock his decision nor mine. You may consider the boy a expendable clone, but I don't! Do you get that clear?"

The man turned with a bow and left Zoltar to watch Keyop as he sat there in total silence. Earthlings were a strange, if not stubborn, race of beings. They'd kill each other one day, only to risk life and limb for only one of them the next. The waves of U.N. planes that came in to bomb and machine gun his troops just for the sake of the small one's freedom was crazy if not inspiring. Zoltar wished his troops were so fanatical and willing to die for just one Spectran life.

True, the boy and his kin had made many enemies of Spectra and all of them wanted nothing more than to gut the hapless child with their bayonets if Zoltar didn't have his own inner eliete corps de Guarde to watch over his prisoner. They could be trusted.

 "Yes boy, you are my enemy and yes I should hate you too but there is some honor amoung enemies that most others don't understand. In time you will bend to me or die, it will make no difference. But I hope you chose life. I want to learn your secrets before you give up the ghost."



".......Where are they!......Zark?.......anybody!" Keyop tried to keep his talking quiet as he tried to use the wristlink and only got static in return...

Zoltar still hadn't shown his face, nobody bothered him, tried to talk to him....and it was begining to hurt even worse in the stomach.

What if Zoltar convinced everyone that Keyop had been kileld? What if the Pheonix had crashed? It was on fire after all when it left him behind!......."Stop it!......stop talking like an idiot! Their coming back, you know their coming back!"

He thought what he'd do if they ever brought food in again. He could maybe take down one guard and shoot his way out, or faint, or pretend he was so sick they'd have to take him out of the cell where he stood a better chance of getting away?

So many options but so few to match the reality. A shattered leg he couldn't stand on, a stomach that felt like it was about to tear itself apart, he was dehidrated for lack of water. He couldn't even think right anymore.
"........They forgot about me!.........No dam it! Shut up!" Keyop let it out as loud as he could as his clenched fist began to hit the deck.

".......Come on Zoltar!......Chicken shit!......... Come in here!.........I'll kick your ass!............ You have to kill me! hear me!......"

For his part, Zoltar sat back in his state room watching Keyop's wild rantings with concern. It certainly wasn't normal of Zoltar to be thinking about such a small and troublesome oponant as the boy but he wasn't drinking or eating and Zoltar knew an Earth child couldn't survive without both for much longer than this one had.

"Click"........"Small one? I hope you can hear me well?"

" Go screw yourself!........" Keyop replied as he suddenly doubled over from the pains in his stomach.

" You need to eat boy, your only doing yourself harm and I'm not the one who wants to see you suffer like this." Zoltar said as Keyop lay flat on the floor.

" Didn't you hear me..............I said.........go screw yourself!............"

" You know I'm sorry to tell you this small one but the others allready have you as dead.'

"......That's a lie! Dobermin headed scumbag!...............Your a lier!....."

"Am I?...Why haven't your friends come back yet? Goodbye small one, when you behave better, we'll talk again...."

keyop rolled on the floor crying as the darkness craept on him again. He was terrified!

".......They didn't leave me behind, they wouldn't They love me............I know they all love me!"

"Boy...this is gonna be tough goings!"


"How is he?"............"You shouldn't have pressed your test so far Sire. You told me you didn't want to harm the boy but he's in bad shape."................."Will he live?"........ "I think so,I need time".................................

"The voices..........Know Zoltar's.......... I'm hot..........feel a bed.........not the cell?"

Keyop awoke in a white walled room. Not the dark, scary cell he'd been in before. It looked like a hospital room. The doctor was in a white uniform with a Spectra symbol on him. They had taken the rest of the uniform away, replacing it with a set of hospital PJ's.

He was hooked up to several IV bottles. How long had he been out? He felt so sick, maybe he was dying and they allowed some last bit of pitty for him.

"Hmph...Spectran's having pitty. What a strange concept that was!" He thought as the doctor check his pulse and he tried feebly to pull his hand away.

" Defiant to the last boy? Your in no danger here. I'm a doctor, and despite who you are I too took the Hipocratic Oath, even on Spectra. Your very sick as it is, and if I didn't pull you out of that festered hell hole jail cell, you would have died for sure."

"........Zoltar sucks!......." Keyop said weakly. The doctor seemed to agree in private. His master's so called "test" was worse than any torture. The doctor wanted to protest that it was outright abuse. But Zoltar's possition seemed to require such treatment, especialy for ninjas. But he credited the boy for hanging on as he did.

Keyop thought about Princess again. Still hanging on to hope now that he was out of that nightmare cell. "....They'll's not over yet.......They won't leave me here."

The Snack J came back to mind. Pleasent thoughts of Mark sitting at his usual place and running up the tabs again. Tiny and Jason in the corner booth smiling back at him. Princess patting him on the back as he holds the report card from school proudly showing off the A's to everyone. He feels the warm loving hands as they hold him tight, and for the moment the pain is gone as he slips back to sleep.

Zoltar walks in to look the ninja boy over. Without the uniform, he seems so young and inocent, like Zoltar was when he was a boy. He strokes the Hair, the smooth face, stands there watching the boy sleep. In a way he wishes he didn't have to do what he did, but the sloth amoung his army had to be apeased, kept in line.

But he gives the boy his due. "Your a tough little man arn't you little bird? I sometimes wish I could be so strong to take so much abuse. Well....I think I've had enough of trying that angle on you. Sleep well."

Zoltar walks out and meets the Commander in the hallway. "Well sire?" The man asks with a maniacle glow.

" I warn you......I see you or any of your men try to harm the small one in any way, and you will be a dead man. Do you hear me? The torture sessions are over!"

Zoltar walks away, leaving his angry Officer to brood a want for revenge.



Mark rushed to Chief Anderson's office when the message reached his desk. He nearly broke the door down just pushing it open.

" When did this come in Chief? Where are they holding him? When can we go?" The G- Force leader spoke insistantly as Anderson moved to calm him down.

" The Internation Red Cross relayed this over an hour ago. A Spectra agent delivered a set of Keyop's bola and his helmet with a list of demands. But we didn't get a location. They must move him from time to time to keep us crazy."

 Mark clenched his hands in anger, it had been a month, a whole hellish month of not knowing. Their attempts to scower the forest where the buggy went down turned up alot of dead Spectrans, and many more the team took out themselves, but no Keyop.

Princess was the most worried of them all of course that was expected. She hadn't slept well at all since Keyop was listed as missing and dead possible. At least this little bit of info would make her fears all the more easy to handle.

Mark looked at the listed demands from Zoltar and as usual, not one of them was going to be complied with. There were also 199 other Federation POW's listed on a seperate sheet, all of them would be traded as well for the list of items Spectra wanted. At the moment, Mark would have killed for just a little more news as to how the kid was doing, if they were treating him right, or worse depending on Zoltar's acts at the moment, which were always strange and unpredictable.

"We're not going to give Spectra any of this are we chief? For Christ sakes the bastard knows we're not going to negotiate any of this!"

Anderson crossed his arms. "We're going to try and stall for conditions Mark, give Keyop more time to try an escape or something that will make Zoltar tell us where he is. As always, I don't plan to give anything away. Our policy is clear, no dealing with terrorist."

Anderson stood up and faced the underwater viewing glass at the back of his office, watching a solitary seal as it played by the window.
   "Mark, between you and me, I wish to God I could change that policy just to get Keyop out of there. You know that."

Mark knoded with a sollum reguard. " I know chief, I also know the standing orders if it comes to doing the other option.....I'm not ready to follow those orders...not yet...."

 Anderson turned and gave Mark a slight
knod. That possition was understandable
as well. He watched Mark leave with a heavy heart...knowing fully well that if it should ever come to it......Keyop would have to die.


" The most important rule of all.....SURVIVE.... but don't compromise to the enemy to do it."

The leg was feeling better now. At least it was no longer casted and there was some use in it. Keyop could hobble at best, but most of the time was again spent alone in that stupid, silent cell again. His legs bound by a contraption that he couldn't figure out just yet. The dam thing took up the lower part of his legs!

The bindings on his wrist allowed him to drink the Ramin the goons were feeding him. It kept his stomach filled but did nothing for his strenth. He thought as he looked himself over that he'd lost a good five pounds at least!

Zoltar spoke from time to time in short little burst that were half true half lies as always. Like the one about other prisoners in the same location as his cell, that was true. He heard them scream from time to time from whatever torture Zoltar put them through.

The new clothing was nice, for Spectra  stuff. Shorts and a short sleve shirt, green of course, and foot sandles. And what did they get back for all this "Kindness?"

The big, middle bird!

Still....compaired to the first few days they had him, Keyop considered himself somewhat lucky to be a Gatchaman Ninja, an obvious advantage.....or maybe not!

The door clicked suddenly, and a squad of goons walked in and shut the door behind them! The leader was obvious.....he wore a very stupid looking costume unlike the others behind him. The Commander no doubt.

"Hmph!......Zoltar warned me not to do anything to you boy, but that was while he was here. Now since he's gone and I think it'll be a while before he comes back......"

Keyop tried to dodge the rifle butt as it stroked him across the jaw and knocked him out cold.......the last things he could hear was the snickering of the fat Commander and the snap of the whip in his hands.

He woke up later in a pain filled daze with someone over him. One of the goons perhaps, hoping for a turn at punching his lights out!

" He's waking up. Someone get that futon over here! You, let me have that water bottle." The stranger said as he laid Keyop on the mat and looked over the welts and cuts from a  whip and a severe beating.

"Christ all mighty." Said another figure. "Why the hell would they beat a kid so badly like this!"

Keyop tried to push himself up off the futon but the persistance of a Red Flightsuit wearing figure forced him back down. " Easy boy, you'll make it worse for yourself."

"Red Impulse?" Keyop said as he looked into the man's eyes. It certainly wasn't Mark's Dad Kentaro Cronis, But a Red Ranger none the less.

"You know me?" The man said as he looked over Keyop's back. "How do you know me boy?"

Keyop took a hand and wrote a "G" in the palm, causing the man to lurch.

" I see....well, welcome to the Hontworl Hilton Swallow. I see you've met the "jailers".

"and if I had the chance..........I'd kick their butts!" Keyop said as he reacted to the bruises.

" First things first kid. Get use to where your at...then kick their ass!" The man said as he handed Keyop an apple from a bag.

 He ate it slowly, savering the taste of it. "So..... how'd all of you.........end up in here?"

"That's a long story kid. And we seem to have more than enough time for it."


" What was that law about misbehaving? ...........oh well, broke that stupid rule!"

Keyop was never one to follow rules very well, a point made clear by his latest attempt at ticking off his "jailer" the "Creature From a bunch of Goons!" The jerk did as he had done before, tried to intimidate through force and he got too close for his own good.

Keyop bit him square on the nose! He thought he took a good chunk of it off but he didn't notice as the other goons punched the daylights out of him.

He was back in the cell with the others where The Red Impulse member named Dutch was once again cleaning up Keyop's bruised face.

" Kid, you must have a death wish to think you can take all this abuse like this. You only have a small layer on that body as it is."

Keyop smiled as he looked at the other prisoners. " Has anyone tried to escape yet?"

One American pilot stepped forwards. "You think we haven't? We tried every trick in the book! Faking fights, illness, tunnels, fires, grabbing weapons, the whole lock, stock, and pony show and all for nothing. Kid, trying to escape is as useless as spitting in the wind."

Keyop certainly wasn't convinced. "Maybe your not doing it right?...........I want to try an idea I've had but I need help."

Dutch looked at keyop with a smirk. "Oh... and just how will one very weak and very skinny kid like yourself, even if your who you are, do any better where we failed?"

"Simple......first you all have to give up some food.......then, I'm going to die."

"What?" Asked the American pilot. " Die?"

Keyop smiled...."You got that right."


"guard!! Get us the fuck out of here now!!" Came the banging on the cell door. The two Spectra guards looked at each other and laughed.
   "Nice try time you want to escape, just ask us."
   "We're serious! The kid in here is dead! He's got some kind of plauge!! We're all gonna die if you don't get him out of here!"

" Quit your crying humans! Or do we have to come in there and shut your mouths for you!


The sergent led his Commander down the hallway towards the cell block with a gang of armed troopers behind them.
 "I'm telling you sir, the human's haven't stopped screaming for the last three days, they say the Gatchaman boy is dead of some virus or something!"

The Commander snarled.."Bastard humans won't learn will they, well we'll show them how to behave when their told to wont we?"

"Open the dammed door!".........

The Spectrans didn't break stride untill they walked in seeing the prisoners huddled in one corner with the lone body of the boy laying at the far end.

"An obvious trick!" The burly man said as he walked up to Keyop and gave him a swift kick in back!

He didn't move........

Then the commander saw the circular spots that covered the boy's body from head to toe! Sick puple and blue markings that couldn't be anything but real! He jumped back, grabbing another guard and throwing him up to Keyop's body to check the pulse.

"There's no pulse commander! The boy's dead!"

There was obvious fear in the man's eyes as he turned towards Dutch. "What happened! How did he die?"

" Oh....your guards ignored our warnings. The Kid began to throw up something awfull, then these spots start showing up all over his body. He just.....died. In fact, you might as well say we're all dead now. I've seen Kymar disease before and it's fatal."


Medical Wing.

" It's too bad realy....I was against keeping this boy in such lousy conditions from the start." The doctor said as he stared at the stripped cadaver before him.

The guard behind him was less mournfull. "Gatchaman trash! I think you should cut the head off so we can mount it on a pike as a warning to the rest of them!"

The doctor moved towards the medical tray and grabbed a large scalpel, ready to cut into the sick looking chest. He had not even got within an inch before a fist punched him square in the face!

Keyop leaped from the table and threw the scalpel into the guard's throat! then snapped the man's neck like a twig.

The doctor scrambled blindly to reach an alert button but not before Keyop had him throttled around the neck with a blood pressure cuff!

" Move pritty good for a dead guy, huh doc? ........I'll spare you if you'll stop going for that buzzer?"

The doctor wisely relented as Keyop placed him in the same heavy arm and leg cuffs that once held him.

" How did you do that?" The man asked as Keyop began stripping the dead guard of his heavy green uniform.

" Easy.......a little ninja mindtrick.......and some dumb luck..........they could have bayonetted me in that cell to see if I was alive still, but these soldgers are so stupid!"

Keyop walked over to the medicine cabinet and took out a vile of sodium pentithol, drawing a few CC's into a needle.

" Sorry to do this doc, but you were very nice to me and you don't deserve to die................. I'm putting you to sleep for a few hours."

" Before you do? I should wish you good luck. You'll need it." The man felt the needle punch into his arm.

"Goodnight Doc.......thanks for fixing my leg for me."


" The one thing I hope Spectra Soldgers' never get...........a full brain!"

Keyop tugged and pulled on his bagg Spectra uniform, he thought that for just once he could find one that fit his small size, but to the average Spectra conscript who followed orders more than used the brain they had, it didn't realy matter.

He had left the doctor in a closet and the dead Goon in a meat slab locker in the body room. The Do Not Enter, Quarentine sign would keep the curious out for a few minutes to an hour, which was all Keyop needed to call G-Force to this yet unknown sight.

First things first, however, was to get Dutch out of the cell he was in. Keyop looked around the corner of the passageway towards the two Spectra guards who stood their watch before the cell door. He took some time to put on the Captain's collar bars he got off the doctor and played with the baggy suit the best he could before calmly sauntering towards the two Spectrans.

One of them jumped to attention when saw the officer's bars on Keyop's collar. " Sir! how can we help you?" The man said as he gave Keyop a sharp salute.

 " At ease Sergent..........I'm here to pick up the Red Ranger..............Captain Jackass from Intelligence." Keyop returned the salute and smiled from his bratish jab at the Goon.

" Well sir......This is highly irregular? We normaly get a phone call in advance of any prisoner moves."

" you go up and explain that to Zoltar........he's not happy with the security detail at all. He shot the duty  oficer not a few minutes ago because you people allowed the Gatchaman Ninja Boy to die! Now mister........You wouldn't want Zoltar to throttle your neck...... would you?"

The Spectran drew back against the wall. " No sir! Your right! We won't question you any further!"

" I thought so......" Keyop motioned the guards to open the door. "You! Red Impulse filth! get out here right now!"

Dutch wasn't out the door before Keyop kicked him hard, sending him sprawling to the deck! " Pick that trash up Sergent! Come with me scum!"

Keyop turned to the younger private Goon as he picked the Red Ranger off the floor.... " You! I need your pistol till I can get mine from the armory..... I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning with Zoltar on my ass....."

Keyop pushed Dutch along and down the corridor untill they came to a door and Keyop threw Dutch ahead of him and closed the door behind him.

Dutch was impressed by the whole act. " Very good Sparrow! Your idea say in a kinder light."

" Despiration gives rise to audacity......Tsung Tsu said that. My old ninja master taught me the breathing control for faking death and the "hickies" you guys put on me drove those poor Spectrans crazy............But your not very good vampires. I'm just glad they lasted long enough for him to freek out!"

Dutch took a moment to scratch his head. "So what now Sparrow? I'd say your the head of this little mission?"

 "Not much time to do anything.........when they find out I'm not dead, Zoltar or that whacked out commander of his will go bonkers!...... They'll want my hide for sure. The first thing to do is try to find a place to send G-Force a message...........after that, we should cause them as much hell as possible!"

"I don't think this red suit will help much will it?"

 "Don't worry about that." Keyop said as he  poked his head out the door and caught a Spectra Goon as he walked by.

"You!......Get over here and help me move these parts!"

The soldger quickly complied.....and just as quickly got knocked out by a lead pipe across the back of the head!

"One uniform....slightly used of course......"


"Hey Dutch, you ever wonder if these guys are smart enough to put maps for their bases on the walls?" Keyop asked as he and the Red Ranger wandered through the enormous base trying to find a way out. An hour had gone by so far and it was by luck that they hadn't been found out yet.....typical Spectran security.

As they passed through a door though, Keyop got a face full of rifle bore from an alert guard. They had wondered into a hanger who's space was filled with an enormous jet black mecha Keyop had never seen before.

The man lowered his gun and saluted. "Sorry Captain! If your not cleared for this area, you'll have to leave."

 "Oh...." Keyop said with a smirk. "This must be our latest grand plan!.......I hear Lord Zoltar's got a good one against the hated human this time out."

 " Are you kidding? This thing's our greatest achievement!" The guard moved closer to Keyop's ear. "It's radar evading. Rumor has it there's enought Zyclon Nerve agent on board to kill 30 million humans in a single raid."

 Keyop's eyes widened. " Well that's awsome! Kill the people and take the city. I didn't know Lord Zoltar was getting more ruthless?"

 "He's's the will of the Great Spirit. He's ordered this be done."

 Keyop and Dutch turned and left, allowing the blast door to fall behind them. "We can't let that thing leave here Sparrow."

 " I know that." Keyop said as he re-adjusted the mask on his head. "So what do we do?"

Dutch stopped in his tracks and thought.  "We need to find some soap. Come with me."

"Soap?" Keyop said with a blank look as he walked behind Dutch. " What are we gonna do? wash the stupid thing?" He thought..... better not to ask the man since he obviously knew what he was doing.


" What do you mean the boy died? It seems to me ,you fat idiot, that following instructions didn't get through your stupid head!"

Zoltar pulled his Desert Eagle from the hip holster and aimed it in the man's face...I should blow your worthless hide to hell Commander, but I need all the officers I have!" The man was relieved when the gun fell back to it's holster.

"Sire, you should have seen the boy's body, the disease was sickening. He had purple sores all over him."

" You did watch the autopsy didn't you?" Zoltar asked.........the Commander stayed quiet.

"Well? did watch the autopsy? you did make sure the doctor cut the boy up right?"

" Well......" The man looked about the room for some support, or someone else to blame.

Zoltar took a deep breath, " You know, I've just done a quick evaluation of my manpower roster and I do need to "downsize" my officer staff.......consider yourself fired!"

The Desert Eagle was drawn again, but this time Zoltar unloaded the whole clip into the man's chest!

"YOU!" Zoltar chose an officer, a Captain,  amoung the assembled staff. "Your the head man here now! Send a guard detail to the medical wing and bring the body of that G-Force brat back here now!


Keyop stood perplexed as he watched the Red Ranger rifle through the shelves in a storage room he had found.

"Here we go. Detergent soap. just what the chemist ordered." Said dutch as he threw the box into Keyop's hand.

"Look Dutch, I don't know what your getting at! What does soap have to do with this?"

 "You mean to tell me you never made napalm Sparrow? I was looking around the hanger while you were flapping your jaws and noticed the fueling tanks near the ceiling. Pour some of these boxes into those tanks and you get instant, unstable napalm."

Keyop rubbed his chin before finaly catching on. " The fuel turns to jello, they pump it into the mecha, and when they go to start the engines........"

" Boom! rosted Spectra mecha on a stick!" Dutch said as he took the boxes and threw them into a bag.

" Now this is where we split up. Your going to find a radio and send a short flash message to your G-Force friends while I "gum up the works." If you me back by the prison wing so we can bust those people out before that mecha goes up!"

Dutch gave Keyop a salute before leaving him on his own. Time was rapidly running out as it was.


"KICK THE DAM DOOR DOWN!!" Said the big Sergent as the Spectra goon squad charged the locked door to the emergency room. Once inside they tore through the space, ripped open the freezer, and pulled several body bags from suspension racks on the walls. Not one of them held the G-Force ninja!

"Sergent!" Cried a private as he looked apon the sleeping medical doctor as he had fallen from a locked closet.

" Dam it!" The man shouted in alarm as he grbbed a nearby phone.

"Lord Zoltar! The G-Force boy has escaped! And he has a uniform!"

Zoltar slammed his hands down in anger, "Dam him to hell, I wanted him alive? What a foolish mistake! Sound the alarm! Find that brat and bring him here so I can take his head off personaly!!"

Keyop was walking along, looking for the nearest radio center when the alarm claxions wen't off all around him.


" much for being a model prison inmate!" Keyop said as he passed a door marked INTERNAL COM/CON CENTER.

" They allways put the good stuff just where you can find it!" He said as he cocked his pistol and walked into the small control room....

"Attention on deck!" He screemed as the two soldgers popped tall from their seats.

"Very good.....dismissed!" Keyop promptly shot both of them and ran to one of the computer terminals, cracking his knuckles as he began to type rapidly across the keyboards......




"What?" Princess said to herself as she read the messages flashing across her  computer screen. "MARK! IT'S KEYOP!! HE'S ALIVE!!" Princess said as she shook her hands before her face. "Way to go little brother!"

"Tiny!" Mark said as he turned in his seat. "We have a fix on the Spectar base! Full power and put this bird on the deck, target...Spectra Base!"


Dutch was pouring in the last box of soap into the access hatch of the main fuel tank when he heard a rifle bolt slam home behind him.

"And just what do you think your doing?..... human?" The Spectra soldger said as he tightened his hold on the trigger of his rifle. He didn't notice the flying pistol as it smashed into side of his face or the Spectra officer who caught him by his belt and threw him over the catwalk railing.

"Are you finished yet?" Keyop asked as  Dutch climbed from the tank and took the rifle from the boy's hands.

" We have to hurry it up! When Zoltar see's your friends coming in, he'll order that bird to take off! This whole place will go up like a nuclear bomb!" Dutch said as he pushed Keyop ahead of him into a flat run towards the lower prison cells.


This was the part that Tiny relished the most! Hurtling along at Mach 3, 500 feet off the water to the rescue with Jason rapidly bringing the super bird missles down for what Tiny called "hell fire!" They would launch it just before going feet dry and hot over the heavily defended base to coat three miles of square land with a rain of bomblets designed to cut everything in their path to pieces!

"North 45 degrees, West 16 degrees, You got the fire controls now Jason! Let the bastard loose!!"

 Jason's hand swung down apon the red button of the fire control staion and the Pheonix seem to lift up as the heavy missle in the lower launch rack thundered from it's birth!



Zoltar didn't wait. He ran from the control room towards the hanger where the mecha was being kept. "Get the Bird Mecha fueled quickly! We must escape before G-Force arrives!"

Dutch and Keyop meanwhile had run into a blockade of trigger happy troops down in the cell block! They were banging away after realizing that the smaller visitor wasn't who he clamed to be!

 " Dam it! Their comming out of the wood work now!" Dutch said as he all but emptied the rifle into the corridor.

" Gimme that thing!" Keyop shouted as he took the rifle and sighted in on fire extingusher next to the cluster of soldgers and fired a  single round that blasted the canister to pieces, and the men with it.

" That's how you put out a fire!" Keyop said as he ran to the nearest cell and blasted the lock with the rifle.

 " Are you all just going to sit around or do you want to go home?" He said as the prisoners ran past him! The sudden shaking of the complex confirmed the obvious, the Pheonix was bombing the bejesus out of the landscape above!

Zoltar was inside the Bird mecha now as the blast doors ahead began to open. once free, the radar evading bomber could begin it's terrible mission of slaughter on a yet unknowing Earth.


Below them was death enmass! Spectrans trying to fight back with whatever they could find.....then Tiny got a new sound to mix with the fighting below!

 " What's wrong with you guys? I called for this taxi an hour ago!"

 "KEYOP!! You little crazy wonder kid!" Tiny screamed as he picked up on Keyop's signal and swung the Pheonix to a rest as the crowd of Prisoners piled onto the lowered loading platform.


"Fueling complete Sire!" The commander said as Zoltar snarled in aproval. "Launch! At once!"

The mecha began to spool, come to life, then all at once every emergency light in the cockpit began to go into spasmic disaray!

"NO!!.........IT CAN'T BE!! EVAC.............."

The mecha shook itself apart! exploding in volent detonations from it's nose to it's tail! The flaming, all consuming fire roared through the base! It reached the ammunition storage magazine and the Pheonix had just enough time to escape the all consuming, hellish explosion that followed as the base and the mountains and hills around it were obliterated from view!

"My God......" Mark said as he watched Princess walk from her station towards the turbo lift then turned back to watch the destruction below. Nothing could have survived that holocaust below....or so anyone may have hoped.

She found him, sitting in a corner with a Red Ranger beside him. He looked like hell and a little smaller, but non the worst for wear as she took him in her arms and squeezed with all her might.

Keyop was too tired to cry and too happy to want to, "I knew you'd come back for me." He said as she looked him over.

"We almost lost's been a long time, a long time. Bet you want a bag of Skittles huh?" She said as she reached into her cape. He just shook his head.

" I want a bath....." He said as he gave Princess a tender kiss and walked towards the turbo lift to say hi to the others.

" He's quite a kid." Dutch said as he threw the Spectra uniform aside.

"That he is." Princess returned. "That he is."

And Zoltar?............bah, you don't think for a moment he'd be dead do you?

 Not a chance......we will meet again Small One and next time you won't be so lucky!.

The End
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