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America's Funniest Home Video by Becky Rock
America's Funniest Home Video by Becky Rock
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The camcorder showed a set of stairs that appeared the be halved logs. They rose up to the second story of a log home. The picture bobbed as the person holding the camcorder slowly walked up the steps.

A whisper could be heard, soft and feminine.

“Last night, three brave young men disregarded the orders of their guardian, to watch the movie ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Their bravery appears to have fled as the night wore on, as the darkness grew.”

The camcorder now showed the narrator had reached the top of the stairs. A mirror on the wall in front of the stairs revealed the person holding the camcorder to be a young woman with long, dark hair. The camcorder turned to the left, showing a landing with a rough wooden railing on the left and two doors on the right. At the end of the hall was a third door. It was open door and the light was on. The young woman continued down the landing towards the open door.

“After the movie, they huddled together in one of the bedrooms, frightened of the darkness, cringing at every creak and groan made by the cabin in the cooling air. They left the light on, to ward off their fears.”

She stopped just outside of the door and turned to the right, to show three forms squeezed together in a full sized bed. One large, one medium, one small. She then turned to the left, to show a tall, thin form standing only a few feet from the bed. A mask covered the face, one grotesque with a crisscross of scars. A chainsaw was visible in his hands.

“Is the light going to save them?” the narrator asked. “Were their fears valid? We shall see.”

The mask turned to give the camcorder a look as a hand moved to the ripcord of the chainsaw. He pulled the string and a roar erupted from the chainsaw.

The three forms in the bed jumped up as though hot irons had been pressed against their bodies. They faced the horror only feet from them and screamed, falling over each other trying to get untangled from the blankets they had had over their heads. The smallest one falls out of the bed, looks up and screams so loud the birds for miles flew up into the air in a fear of their own.

The chainsaw roared, the three formerly brave young men cowered in terror, hugging each other as they screamed.

The chainsaw was shut down and laughter could be heard, from both the welder and the young woman. The welder pulled off the mask and doubled over, howling with mirth.

The three stopped screaming and anger blossomed on their red faces.

“Jason, you bastard!” the dark haired one croaked, the look in his blue eyes quickly changing from terror to fury.

“You should see your faces!” Jason howled, almost dropping the chainsaw on his own foot.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Tiny said and then began laughing himself as he leaned away from Mark.

“Ah, man. I think I peed my pants,” Keyop complained, kicking the still tangled blanket off his legs.

Princess continued to laugh, turning off the camcorder.

“And I can’t believe you had anything to do with this,” Mark told her indignantly, crawling off the bed to stand in front of Jason, trembling. “You wait,” he told his second, pointing a finger at him. “I’ll get you back. You’ve got to sleep sometime.”

“Yeah, yeah. We’ll see.” Jason straightened up, still grinning ear to ear, reaching up to wipe a hand over his streaming eyes.

“I wanna see the tape,” Tiny said.

“Me, too!” Keyop seconded, then looked down at his pajamas. He grimaced and headed out the door for the bathroom.

“You got it all, right?” Jason asked. Princess nodded.

“Oh yeah.”

“I want that tape,” Mark said. Princess shook her head, a mischievous look in her green eyes.

“Not until we win,” she told him. He frowned.

“Win what?”

“The ten thousand dollars.”

Mark’s eyes turned into blue saucers. “No,” he said, shaking his head vigorously. “You wouldn’t.”

Princess held up the camcorder and grinned like a Cheshire cat. “Oh, yes I would.”

Before he could react, she turned and took off running. Mark bolted after her.

“Could we win the money?” Tiny asked, joining Jason at the doorway as they watched the Eagle chase the Swan out the front door.

“Oh, yeah,” Jason told him. They heard a motorcycle start and peel out in the gravel in front of the cabin and a yell that made Spectran soldiers run for their lives, as the yell spelled out their impending doom.


“I’m outta here.” Jason handed the chainsaw to Tiny and bolted for the window in the bedroom, almost tripping over himself in his haste to escape the wraith of his Commander.

Maybe ten thousand dollars wasn’t as good as it had sounded after all.

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