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Sibling Rivalry by Springie
Sibling Rivalry by Springie
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Sibling Rivalry

Jun wandered around the charred city. Crumbled remnants of buildings were scattered all over the cracked pavement. The team's mission was to search for survivors among the ruins.

Ryu searched from overhead in the Phoenix, while the others searched on foot. From the looks of the city, Jun surmised that there wouldn't be any survivors, if any. It looked as though the search and rescue mission would soon become a body recovery mission.

Looking down at her feet, she noticed a scorched doll, and picked it up. Although she knew she was supposed to suppress her emotions while she was on-duty, her eyes glistened as she thought of the child who might've been playing with this doll when the attack started.

Suddenly, she heard a muffled cry. It was coming from one of the collapsed buildings up ahead of her. She rushed over to the location the sound originated from,listening again forthe cry. It sounded like a sobbing child.She quickly called the others via wristcom for help.

Ryu was the first to arrive, lifting the heavy sheet rock walls enough for Jun to crawl in toward the sound. "Hurry up, Jun; I don't know how long I can hold this up!" He grunted.

"I'm going as fast as I can!" She could feel herself being sliced by sharp debris, but she continued on. As she approached the sound, she could see a small child, terrified and sobbing softly. She uncovered the child, seeing that it was a little girl, probably no more than three years of age.

She spoke to the girl in soothing tones. "It's ok; I'm going to get you out of here..." The little girl looked up at her and stopped crying, still in shock. She crawled into Jun's arms and clung to her for dear life.

Jun and the little girl made their way out of the debris, and found the entire team waiting for her out on the street.

Ken observed the small brunette child gripping the Swan tightly. "Good work, Jun...looks like this little one's gonna be ok...did anyone else find any signs of life?" Ken asked. The other teammates shook their heads.

"It looks like the little girl here is the only survivor..." Joe balled up his fists and spoke through gritted teeth. "Katse will pay for many lives is he going to ruin? How many families must be torn apart?" He turned his back to the team and walked back toward the God Phoenix.

Examining the small survivor, and finding many gashes, cuts and bruises, Jun became even more concerned. "We'd better hurry back to the base, she needs medical attention."

They responded quickly, dashing to the God Phoenix to return to the Crescent Coral Base.

Once on board, Jun rushed the child back to the Sick Bay. Jinpei followed close behind.

Jun reached a gloved hand back toward Jinpei. "Jinpei, hand me the bandages, will you?"

"Sure thing, Sis..." The Swallow picked up the gauze and bandages, and rushed them to Jun."

He watched her, with his hands behind his back, as she bandaged a particularly nasty looking cut on the child's leg. "What's her name?" He asked.

"That's a good question...what's your name little one?" She smiled warmly at the child as she continued bandaging. The child was too frightened to respond. She pointed to herself and then to her little brother as she beganan introduction." I'm Jun... and this is Jinpei..."

The little girl looked up from the gurney at the two smiling faces and whispered, "I'm Kami..." She then looked around the room at her strange surroundings. " I want my mommy..." She cried as she began sobbing again.

This prompted Jun to pick her up again and speak to her with soothing tones. She got so caught up in talking to Kami, she forgot Jinpei was even there. He quietly slipped out and joined the others.

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