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The Replacements II by Springie
The Replacements II by Springie
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Story Notes:

NOTE: This fanfic has my screenshots and fanart embedded throughout. Oh, and just to let you know, some of the screenshots don't match exactly. I tried my best to stick with helmet shots when they had them on, and non helmet shots when they had them off...but in some cases, I just couldn't get it to work. So sorry! Hope it doesn't throw anyone off. I'm mainly looking at expressions when I choose a shot.


***Special Thanks: To Transmute Jun and Gatchgirl for their great beta reading and gentle prodding to get me to finish this fic. Okay, maybe not so gentle...OUCH! ***


Replacements 2 Poster

The Replacements II: Prologue

A/N: This takes place before the G-Force team was completely established. It doesn't completely follow canon, and I've taken a few liberties as to how the team was put together. The original team is made up of Mark, Jason, Don and Tiny. I also kept them at the ages of around 17 or 18. Princess is 16 when she joins, and Keyop is 8.
This part is written from Princess' point of view.

I couldn't believe how my life had changed so much in such a short amount of time. Not long ago, I was still in the orphanage, helping the younger children with their schoolwork and training for my new job. I had spent many an hour working with explosives and learning martial arts when most girls my age were only concerned with high school classes and dating. For as long as I could remember, I had been told that I was special, and that I was going to use my talents for something very important one day. I knew that day was coming; I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

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Suddenly, I had been thrown into a world dominated by men, fighting for acceptance and respect. I had to learn to defend myself from everyone, including my new companions, trying to keep them from seeing me as a fragile being, simply because I was a girl.

It didn't take long for me to become overwhelmed by the new responsibilities and the unkind remarks from Jason. I felt really relieved when I left the team to start a new life. But the team needed me, and, as Mark pointed out, the world needed me, and I was trained and given implants specifically for this project. It was no time for me to be selfish.

I reluctantly returned to the team, even though the reasons I had gone were still there. I couldn't run away again; I had to face the challenges and overcome them, just as I had been trained to do.

I had to wonder why the Chief was so adamant about me being on the G-Force team. Surely, there were male prospects that were equally suited for the team.

Being the only female on an all male team was bound to cause some problems. Besides, didn't he think that there might be a possibility that a working relationship between a man and a woman could possibly turn into something more?

I hadn't been with the team very long, and I was already struggling with fledgling emotions centering around our handsome Commander, Mark.

The fact that he had already kissed me made me feel excited, confused and angry all at the same time. Not that I didn't want him to kiss me, but I felt as though he was using that kiss to persuade me to join the team, and not just showing me the way he felt about me.

How *exactly* did he feel about me? Was he just using his charm to get his way? Or did he really feel the same connection that I felt between us when we were together? I wasn't sure.

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He did seem to be taking a special interest in me, even though he had been ordered by the Chief to help me train and adjust to the team.

I really liked the Commander, and I thought the possibility existed that we could be more than just friends. However, I had a feeling that the Chief might not be very understanding when it came to relationships, whether they be within the team, or outside the team.

Speaking of relationships, I had started a relationship outside of the team, which had to be cut short now that I had a duty to fulfill with the G-Force team. Knowing that I couldn't reveal to Koji the real reasons why I could no longer date him made it even worse. I'd have to find a way to let him down easy, somehow.

I sat with my legs crossed, in Chief Anderson's office, listening to him discuss something of great importance to the team. I could see his lips moving, but my mind was filled with thoughts about my new position on the team. I found it extremely difficult to concentrate.

The room hushed as Anderson called in our new teammate.

He motioned to a small boy, who was standing timidly in the doorway. "G- Force, I'd like you to meet your final member. His name is Keyop."

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Keyop looked terrified. He stood partially behind Chief Anderson and gazed back at us. He was an extremely skinny kid, with messy brown locks and a goofy wide grin. He was cute in an awkward sort of way.

My heart went out to him. He had to have felt like he was a caged animal on display.

I was the first to greet him. "Hello, Keyop." I smiled and held out my hand. "My name is Princess. It's good to have you with us."

Keyop smiled bashfully and shook my hand. "Hello...droot...Princess..."

I was stunned by his unusual speech, but I tried to ignore it. I turned and gazed at the others expectantly.

Mark stood up and immediately followed suit, shaking Keyop's scrawny hand, and introducing himself as the Commander of the team.

Mark's questioning glance at the Chief didn't go unnoticed. He had to have been thinking what was going through all of our minds. How could the Chief put such a young boy on the team?

Tiny rubbed the little guy on the head, messing up his already untidy brown locks. "Welcome to the team. My name's Tiny. I'm the pilot of the Phoenix." Tiny's casual demeanor put the child a little more at ease.

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"Phoenix?" Keyop's eyes widened.

"Yeah, that's the big airship you'll get to ride on with us." Tiny grinned.

As usual, Jason didn't move. Instead, he stood behind the couch, propping both hands on the back of it, and stared at the young boy disapprovingly. "So you want to be a member of G-Force, huh? Well, we want to see what you can do, squirt."

I frowned at the Condor. He had no right to try to intimidate the poor child. "Jason!" I chided.

Evidently, Jason's words ruffled the little guy's feathers.

"Broot...I'll show you!" He flung a bony fist into the air. He was clutching a pair of bolos. "Wrap these...brrt...around your neck!"

"That's enough, everyone." Anderson intervened, placing a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Keyop, you must be hungry. Why don't you get something to eat in the Cafeteria downstairs? The rest of the team will catch up to you in a minute."

"Okay," Keyop answered politely, and then he bounded out of Anderson's office.

Once Keyop had vanished, Jason spoke up. "Don't you think you owe us an explanation, Chief?"

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