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Arcadia Paradox: Character Guide by Julieann
Arcadia Paradox: Character Guide by Julieann
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(Minor Characters listed at bottom)

Blue Gatchaman


Keith Richardson: G-1 Eagle, Blue Commander.

Weapon of choice: Gatchaman 2-style Cutting Saucer.

Special gifts: Empath.

Personal info: 25 years old, dark brown hair and eyes, 6'1", average build. Dresses very casual and known for his comfortable but beat-up exercise shoes. Parents were in the military, now dead. Been around the war with the Enova since he was a child. Introvert and extremely sensitive yet very disciplined and expects his team to be the same. A writer, stemming from his childhood need to escape. Watched grandparents die in chapter 2, thereby altering the timeline the Arcadia crew came from.




Becky Shuster: G-2 Hawk, weapons and 2nd in command.

Weapon of choice: Razor whip

Special gifts: None known

Personal info: 23 years. old, dark skinned with straight hair, 5'6", well proportioned physically. Attractive, never wants for male attention, and at times has been known to use it to her advantage. Very intelligent, textile designer.





Noah Westwind: G-3 Sparrow, Systems & Medic (was Silver team).

Weapon of choice: Energy darts

Special gifts: Healer

Personal info: 25 years old, brown hair, eyes and skin, 5'9", stocky build, Elf. Grandmother, Anna, is still alive. Descendant of Elves in Sherwood station. A singer who loves to entertain children, has good sense of humor. After visiting Earth enrolled in the Gatch program. Excels at killing cleanly, although sometimes his conscious bothers him. Engaged, and then married to Sherry Hines.




Miffa: G-4 brown Owl (equivalent to an Evo bird), Navigator.

Weapon of choice: Staff

Special gifts: Senses Doors

Personal info: 42 Earth years old, Enova, but appearance is with short brown hair, 5'5", slim build. Once of the high class in her village on Evo. Refused the call from the Council of Queens to fight in the battle with the humans. Her tribe was killed in retaliation. Decided to fight for the humans. Specializes in Door mechanics.




Tashi Washio: G-5 Swan, pilot (was Green team).

Weapon of choice: Yoyo

Special gifts: Telepath

Personal info: 23 years old, blue eyes, short black hair, 5'5". Mother is Dr. Eiko Washio, Father was the first Gatchaman Commander out of the new program, who was killed in action when she was 2 yrs old. Ken and Jun's grandchild, spitting image of Jun, except for the color of her eyes. Excellent pilot. Good with her hands and not afraid to speak her mind when she doesn't like something. Helped with the current design of the Phoenix. Became apart of the Gatchaman program against the wishes of her mother with the help of Glenda Stuart and Dr. Goreland, pretended to be a boy to get into the program when Eiko sent her to Venus. Accepted as a pilot before she was found out.


Red Gatchaman


Erica Dawson: G-1 Eagle, commander.

Weapon of choice: birdrang (Gatchaman I)

Special gifts: Empath

Personal info: 18 years old, long strawberry hair (usually worn in one long braid), blue eyes, 5'10", slim build. Parents killed by Enova, learned about her ability to open Doors as she escaped at age 11. Glenda found her 2 years later living in a forest waging a one person war. Self-sufficient and a good fighter. Suppresses her emotions but at times has a wicked sense of humor and temper. Loves art and music, but can't sing to save her life.





Lance Patapoff: G-2 Condor, Weapons, 2nd in command (was Green team).

Weapon: exploding stars

Special gifts: None known

Personal info: 20 years old, auburn hair, gray eyes, 6'4", athletic build. A slave in a pocket of Galactor in Russia. Escaped, and with his half sister Koko (different fathers) joined a roving gang until they joined the Gatchaman program. Very world-wise. Loves the open air and cars. Has no-cares-in-the-world attitude, but dead serious about his job. Very protective of Koko.



Ryla Jackson: G-3 Swan, Systems and Medic.

Weapon of choice: Energy Bolo

Special gifts: Telekinetic

Personal info: 23 years old, long blond hair, blue eyes, 5'9", well proportioned. An army brat. Sometimes mistaken as cold, and has earned the nickname 'Ice Queen', but actually very passionate and sensitive. All relatives dead. Good with money and animals. Has an opera-like voice.






Kietchie: G-4 Gold Hawk, Navigator (was Copper team).

Weapon of choice: Enova laser sword

Special gifts: None known

Personal info: 62 Earth years old, Enova, appears with long black straight hair, usually pulled back at the neck. 5'4", stocky build. Once a scientist on Evo, refused to help the Council of Queens to build a Door Actuator and even went so far as to destroy 3 Actuators before joining the humans. Delayed Enova advance by 10 years. Philosophical about life, usually calm.





Koko Patapoff: G-5 Gray and white owl, pilot (once Silver team).

Weapon of choice: Feathers

Special gifts: Developing Telepath

Personal info: 13 years old, short red curly hair, blue eyes, hair, 5'4", slim. Half-sister to Lance, whom she is very attached although exasperated with, took on Lance's last name in defiance of her father. Lived on Arcadia for several years with Lance before joining the Gatchaman program herself. Bubbly personality, likes people, a fast learner. Helps Greasemonkey with the radio. Considered by her teachers as possibly the best pilot to come through the program in years.



Gatchaman program:

Before final battle there were 58 agents, 10 teams. The program had a peak of 12 teams.

Teams of which members survived: Blue, Red, Green, Silver, Copper.

Teams of which all members died: Orange, Black, Purple, White, Gold.

With the help of the Rejuvenator process, members have artificially strengthened bones and muscles. Anti-grav units on their belts help them fly further, faster, and with more agility. Enova language translators are in their helmets.

Other characters


Eiko Washio: Ken and Jun's child. 60 years old but looks approximately 35 because of frequent Rejuvenation sessions. Has a weak heart from Jun's hard birth.

Blue eyes and short black hair, 5'3". 1 child, Tashi. Creator and builder of Arcadia using ISO resources while it was still in existence.

Founded the Gatchaman program and put Glenda Stuart in charge while she runs the station and war effort. Unexpectedly became pregnant at age 37 with Tashi. Health problems are starting to show up.






Glenda Stuart: 61 years old, short blond hair, brown eyes, 5'5", slim build.

Director of the Gatchaman program. A rebel since young, she can still take on any on the teams. Using the Rejuvenation process, but does not look as young as Eiko. Grew up on the streets, very tough, became friends with Eiko despite Eiko's guardians disapproval.

Helped Eiko build Arcadia by positioning herself in the ISO by impersonating a scientist that was assassinated by the Enova. Considered hard as nails on keeping schedules and seeing that the Gatchaman program is done her way. Done a little of everything in her life.



Shin Yoshida: 47 years old, gray eyes, 5'6", compact build. Gatchaman trainer. Very much a father figure to everyone on the teams. Knows, almost instinctively, when one of his students is having problems or is not feeling well. One of the few left in 2133 who have had formal training in several fighting styles, and is therefore invaluable to the program.

Anna Westwind: Noah's grandmother, his only living relative. Dark skin, and elf. Likes to wear long skirts. School teacher on Arcadia at the elementary level. Sometimes helps out in the Gatch program. Everyone considers her their grandmother.

Bryce: G-4 of Green team. Retired because of a nervous system injury. Walks with a limp. A quiet sort of person, but has a good sense of humor. Now Shin's assistant in the Gatchaman program.

Gatchaman: Children in the Program

Amy: 8 years old (2066). Brown hair that is usually unruly. Telekinetic from a very young age. Very feminine, has a room full of stuffed animals. As of Chapter 3 has been pulled from the Gatchaman program on the mistaken belief by her guardians that the war is over.

Craig: 10 years old (2066). Acts like the older brother to the rest, something they sometimes resent. As of Chapter 3 has been pulled from the Gatchaman program on the mistaken belief by his guardians that the war is over.

Dash: 9 years old (2066). Olive skin and brown eyes. Very emotional and defensive child. Shows signs of being a telepath.

Kasumi: 9 years old (2066). Black hair and brown eyes. Studies hard, likes to tease others. Telekinetic.

Terrill: 8 years old (2066). Short for his age, has a short attention span, very active physically. Very able in gymnastics.

Minor characters

Chapter of first appearance listed at end of each entry.

Dr. Adenzer: A scientist from Arcadia who is now on Earth working on the Sunfire battery project. Ch. 7

Troy Ankins: Shuttle Captian. Ch. #1.

Stephen Arbor: Elf. Second-in-command of the Red Knights, the slave rebellion group on Venus. Works directly under Robin Sherwood. Ch #7.

Lisa Biddle: Eiko Washio's personal nurse while on Earth. Ch #6

Elaine Blass: Pilot for the 76th Defense Flight Squadron. Almost white hair, petite. Very spunky and opinionated. Ch. #3.

Henry Brint: Actuator shift supervisor. Ch. #2.

Neon Chun: (Korean) Facility and Project Manager of Sunfire Corp. Ch. #3.

Arnold Corber: Hanger Chief of both Launch Bays. Ch. #1.

Liadd Curtis: Director of Life Systems. Brown eyes. 42 years old (2066). Ch. #2.

Tony Doroni: Director of Maintenance and Manufacturing. Very tall, likes to tease. Can at times be larger-than-life. Ch. #2.

Bret Droset: Flight Engineer for the 76th Defense Flight Squadron. Dark skinned and dark brown eyes. Ch. #3.

Eliason: Actuator tech for the Generators in ch #2.

Terry Farington: Elf, 76 years old. Was Director of Venus Sherwood Station. Silvering hair, pink raised birthmark under his right ear. Now head of the Venus mining project. Ch. #1.

Ellen Glascow: Supervisor of Control Central of Arcadia. Monitors systems and power generator from tier 1. Second only to Eiko. Ch. #1.

Doctor Goreland: Gatch medical doctor. Female, has gray eyes. Ch. #2.

Sherry Hines: Nymph. Solar scientist and mission organizer originally from Venus. Engaged and then married to Noah Westwind in Chapter #3.

Carmine Leighton: In charge of Door Actuator on Venus, now Arcadia. Ch. #2.

Director Liven: Director of Camalot, now dead. Ch. #1.

Dr. Malden: An Earth scientist working at Sunfire on the battery project, fired during a visit by Dr. Nambu. Ch.7

Andrew McKenzie: Captain of the 76th Defense Flight Squadron. Very pushy. Has an ego problem and can't hold a lot of liquer. Brown eyes and short brown hair. Ch. #3.

Hayden Moore: Arcadia Actuator Director. Dies at the end of Ch. #2.

Doreen Redsand: Nymph. Geologist in the Venus Mining mission in Ch. #3. Long brown hair that is usually braided into a coil around her head. Ch #3

Renae Parkins: Second-in-command of Sherwood. Ch.#1

Doctor Portman: Gatch medical doctor. Also Doctor in Med-Bay. Male. Ch. #2.

Isabel Salvador: Elf on Venus Mining mission in Ch. #3

Robin Sherwood: Nymph. Leader of the Red Knights, the slave rebellion group on Venus. Ch #3.

Gary Strathor: Power generator expert from Venus. Apart of the Venus mining expedition in ch. #3.

Robena Synder: Elf. Atmospheric scientist, helped create the Isonic barrier to keep Venus protected and yet let the atmosphere vent trapped heat and reflective satellites for creating day and night.

Mr. Robinson: Actuator tech for the Generators in ch. #2.

Admiral Tiroski: Director of Security and Defense. Ch #2.

Vicky: A communications tech in Control Central of Arcadia. Ch #1

~ Table of Contents ~
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