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Christmas Joy by Firebird
Christmas Joy by Firebird
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He sat there reading quietly to himself in front of a roaring fire.  He had not told the others he did this after all no one should know everything about him.  He could almost hear the ribbing he would get from the other boys about this after all curling up in front of the fire with a Charles Dickens book and a cup of hot chocolate is not exactly very manly but its what he enjoyed doing on Christmas eve morning and had done for years.


He tried to pretend he had not heard the almost silent footsteps that were walking towards him or the regular breathing that the person was making.  He continued to read knowing from the perfume exactly who was heading towards him.


Much had changed since she came into his life, he felt more complete now and had more confidence in who he was.  She crept ever closer until she was standing right behind him and he heard the rustle of her silk nightie as she slowly knelt down and then her warm breath on his neck as she leaned forward and kissed his neck.


He smiled dropping the book and reaching behind him to embrace her and pull her closer to him.  He snuggled back into her and then said


“Good Morning”  


She mumbled a response into his neck as she enjoyed snuggling then let out a squeal as he pulled her round to his front so she was on his lap.  He drunk in her blue eyes and her soft full pink lips that seemed to call to him to kiss her and he answered that call and lent forward kissing her lightly at first before deepening the kiss and stroking her soft silky skin.  She sighed contentedly as she knew that it would be a long time before they had breakfast together.


A few hours later they stirred both opening their eyes and gazing at one another.  She snuggled against his shoulder and rested there as he lazily stoked her arm.  There had been so many changes over the last few years and he had grown so much.  They still spent Christmas day with the family he grew up with, a family she had been welcomed into and now loved as he did.  This year was to be different though, they had come through so much, she had lost her parents and he had lost his younger brother in a car accident.  This year Christmas would seem emptier without them.  She had grown up around them and their foster father, her parents had worked in their home and had been respected by them all.  It was strange really a when she was younger she had hated them, hated that they had so much time off school, hated that they got to travel to so many places,  she had especially hated him with is arrogant manner and rude behaviour, she had not known exactly who they were and what they were to become.


When she had met up with them all again on her twenty first birthday she was pleasantly surprised by him.  She noticed that there was something different about him.  She saw for the first time a real sadness in his eyes and something else that intrigued her.  She had spent a lot of time that night just talking to him.


As time past, their friendship grew and then became something much deeper, a love that she could only have dreamt about.  Five years later he had proposed, it was the second best memory she had, the best memory was their wedding day as she walked up the aisle towards him.  She remembered that night as he had cried as he told her that he loses everyone he loves and how scared he had been that something would go wrong.  She was the only one he showed this vulnerability to.  There had been downs to, like when they were told they could never have children, or when she had become ill with cancer but these were far outweighed by the highs.  Being at the marriage of his two best friends, being godfather to his other brother Tiny’s child.  These were memories that they had shared and through their five year marriage their love had grown.


Her stomach rumbled, reminding her of a need to eat and she giggled in response as they moved to the kitchen and he made breakfast.  After eating she walked back to the lounge and pulled out a present for him.  He shock his head and responded


“Not Christmas Day yet”


She smiled at him and said.


“This one is for now”    


He looked at her and then took the gift carefully unwrapping it, inside he found a copy of the book “A visit from saint Nicholas”.  He opened the book and read the handwritten dedication in the front and looked at her. She nodded and smiled at him and he beamed back at her in response.


He sat there happily and pulled her close to him. 


“I think this is the best Christmas so far Kate”


She replied, “I think so too Jason”


She kissed his neck and he wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled hers in return.  The book fell to the floor open at the dedication which read


“To my soon to be dad and mum, all my love Marie”


Underneath was a copy of a court letter authorising their adoption of a small baby girl.


Later that day they met up with Ken and the others and shared their news, knowing that their little girl was going to have the best uncles and aunts she could ever hope for.  For them though, this was the first of many great Christmas’s to come.

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