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Survivor: Spectra by Springie
Survivor: Spectra by Springie
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Story Notes:

A/N: This fic ties in loosely to another fic by Stardust, over on the Clubhouse le Fanfics site. It is called, "Lost Dog". The premise is that Zoltar owns a black Borzoi dog (Russian Hound), that he named "Perun". When Perun is lost, Keyop finds him and takes care of him. Keyop renamed him "Ink Spot", not realizing who the dog's actual owner was. Perun escapes from Keyop, and tries to find his master, Zoltar, again. Special thanks to Stardust, for allowing me to borrow her character.


survivor poster

It was supposed to be a normal reconnaissance mission...check out the irregular radar images found near a small island in the Pacific Ocean. However, someone must have thought the team needed some more excitement in their lives.

Everyone was thrown from their seats as the Phoenix hit turbulent weather. Huge storm clouds swirled around them, engulfing them in what appeared to be a hurricane. Tiny clutched the controls tightly as the aircraft was tossed around violently.

"You all ok back there?" Mark looked back at Princess, who kept her head down, gripping firmly on the control panel, appearing as though she was about to be sick.

Tired of being bounced around, Keyop ranted, "Why don't we have seatbelts on this thing! I've got bruises on top of my bruises!" He then tenderly rubbed his back end and climbed back into his seat.

Tiny yelled back, "I'm doing everything I can, little guy, hang on!"

At about the same moment, Keyop went sailing through the air again, only to be caught by a disgruntled Condor. "Princess, give me your yo-yo, I'm gonna tie him down!"

Suddenly, the Phoenix rolled to one side and smacked head on into some sort of an invisible barrier. It dived down helplessly; smoke pouring out of the tail end, into the murky sea below them.

The team lay scattered around the floor of the control deck, unconscious. Water trickled in, bringing Jason out of his deep sleep. Noticing the vulnerable position everyone was in, he knew they'd have to abandon the ship as quickly as possible. He recovered some diving gear and did his best to rouse his companions.

As soon as the others came around, they slipped into the diving gear and headed in the direction of the tiny island they had seen on the view screen just before the crash.

They crawled up onto the shore, exhausted. Lying on the sand for several minutes, they all took some time to catch their breath.

Mark was the first to get up. "What happened out there, Tiny? What did we hit?"

Sitting up and brushing the sand off, Tiny shook his head in disbelief. "I didn't see anything, Commander...honest!"

Mark looked over at Princess, who was crouched on her knees, still catching her breath. Her hair was still dripping with salt water. "Princess, did anything show up on radar?"

She glanced sideways at him. "No, Mark, when we hit, I even looked back at the screen...there was nothing but the island, although something about it did look strange...and then the screen went blank."

Jason propped himself up on one elbow. "You mean you went blank. We all did. That was some crash!"

In the meantime, Keyop had recovered and was exploring along the beach. He came rushing back, waving his arms..."We're on a deserted island! There's no one here!"

Tiny scratched his head and chuckled, "Just like the Swiss Family Robinson!"

"Not for long, Tiny..." Mark smiled and raised his wrist. "Chief, come in, Chief...we have an emergency..."

They all waited silently for a response. Minutes ticked by slowly, and they realized that the force field was blocking their communication. Mark tried to appear strong, although his confidence had been shaken. He had to come through for the team.

"Well, it appears that the communicators don't work, at least to contact the outside world..." Mark solemnly regarded his subordinates. "Looks like we'll have to rely on our survival skills for the time being..."

Princess added, "...or until the Chief or Zark sends some help!"

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