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It shouldn happen to an Eagle by Firebird
It shouldn happen to an Eagle by Firebird
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Ken sat at the small table in his shack head in his hands trying to work out how he had got himself into his current predicament.


Not only had he managed to piss off Joe but Nambu had grounded him Jinpei and Ryu glared at him whenever he was around and then there was Jun, she looked at him with cold green eyes and just left the room whenever he entered.


He sighed and thought about the last few days and the series of unfortunate events.


First there was the lady he tried to help with her shopping for some unknown reason she had decided he was trying to mug her and yelled for the police.  Nambu was not impressed to say the least at having to come down to the police station and explain his son.  But it did not end there, oh no! He was leaving the station with Nambu when the daughter of that woman came running over and started to scream all sorts of obscenities at him while hitting him with an umbrella, he had ducked and Nambu got hit in the face, breaking his nose.


While Ken was driving Nambu to the medical facility they had stopped at the lights and Ken got lost in thought the lights changed and Ken stayed still the drivers behind tooted their horns and yelled in frustration but by the time Ken came out of his reverie the lights had changed again and two burly males had gotten out of their car come over and physically pulled Ken from the car.  This resulted in a fight and Ken had ended back at the police station.    


Ken was being led back to a cell after having the cuffs removed when he tripped and fell forward. He put his hands up to prevent and injury and collided with something soft.  When he rose his eyes he saw exactly what his hands had impacted with and then as he raised his eyes further he saw the furious face of a female police officer whose breasts both his hands were now firmly on.   He went scarlet and tried to mutter an apology as he got slapped by her.


After he eventually sorted everything out he decided to visit Joe and tell him about the really bad day he was having.  He got over there and knocked on the door of Joe’s trailer.  Gina who was Joe’s latest girlfriend opened the door and smiled a greeting before waving him in.  She explained Joe had popped out and would be back shortly as she cleaned around the trailer.  Ken sat down and waited while she continued to clean and after a little while he needed to use the bathroom.  When returning he bumped into Gina and knocked her backwards she grabbed onto him to try to prevent from failing but they both landed on Joe’s bed just as he walked through the door. 


It took Ken two hours to calm Joe down and another one to explain what had happened.  After that Ken decided to leave and let Joe and Gina talk, he figured he could tell him the rest the next day.


He went to bed that night thinking things could not get any worse and not realising just how wrong he was.  He got up the next morning and was called in to see Dr Nambu, who promptly told him the female officer had filed a complaint and that he was grounded.  He tried hard to explain what had happened but Nambu was having none of it.  So Ken sighed and left to go back to his place.  While on route he decided to drop into the J and explain to the others as he arrived he walked through the door to see the same female officer in animated conversation with Jun, Ryu and Jinpei telling them of the assault by this maniac male.  He was about to slip out when Jinpei called to him


“Hey Aniki”


The female turned round and saw ken and then yelled as loud as she could at him


“That’s him! That’s the pervert that molested me!”


Ken wished the ground would swallow him up and he mumbled something before turning to run out the door, knocking over the cage holding Jinpei’s latest find which then proceeded to run loose in the J.  There was screaming and pandemonium as the rat run across the floor.


Jun yelled at him to do something so he tried to catch it with a cardboard box that was nearby. As he picked up the box something heavy fell from it landing on top of the rat and squashing it.  Jinpei and Jun yelled at him in unison and he decided now was a good time to make a run for it.


He got back to the air field and sat down with a heavy heart and was just trying to think up a way to make it up to Jinpei and Jun when there was a knock at the door.  He got up and opened the door to see Gina standing there.  He gestured her in and she explained that she understood what happened the day before was a complete accident and that things were fine between her and Joe.  Ken gave a small smile as he thought to himself “At least something went right” But he did not notice the way Gina was looking at him.


He offered her a drink and they sat down talking together for a little bit before Gina got up to use the bathroom.  Ken made sure he was well out of the way this time to prevent a reoccurrence of the day before.  He sat down and waited for her to return however when Gina came out she had removed half her clothes and was standing there in little more than her underwear. Ken became flustered trying to get the words out for her to put on her clothes as she began sauntering over to him.  She sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around him just as Joe opened the door with Jun and Ryu close behind.


Joe went ballistic, Jun burst into tears and Ryu looked at him incredulously.  Gina got up and quickly made an exit closely followed by Jun who was being comforted by Ryu.  Joe walked over and hit Ken before storming out.


And now here he was grounded and sitting at his table nursing a black eye with Joe mad at him Jun, Ryu and Jinpei not speaking to him and praying things could not get any worse.  It was at that point Joe walked in and sat opposite him.


“She told me the truth and we broke up.  I don’t appreciate being lied to or what she was trying to do with us.”


Joe looked into Ken’s eyes and held out his hand “I’m sorry bro”


Ken took his hand and smiled slightly at him.  “We are okay right Joe?”


Joe nodded and then sat back.


“You know Ken you really need to be more aware of what is going on around you”


Ken grimaced and then nodded.  He got up and went to the fridge grabbing a couple of beers.  He then walked back to the table and offered one to Joe.  They sat in silence for the next few hours sipping their beers before Joe got up and turned to leave waving bye as he did so.


Ken knew things would be difficult for a while but he hoped things would be back to normal soon.  He went to bed this night happier than the day before at least.


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