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Traditions by Firebird
Traditions by Firebird
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Why did I join the Devil Stars you wonder?  Well it’s simple.  It’s been a long tradition in my family.  My mother, her mother and her mother before that were all proud honoured members.  So it was natural I should join and aid in the fight against Galactor enemies.

Our current enemies are the Kagaku Ninjatai, five children who defend their planet, Earth.  They may be children but we know not to treat them lightly.  They fight fiercely and are respected for their skills by us.  Had some of them not been males they would have been very good Devil Stars.

As Devil Stars we are used only for certain missions we are not involved in the day to day fighting as such, more for specialist operations.  Missions that only we are perceived able to achieve and succeed we must, for the punishment for failure is death as no Devil Star would dare come back alive having failed.

We are family, sisters who work together for a common goal.  We train to be the best and those who are honoured, are permitted to train the next generation of Devil Stars.  Discipline, loyalty and dedication are everything to us.

I remember my mother and grandmothers stories as I grew up, their tales of missions they have been involved in, the pride in their voice as they spoke of their membership to that honoured Devil Star family.  How could I not want to be a part of that?

I was five when I joined the program and started training.  It was hard but I wanted so much to please my mother so I endured and passed the challenges set for me.   Challenges that included training for stamina and drugs to ensure we could fight through pain.  The side affect of these drugs is that we are blessed with only have female children if we are later granted that honour.

I was sixteen when I went on my first mission.  We were lucky that day we succeeded and all came back alive. It was not always that way though.  There were times when we came back having lost one of our sisters. We mourned her briefly and then carried on, making those who took from our family pay.  That is our way, complete our missions and look after our family.  We are respected amongst the other soldiers because of our cunning and fierceness and we ensure it remains that way.

There are two ways to leave the Devil Stars, one you already know is to die, and the other is to be granted permission to marry.  Even then, if you marry it is tradition that your daughters will join the Devil Stars and continue your family line.  This is why you have to be granted permission to marry.  The man you marry must be worthy of you and able to provide good strong children.

This was a privilege granted to me two years ago after many missions and as I sit at home I contemplate my life with pride.  I still speak with my sisters from the Devil Stars. I still mourn those who pass.  I spent 12 years fighting with my sisters and I now assist with training those who are new to our family.

Today I am thirty I have been advised I am expecting my first child, a daughter.  She too will when born be told the stories of our family so that she will be prepared to continue the tradition and realise the honour that it is to be a Devil Star.


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