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The Angel by Firebird
The Angel by Firebird
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It was a dark and stormy night, the rain lashing against the window as she gazed out searching as she had done so many nights before. The night seemed to reflect her inner feelings, dark and restless with flashes of anger. She stood there waiting as she had done so many times before, knowing that one day he would come for her as he had the others. She was not afraid of him in fact she wanted more than anything to join him. She was angry however, angry that she had been the last, that he had stripped her family from her leaving her alone these last few years.


One at a time he had taken them. Her parents, brothers and the man she had loved, stolen them from her before their time, all while so young. Many times she had gone to the cemetery late at night and screamed out her anger just wanting to know why, just wanting an answer. Why had they been taken? Why was she left behind?


She had been injured as badly as the others but somehow she had survived.  Joe had died in the battle; she had held Jinpei as he too slipped away just after the battle had ended.   She, Ryu and Ken had been transported back to the medical centre where Pandora and her team had tried to help with the many injuries.  Ryu had died in surgery, the internal injuries and bleeding too much for the team to help with in time.


She sighed as she thought of Ken between the hypershoot illness and his injuries he had lasted two weeks before he too passed on.  During that time she had been wheeled down to him on a daily basis so that she could be near him but in the end the pain and damage was too much for him and he too passed away in Jun’s arms.  The last words whispered words she had heard from him were


“I love you Junie”


It was then she had seen the ghostly apparition appear and move towards Ken’s bed.  She had held onto ken tightly trying to prevent this figure from remove him and it was then she had first heard his voice


“You can not prevent this”


The monitors had then flat-lined and she saw what she guessed to be Ken’s soul floating out from his body towards the figure.  She tried to resuscitate him, pull him back to her, all the while begging him not to leave her.  The medical team had arrived pushing her to one side and continued the efforts as she turned towards the two male figures.  Ken had glanced at her his blue eyes shining with a peace she had not seen in years as he stepped into the light with the figure. 


She had moved back to a little apartment on release from the centre, surrounded by pictures of her family she had mourned them.  In the depths of her despair in the years that followed their deaths she had tried to join them.  Always she had been found and brought back and it was this that fuelled her anger further.  It had been two years since she had tried to do anything and though she was not completely well she had tried to pick up the pieces of her shattered life.


It was during a routine scan a few months ago they had discovered a tumour on her brain. And had informed her it was inoperable and she had at best a year to live.  It had given her numerous headaches sometimes unbearable but she had always seemed to wake from them.  Things felt different today and she could not place why.  The anger fuelled her thoughts again, anger at her brothers for leaving her behind, at Ken for leaving it so late to return her feelings but mostly at him. 


She sobbed uncontrollably until no more tears would come and her throat hurt.  She thought back to the day she had attended each of their funerals, barely able to hold on to her grief.  She wanted so much to know why she was the last and had returned to the cemetery for the first time that night and screamed the question at the top of her voice.  Her head had started to throb and she reached for some nearby tablets taking a couple without water before losing herself in her thoughts once more.


She thought of their friendship growing up, of the trials she had initially endured to prove she, a mere girl, was worthy to be on the team.  She had proven herself and had gained their respect and admiration.  Their friendship and sense of family had grown over the years and they had overcome the odds on many occasions but not with the final battle, she relived it again moment by moment trying to think of a way to change the outcome.  To join her family of bring them back to her.


The nearby clock started striking, shaking her briefly out of her train of thought, it was 2 am already. She looked out watching as the lightning flashed again across the sky lighting it briefly followed by the roll of thunder. A solitary tear falling slowly down her face as she gazed up to the sky, she whispered hoarsely "Just tell me why".  


She heard a voice speak softly "Because it was their time and now it is yours"


She turned seeing him standing there, with his hand held out to her and she looked into his eyes dark but peaceful and took his hand. All the questions, the pent up anger seemed to flow from her leaving calm as she stepped into his embrace to go to another place.  For he was the angel of death, the creature who was despised and welcomed by many for different reasons, a savior who removed pain and a devil who tore apart families, he was all these things and more.  Not a servant of good or evil in spite of what was believed by those left behind when he took someone, he just was. He took people to a new place one of calm and tranquillity where they could watch over their loved ones like guardians, waiting for him to reunite them again in this new place when the time was right. Just like this girl, Jun.   She looked from his eyes to the light becoming brighter before her, glancing back briefly at the body now lying on the floor before stepping forward into the waiting arms of her brothers.

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