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The Dare by Firebird
The Dare by Firebird
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It had started as a harmless game between Jason and Mark each pushing the other to be that one bit more daring, to take things to the next level.  Jason had dared Mark to sneak into Chief’s office and leave him a cup of tea.  Harmless enough Mark thought so he did it.  Mark then dared Jason to let down the tyres on Princess’s bike.  Jason laughed at him and said he could think of tougher things than that.  So it continued for the next few days Jason daring Mark to switch sugar for salt, Mark daring Jason to change the settings on the oven so food was only half cooked.  As the days went on their dares took a new turn with Princess becoming the main victim of their pranks.


Jason dared Mark to let one of Keyop’s bugs loose in her room.  Mark dared Jason to put a lizard in princess’s bubble bath which caused an almighty scream and Keyop to be grounded for a week despite his protestations of innocence.   The games continued and the dares became more and more risky.


Chief had gone away for a few days and Tiny and Keyop had gone fishing which left Princess alone with the two, so they decided to up the stakes. Jason dared Mark to sneak in Princess’s room while she was changing and catch her naked, He snuck in but Princess was already in her underwear so that one did not quiet succeed but nonetheless  Mark did get a good look at his swan in her undies.  Mark then dared Jason to steal one of Princess’s bras and hide it in Tiny’s room.  By now Princess was cottoning on to the fact that Keyop had been telling the truth, she had seen the two of them whispering and looking in her direction and so decided to plant a little bug to overhear the plan.


Jason dared Mark to have a shower and to use Princess’s favourite bubble bath; Mark shrugged and said it was a breeze.  Jason then added that he had to have the shower in Prin’s room and prove that he used it.  So Mark asked him how.   Jason said he would walk in and Mark could use the bubbles to cover any area of his body he wished.


Princess listened and decided to get payback she had recorded the conversation where they had talked in depth about what they had done and she decided to leave a copy for Chief.  She also decided that they needed to learn that she was not a soft target.  So she told them she was going out for a bit drove her motorbike down the road and parked it up before sneaking back to the house.  She climbed up the drain pipe into her room, set up a camera and then hid in her wardrobe.  Mark came in and turned on the shower picking up her favourite bubble bath and then started to undress.  Princess suppressed a giggle and thought she was certainly seeing more of mark than he usually cared to show.


He walked into the shower and got in, enjoying the hot water and scent of the bubble bath.  He closed his eyes and imagined she was in there with him.  Jason called out that he would be there shortly,  on seeing the effects his thoughts had had Mark decided to hide it with a bubble beard so he lathered up a large pile and carefully applied them and for good measured spiked his hair.  Jason walked in and Mark grinned at him they had a good laugh before deciding to go and plot their next prank.


After they left the room Princess snuck out and collected the camera that had been recording the whole thing.  She removed the memory card and left the house deciding to get payback she made copies of the disc and took some stills.  She then posted a couple to the boys and returned home.  A couple of days later Mark and Jason opened their mail to see some still shots of them from the waist up in Prin’s bathroom.  Mark glared at Jason and they started to shout at each other about who did the pictures.  Chief, who had just finished listening to the tape of their pranks, came out of his office and overhearing the argument headed towards the two boys.  He pulled them both into his office and played the tape and then made them sit there as he opened his mail while he decided a suitable punishment.  He opened one envelope and a disc fell out, attached was a type written note that said urgent so he put it on.


Before his eyes he saw Mark in Princess’s bathroom naked he then climbed into the shower and proceeded to wash himself with Princess’s bubble bath.  Unlike the pictures sent to Mark and Jason this showed everything and Mark’s eyes widened before he lowered his head.  Chief then saw Jason walk in and the pair of them laughing, though on the disc it did not end there.  The next thing the saw was Princess.  She smiled at the camera and said,


“It’s really not nice to disrespect other peoples’ property and I hope you learn from this”         


She then reached up towards the camera and the screen went blank.  Chief sent them both to their rooms while he pondered a severe punishment on arriving in his room Mark walked in and turned to shut his door.  Pinned on the back was a full length picture of him with his bubble bath beard and shampooed hair. And pinned across his abdomen was a handwritten note.  ‘Don’t mess with this swan she can dish out more than you can handle’


Mark sat on his bed and groaned, he had no idea how he was going to get out of this one or how he was going to put things right with Princess.


Princess meanwhile was just hoping they had learned their lesson she wanted to have a good relationship with the members of the team and not get caught up with squabbles or silly games.


Chief called Jason and Mark down and gave them the full two hour lecture on responsibility and the need to respect one another.  He then set them both a long list of chores that started with mowing the lawn and ended with the scrubbing the floors.


As they left the office they walked into Princess who stood there and looked from one to the other.  Both turned the faces away from her before not knowing what to say.  Princess knew that they needed time and turned to walk away.


“Erm Prin, I’m sorry” She turned to look at Jason and smiled.


 “It’s Ok Jase, just don’t do it again” She then threw her arms around him and hugged him.


Mark mumbled “I’m sorry too”


Princess smiled warmly at him and pulled him into the hug.


She released them both and walked off.


Jason turned to Mark and said “That was easier than I thought”


Mark nodded “Do you think that she has really forgiven us?”


Jason shrugged and turned to walk towards the garden.




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