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Valentines Past by Firebird
Valentines Past by Firebird
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Pink Pussycat club occupied by men of varying backgrounds. Its neon sign bright and welcoming in what was considered a bad part of down town Utoland.

To anyone entering it was the same as any other dance club as it was termed, looking around a variety of faces could be seen, from the bouncers at the door to the bar staff, and the variety of clientele that visited in one dark corner sat a figure a young man with dark hair. In one hand he nursed a large bourbon, seemingly staring into the glass ignoring everything around him. Though this was definitely not the case. He was a frequent visitor to the Pink Pussycat or PP as its patrons affectionately called it.

On this occasion he was sitting and remembering something from the year before, it was almost Valentines Day not a time of year he particularly took note of at the best of times but this year it was slightly different. It had all started the year before. He had been sitting in the PP a week before Valentines Day when this girl walked in, she was unlike the sort of girl he normally went for, he referred his women leggy and blonde this girl was petite, very slim long black hair and jade eyes. He had glanced at her and then got back to watching the leggy blonde dancing on the stage nearby. Females that did not work in the club were a rarity and this girl had taken a seat in a corner quietly and sat there the whole night barely saying anything but to order a drink every now and then. A few males had gone over to her but she seemed to look straight through them.

This continued for the next 5 nights and each night the young man grew more curious about her, he could not say why but there was something about her, something that intrigued him. On this occasion when she left he did too following at a discreet distance staying out of sight as he had been trained to do. She turned down a street where the lighting was sparse due to many of the street lamps being broken, no sooner had she done so that a group of males went towards her, he watched at first to see what happened but as one grabbed her he moved forward with a speed that showed his ninja skills. He went to grab at one male glancing briefly to check on her and seeing she in fact could take care of herself, he shrugged and with a smirk went about dispatching the street thug, he moved on to the next and when done a third he turned round seeing they had all been dealt with and the girl had disappeared he searched around for her for a short time before finally calling it a night and heading home. He went back to the PP the next night and there again was the girl, he approached her curiosity more than anything else and spoke in a low tone “you’re well after last night?”

She did not reply merely nodded her head to him. He thought for a moment then walked away to take his usual seat and watch the performances that night, glancing every now and then across at her. When she left he did so also again following her on this night there were no incidents. He left to return to his trailer but on this occasion he was the one followed though he did not realise it. He went back to the PP the next night Valentines Day, again she was there, this time he made no effort to talk to her leaving early after drinking a few bourbons and returning to his trailer. He showered and came out lying on his bed it was then he heard a faint noise moving fast he was off the bed and turned round to see the girl standing there. A sixth sense, intuition told him not to be concerned so he relaxed slightly looking at her. She moved towards him saying nothing slipping off the coat she was wearing to reveal nothing underneath, he crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall looking at her not moving. She moved slowly, gracefully towards him and started to slowly caress him. Her touch light, as though a butterfly’s wing gently fluttering on a breeze. He stood there as her caresses continued until he decided to reach out a hand and touch her. Her skin was soft to touch and soon what started as light gently caresses turned to passion and a hungry need. That night they made love several times before she slept in his arms he falling asleep a short while later. On waking the next morning he found her gone and a note left beside him on the pillow.

My thanks for the night before, May your path be as true as your heart always


He looked at the note and went to throw it away it was after all nothing more than a diversion for the night but something stopped him and he pushed the note in his pocket. He went to the PP again that night and for many after but she never came back. It was ten months later he found that she had fallen victim to what some termed the condor curse her body found washed up on the shore beaten and mutilated. It was at this time he also found out more about this strange girl. She was Sayuri Nuntuko, daughter of a wealthy financier who information had been received was a Galactor affiliate her objection and denunciation of Galactor was widely known by those that moved in those circles, it was later that day he found out from Nambu that she was in fact a covert ops staff and had been assisting them for some time with information on Galactor.

It was almost a year to that night that the letter had arrived, the same handwriting as the note. He opened it noting a picture that fell. This he picked up and started to read the letter.


You do not know much of me but if this letter is with you then I have died.  We have much in common you and I but we could never speak of it. I was born on BC Island as you, my mother was friend to yours and when your parents were attacked had wanted to help but was prevented from doing so by my father. The picture here is my mother and I with your parents and you shortly before their deaths. I do not know if you possess a picture of them but sent this none the less.

I know that night was little more than a diversion for you, for me it was fulfilling a last wish before what I felt was inevitable occurred.

May you see victory over Galactor but more importantly may you find the peace in your heart that has been so long elusive.


Joe closed the letter and looked, long and hard at the picture before putting it and the letter in his wallet. It was then he decided to go to the PP and have a drink. This was where he was sitting thinking over the past year and the strange girl he had spent a night with. He wished they had spoken more that he had asked about his parents but he knew that was no longer possible. He also wanted to know why she had spoken so little. So many questions and no answers seemingly to be found.

He lay on his bed in his trailer that night thinking about that night a year ago, about what was shared and how little he knew of that quiet girl.

The condor who had met someone who hid more than he and with whom without realising it he shared so much




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