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Loss by Firebird
Loss by Firebird
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Yuki has died and David gets a mixed up message.

The doctors had run lots of tests on both Yuki and David, while John stood by helplessly trying his best to comfort Mark.  He had been advised by the Rigan doctors that it was best David did not know how serious his wife was or that she was in fact six months pregnant.  This too gave the doctors cause for concern as there were tests that needed to be done to see how badly damaged her heart was.  It was decided it was best not to let Mark know about any of this and to shield him as much as they possibly could as he was already dealing with so much.


It was late one night as John sat down reading the latest Intel report that he stopped and wondered to himself; surely things could not get any worse.  How wrong he was.  Over the next twenty four hours Mark became ill with a fever and then Yuki’s heart condition got worse to the extent the doctors decided that the best course of action was to deliver the baby in order they could operate and try to save her.


The operation went ahead and the baby was delivered prematurely, it was a boy.  The doctors fought as hard as possible to try to save Yuki to no avail.  Meanwhile back at John’s house Marks fever grew worse and the doctor looking after him had concerns that he too would be lost.


While the doctor looked after Mark John received a call informing him of what had happened to Yuki and more bad news, the baby, premature though it was had been stolen.  John knew he had to put a call in to Riga to advise the doctors there of what had happened so David could be informed.


As he was on the phone starting to explain the doctor with Mark called out to him.  John left a hurried message for the doctor treating David about what had happened and asked that he call him back.  John raced back into Marks room to be advised that Mark had a liver infection and despite best efforts there was no bed space in a secure facility for Mark to be placed.  John took the decision and decided in view of what had happened that he would nurse Mark and requested the doctor set up whatever was necessary for him to do just that.


John hurried back to the phone to make the necessary arrangements to work from home.  He knew he also had to arrange Yuki’s funeral and talk to the authorities about the missing baby.  He tried his best to get this all done sorted out while the doctor made the relevant preparations.  It was two days later before he heard from the Rigan doctors and he did not want to hear what they had to say.


It had been another hard night looking after Mark and ensuring he was getting better and it was early morning when the call came.  The doctor spoke hurriedly and at first it was difficult to comprehend what he was saying but it did become clear.


“Mr Anderson, David has left the hospital facility, on hearing his wife and child were lost to him he took off.  He shouldn’t even be moving!  We have grave concerns for him as he has not fully recovered and should be resting.”


John was confused, “Why was he told? I asked that you be informed and asked to call me so I could explain in detail what had happened.”


At this John explained in detail what had happened, how Yuki had been pregnant and it was this child that had been taken.  He then went on to explain about Mark at the end all was cleared up and the doctor promised to find the nurse who had caused the problems as well as pass on the correct message to David when he was found.


When he had heard that he had lost both his wife and son he had been overcome with grief.  Two nurses had been talking about it thinking he was asleep but he had not been. There was no way he could remain there, no way he could lay there doing nothing while the people responsible of taking all that he loved from him were still out there.  He had nothing really left to live for but he would make those responsible pay before he died.  He wrote a quick note to John and then set off.  He knew who could help him find out where those responsible were and he knew he had little time.


It was three days later that John received a small white envelope inside which was a small hastily scribbled note.


“John I have lost everything.  All hope is gone, all that remains is revenge and they will pay”


John sighed heavily as he lowered the small piece of paper and looked over at the small boy resting peacefully in the bed.  He had to find a way to protect this boy while at the same time he would find the people needed to finish setting up his project.


David sat on a rock looking out into the Rigan Sea, he was going to make them pay, he had lost his beloved wife his son and they just topped a long list of people and he was fed up with death.  The pieces were starting to fall into place and it would not be long before the attacks would step up. He took the commission he was offered on one condition no one was to mention his family and he started working with Masaki and Oniishi on a new squadron that could hamper the attacks.

He got up and slowly walked back to his new home and focused on getting revenge for the loss of his family.

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