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Invoices by WyldKat, Grumpy Ghost Owl
Invoices by WyldKat, Grumpy Ghost Owl,
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Story Notes:
Just a bit of random silliness that started with a "gee, what if" comment during a phone call.  I refuse to take all the blam, er credit.  Nancy and Sharon shared equally with egging me on.

Schell, Kasem, & Waldo; PULLC
303 Brewer Road
Suite 1601
Central City, 001175
Ph: (*86) 235-7734
Fax: (*86) 235-7735 

Governmental Head
Planet Spectra
Crab Nebula, M-1:29617

Dec 24, 2008

Dear Sir/Madam:

We have been retained by Central City Reconstruction Department to seek
compensation for damages done to official and/or city buildings during
the recent aggressive activity of one mechanical war machine originating
from your planet.

Please see attached invoice for services rendered.  Please submit payment
 within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

Thank you.
Invoicing Department
Schell, Kasem, & Waldo; PULLC
PH: (*86) 235-7734
FAX: (*86) 235-7735

This may be an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained may
 be used for that purpose.

Customer service is a top priority at Schell, Kasem, & Waldo; PULLC.  We
encourage feedback and comments on our performance.  For your
convenience, we have included a link for direct feedback   Schell, Kasem, & Waldo; PULLC. management reviews
these emails on a daily basis and responds to concerns.  Customer
feedback also assists in our efforts to enhance the products and services
we offer.

This E-mail message and its attachments, if any, are intended solely for
the use of the addressee hereof.  In addition, this message may contain
information that is confidential, privileged and exempt from disclosure
under applicable law.  If you are not the intended recipient of this
message, you are prohibited from reading, disclosing, reproducing,
distributing, disseminating or otherwise using this
transmission.  Delivery of this message to any person other than the
intended recipient is not intended to waive any right or privilege.  If
you have received this message in error, please promptly notify the
sender by reply E-mail and immediately delete this message from your



Schell, Kasem, & Waldo; PULLC
303 Brewer Road
Suite 1601
Central City, 001175
Ph: (*86) 235-7734
Fax: (*86) 235-7735

Governmental Head
Planet Spectra
Crab Nebula, M-1:29617

Dec 23, 2008

RE: File # 219102
Inv  # 364257

DATE                     DESCRIPTION                      HOURS      Fees

Aug-29-08        initial review of matter,
                       including review of all relevant
                       documents, pleadings and
                       correspondence; determine strategy
                       and assign to appropriate attorney
                       for handling; update systems        0.40      90.00

Sep-03-08        Initial review of file, review
                       deadlines and calendar                0.50     112.50

Sep-04-08         Review of Code and Rules, legal
                       analysis of case; t/c plaintiff
                       re: complaint; correspondence with
                       client re: facts related to
                       insurance proceeds.                    2.50     562.50

Sep-05-08         Review correspondences from client
                       and incoming documents and update
                       on status                                   0.30      67.50

Sep-05-08         Review design plans and recommend
                       Alterations                                 0.30      67.50

Sep-09-08         t/c Plaintiff re: allegations and
                       claims (x2)                                1.60     360.00

Sep-11-08        Investigate proper service and
                       review rules; correspondence with
                       client                                     0.40      90.00

Sep-18-08        Reconstruction of Civic Center    252.50 126,250.00

Sept-23-08       t/c counsel for Bowie Construction
                       re: status                                     0.20      45.00

Oct-03-08         Inspection of new Civic Center      10.30   2,317.50

Oct-14-08         t/c client re: status of case and
                       confirm improper service                0.50     112.50

Oct-16-08         Redesign of Entrance/Exit to CC.     .25      56.25

Oct-20-08         Remove & reinstall Entrance/Exit
                       to CC                                         16.0     8000.00

Oct-27-08         Follow up on status                      0.30      67.50

Oct-30-08         Reinspection of CC                       2.80     630.00

Total Hours and Fees                           288.85hrs     $139,841.25


Court Filing Costs                                        35.79
Permits                                                       13.00
Plasteel                                               120,000.00
Quick Set                                                   200.00
Meals                                                   256,156.33

Totals Disbursements                           $376,405.12

Total Due                                           $516,246.37

Chapter End Notes:
More to come later.
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