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Yet another fan of Battle of the Planets, who used to rush home after school to catch part of an episode. I love the team dynamics of this show, and like writing fanfic which are big on character development and plot.

In other life, I love good character driven science fiction, drawing, painting, writing and making handcrafted jewelry. My hands and my head are always busy!

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Challenges by Julieann

"It was a dark and stormy night"

Challenge is to start out with the above words. You don't need to write a whole fanfic, just a little scene (although entire fanfics would be nice, too)! Looking forward to seeing what comes out!

Go ahead, get the smirking and giggles out of the way....

Categories: Eagle Riders, Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets, G-Force: GOS Characters: None
Summary: Set a scene or fanfic from any of the Universes in the middle of a Convention. It can be a sci-fi, comic, manga or anime (or all of them) convention. The geekier the inhabitants, the stranger the happenings, the better. The team can be in either uniform or civilian clothing.

For inspiration, here are a few phrases, inspired by past conventions. These are for inspirational only, they do not have to be included:

*Needed a shower 2 weeks ago
*Food priced like gold
*All Night *insert kind* film/anime viewing
*Panels that must have been inspired after an all-night drinking party
*"Where did you get that!"
*Free toy giveaway feeding frenzy
*Duct Tape
Categories: Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets, G-Force: GOS, Eagle Riders Characters: None

The challenge: Each author sent to the Moderator a description of a story idea they would like to see written. Then each of those same authors were sent at random one of the story ideas and had 1 month to finish and turn it in.

11 fanfic authors answered the call!

A BIG thank you to Cathrl for organizing the Challenge so smoothly!

Categories: Eagle Riders, Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets, G-Force: GOS Characters: None