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I must have been about eight or nine when my love of Japanese anime started. I lived in a small town, no more than a thousand people. The road in consisted of fifty kilometres of gravel in the dry season and the same of mud in the wet. Did I mention only one TV station? At about six at night, every night of the week, it though itself very innovative and showed a si-fi show. After all it was the eighties.

Dr Who became a staple, but I remember Battle of the Planets first capturing my imagination. We wore aprons as our capes, paper bands on our wrists and ran around our outdoor play equipment for ever after dubbed The Phoenix transmuting to our hearts content. They were carefree days of childhood. Then along came Starblazers. You couldn’t miss an episode in case something occurred and you, quite literally, lost the plot. My father, as much a child as the rest of us, sat transfixed.

At some point, my mother, sick of the monotony invested in an old beta recorder (well ahead of the rest of the population or we would have gotten a VHS). My Grandmother taped Voltes V. I think I wore the tape out but my love of all things space and futuristic had started.

Now I have both Starblazers and Battle of the Planets on DVD and watch it with my own children. They love it as much as I did. Even my father still sits with us to remember the good old days. We even managed to download a copy of Voltes V. How time repeats itself.

I know there are newer and most probably better quality anime’s available but you can’t beat those old favourites. I watch them now through the eyes of a child, my child and secretly cringe. Then I laugh as I remember something that once again takes me back to my happy, carefree childhood and imagine once again, what if……


Who am I?

My real name is Melissa, but I like to be known as Lyssa. I am 40 years of age (in 2011). I have had several career changes over the years. I trained as a research Immunologist, only to find no funding for medical advancement. So I applied for a position at a bank and became a manager in short order. Although the position taught me about customer service, I wasn’t unhappy to be retrenched in 1998. Lost, I traveled the world for four years in the guise of finding myself before returning home to Australia. I went back to university and trained as a nurse. I now work at one of the major hospitals and love my new career. I’m not married, although I had a close call once, believe me once was enough. Unless I one day enter a fantasy world…


Where do I live?

I live in the Southern suburbs of Perth. Being the capital of Western Australia, it is situated on the Swan River and an ideal place to live. We have more sunlight and great beaches here than any place in the world I have seen. Added to the quiet, relaxed lifestyle, its no wonder I finally realized this is my home and the only place I want to live. There is population of about 1 million people in the greater city which gives the best of both worlds. Although I will travel again, (currently plans are for New Zealand and China) I will always return here. After all it is my home.

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