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I write by day and I write at night...but under different names. grin

In terms of fanfic fandoms I'm a Gatchaman/BOTP purist.

Thanks to everyone who reads, reviews, and/or makes suggestions!  My Gatch fanfic has mostly been on the down-low, so I'm tickled to be able to share it beside many of my own very most favoritest fanfics and fanfic writers!

In terms of people seeking beta readers -- I'll beta, but I ask two things.  First, please proofread your story before you ask for a beta from me.  I believe the purpose of a beta is to improve your story, not to find a human spell- and grammar-checker.  Second, please only ask if you want a real beta.  If you feel the need to defend your story every time someone makes a suggestion, you're looking for praise, not a beta (not that a beta doesn't have praise in it)!

I'm familiar with canon for all of the series and all of the English translations, though I'm best with Gatch and BotP. 

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