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I'm very new at fan fiction and creative writing, I have no ambitions to become a writer, so I do this purely for fun... But who knows! LOL

I'm an Aussie girl if haven't guessed it already...ok enough about me...:)

I only write for Gatchaman/BOTP. I have however been a long time fan of Battle of the planets since I was a kid. It stood out from other cartoons, and now I know why after watching Gatchaman.I am a fan of Eagle/swan pairing (as you may have guessed)
I love Gatchaman, as the characters have real issues that are not brushed over as easily...

I love to read other peoples fan fictions, and I hope that I can improve on my writing for as long as the muses are there.

My fics for Gatchaman are based around the year 2150 in the future!

I have the idea of Utoland being based closer to Burma, mainly because I have noticed that Ameris is refered to as a foreign country and the travel across the ocean to get there. Everytime they travel around the Himalaya's they are shown to be crossing land.

In BOTP, I place Utoland in America... 

Cheers and I hope you enjoy the stories for what they are a bit fun and fantasy.

Thank you Tatsunoko for creating such great characters in Gatchaman looking forward to the movie!



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