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Reviewer: Candi Gomez Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/02/2010 8:06 PM Title: Chapter 1

Very good and interesting. But you left out one of the "Bizarre" parts.

The finalists in the "contest" consist of four normal girls + one Swan. But after G-3 transforms, there are FIVE girls + 1 Swan! This show clearly right before G-3 appears in birdstyle, (when the Evil Purple Villian is confronting the girls) and again as the girls are being rescued: G-3 takes two via yo-yo, G-2 takes two more via cable gun, which he apparently lowers back down as G-4 takes out one MORE girl and is shown grasping the cable with the gun on the floor.

There's also a fic possibility here: Are the girls told to keep quiet? (An near-impossibility for many normal teenagers.) Are they relocated? If they don't keep quiet, and aren't relocated, can you imagine the 15 minutes of fame they'll get for having met the SNT/G-Force?

Jun takes out a couple muggers? They cut that from GoS! No fair! >:(

The only real differences in GoS is Brighthead, totally spazzing,  specifying that Aggie losing her shoe is Not Good, because of its being so essential to her uniform, and that Galactor possibly getting ahold of it is potentially disasterous. Galactor runs an open-entry beauty pageant (with the top prize including a world-wide TV appearance), Aggie realizes what's going on when she hears the two women talking about a contestant being booted on shoe size (and knows darn well what she's getting into), there being only one pair of shoes per G-Forcer is never specified (implying that maybe they have backups), and Computor has the shoe analyzed on the theory the shoe can tell height, weight, and other factors about the owner. (Not a silly concept). Oh, and the newspaper Brighthead has contains an article about women being booted because of shoe size, which made him suspicious.

Good work!

Author's Response: If you go over to Gatchamania, and look at the episode review for the original ep, you'll find an explanation for the extra girl. I didn't notice when I did the review, because I was a little busy with figuring out what to say. You never know with teenagers: after debriefing, they might realize they would be in danger if they could describe the Swan. They might be able to talk about being captured by Zoltar, but know not to reveal too much else. In the Gatch episode, Jun knows what she's getting into when she enters the contest. After all, she overhears two women talking about feet and the contest only being open to 16-year-old girls. Looks like all three versions stress the importance of the shoe. It makes more sense in Gatchaman that the team members have only one pair of shoes, since Nambu had to invent all their gear. In BotP, it just looks odd.

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