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Reviewer: TransmuteJun Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 05/03/2010 4:17 PM Title: Passage

This is a good transition. However, if Emily really is as bright as she's supposed to be, I think she's figured out all of their secret identities by now.

I once wrote a fic where macaroni played an unorthodox role... but in that case it helped. I'd guess in this case the macaroni was a lure for the iguana, so that it would turn up in the most surprising locations? 

Author's Response:

Not yet. She has to pick up enough clues first! But Brighthead is going to have a fit when he catches her watching that training session...Pewee teaches her how to mess with the bases' security systems.

Part of Emily's 'problem' from the first is that she was bored. Pretty much everyone she knew for any length of time realized she was smart; some realized she had a great memory; a few, Wilson included, knew it was photographic level. But no one though about what the combination meant. Snowbers had very little contact with the kids before or after Wilson's death; most of his knowledge of them came from file folders. (And Emily's pranks.) Slap a big load of grieving on top of that, and the recipe can be explosive. Especially since a bright child can have extensive book learning on death but not be emotionally able to cope. (Especially when she's reading the books she's told to stay out of. But did you expect anything less?)

What Brighthead and the team primarily did was look at Emily with fresh eyes. Brighthead realized that her problems were no more complicated than those he'd spent the last 10-15 years dealing with where the five team members were concerned -and maybe slighly less complicated, given that she never trained for war.

That's a good idea for the macaroni...but I can't have the prank happen in the J. Aggie laid down the law; Emily pranks in the J, Emily gets to clean it up AND work there for two weeks. Ace agreed. Pranking at the airfield -in the house; she knows better than to touch the planes- or Dirk's trailer gets her grounded at the Institute for whatever length of time Ace feels like. And she doesn't like to prank Hootie; he's nice, and she smells of fish for days. Emily's hyper, not stupid. Looks like the Institute or Crescent Coral are going to have fun...

Yes, the girls are going to be in Crescent Coral on occasion; no one wants them grabbed for hostages while G-Force is looking for green and purple punching bags. That's one of the reasons Brighthead hired a nanny that already had clearance. Plus, Ace down there, as Brighthead's foster son, without the girls he's supposed have charge off, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Of course, when G-Force is down there on standby and Emily and G-4 get bored...:O

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