Reviews For 83) Web of Danger ( Gatch #84 Smog Fiber, Spiderweb Iron Beast)
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Date: 06/16/2010 4:04 AM Title: Web of Danger

The Japanese don't have the same concept of demons or devils as Westerners do. But the renegade's name in the Japanese original is pronounced 'Demon.'

(Here are some genuine surnames I've seen over the years: Spector, Worlock, Hell, Demonteiro. Yep, I'm pretty sure that, somewhere out there, is someone with just 'Demon' as a surname.)

Hm, so G-Force is not Brighthead's pet project? It's an IS unit? Fic possibilities are definitely there.

Two defectors in Gatch: Demon and the young scientist Mikhail. Both of them repented of their misdeeds in the end. Both of them had been motivated by disappointments meted out by life.

Author's Response:

I remember reading about the difference between the eastern and western concepts of demon, researching it after watching a few rounds after "Yu Yu Hakusho". I thought about putting a note in this about that, but forgot.

I agree on the fic possibilities. Although I find the IS project angle more of a shock now that I know about the Gatch version of the storyline. And Dr. Brighthead did at least raise Ace; that's covered in eps 52&53, the Van Allen plan eps. I suspect the doctor raised Dirk, too, since Ace and Dirk are obviously very close friends (which the dialogue supports), but that's not specified in canon.

Thanks for reviewing!

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