Reviews For "A Critical Moment for the Science Ninja Team" A rewrite.
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Reviewer: Becky Rock Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 07/09/2011 8:11 AM Title: Chapter 7: Calm before the storm

Dragon, I am continuing to enjoy this read. The 'itsy-bitsy spider' part was a good tension breaker. Sometimes, as you know, becoming ticklish came happen at any time.

No little Condors - I'm curious how Joe will handle that.

 Looking forward ro more.

Author's Response: Thanks Becky, I should point out that where I placed Joe's thigh wound didn't knock out his ability to have kids. Very damm close though. It was a motivational spur for Nambu. Also, my apologies to any guys reading this, this injury will take Joe's focus off of his brain injury. Which definitely helps the healing process. I'm glad you like the "Itsy, bitsy spider" part. I'm going to have to write that one out. It came from the question of how Ken and Joe, especially Ken, can be so ultra aware of their environment. Then how would Nambu teach them that. Then how two 9 year old boys can hijack the exercise and turn it to a game. I totally blame the animators of Ken and Joe for the laughter part. They both have a stance where they close their eyes, slightly spread their wings and 99% of the time have a slight smile or smirk on their face. My mind added it all up and came up with Itsy, bitsy spider.

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