Reviews For Watching Over You
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Reviewer: kittenmommy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/02/2011 1:29 PM Title: Chapter 1

Deliciously dark! :D

Reviewer: Candi Gomez Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 05/11/2010 12:27 AM Title: Chapter 1

I've read about people whose minds, for whatever reason, have blocked out conscious memories of trauma. But the pain, the terror, the horror is still there.

Zark acts like he wants to be human (at times) but he doesn't understand what it is to be human. I honestly don't think the Trash Can understands how the human mind works, and that you can't reset it the way you would a hard drive.

This the second freakiest Zark story I've ever read.

Author's Response: Thanks. Too true, just because you've put it out of conscious memory doesn't mean you're spared the trauma. Subconsciously, you'd remember.

Reviewer: UnpublishedWriter Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/27/2010 9:07 PM Title: Chapter 1

Rather scary. And I can also see Zark doing that, because he cares about the team so much. What makes it worse is that there are humans who would prefer to NOT deal with abuse in just the same way.

I liked the sequel.

(BTW, there are a couple of unfinished fics of yours on this site. Will they be finished soon?)

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment :) And yeah, that was the point where Zark postulated the idea that if Mark didn't remember, he'd be okay. But which of course wasn't true. Glad you enjoyed it. Re: unfinished fics... Yes, I'll be on them eventually. I decided this year to conscientiously work on the back log of unfinished fics gathering dust on my HD. But don't hold your breath, my muse has been very stubborn about finishing mult-iparters -_-;;;

Reviewer: Madilayn Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/06/2010 3:09 PM Title: Chapter 1

I had completely forgotten about this story.  It's been a favorite of mine for a long time.

It's just so powerful and really does put Zarek in a completely different light.  

It's a compelling read and yes - it does fit completely in with canon,

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment. For a story that I wrote over a decade ago, I'm glad it still weathers the test of time in reading. :)

Reviewer: TransmuteJun Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12/18/2007 11:28 PM Title: Chapter 1

I read this awhile ago on another site and never realized that it was here too. This story is really intense... it drags you in and plays with your mind. What makes it so creepy is that it  fits in so well with canon... *shudder*...

I like reading this in the same way I like watching horror movies... *grin*

Author's Response: IIRC way back... 9 years ago (0.0 man do I feel old) when I first posted it on the then called Gatchaman ML, I was called 'evil' for crafting it. Chills and a shudder from the readers were my goal *evil snicker*rnrnThanks for the comment!

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