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Reviewer: aphra Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/10/2008 6:35 PM Title: Part Seven

I love all the scavengers stories, the characters are beautifully realised. It's just odd little details that niggle at me. In Blackbirds Centre Neptune has already been destroyed but when Jason is in hospital he believes Anderson can't accompany him because he is at a conference at Centre Neptune. Also, While My Guitar Gently Weeps was  a George Harrison song, not a Paul  McCartney  song.

Reviewer: jublke Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 08/19/2007 6:12 PM Title: Part Seven

There are so many aspects to this story that I like, starting with the on-going thread of Jason's nightmares  and culminating with his ultimate "real-life" nightmare of having to testify at Don's court martial. 

The detail in Jason's recovery makes his illness realistic and frightening.  I do wonder what Zoltar might do if he knew of Jason's condition?

I like the way Susan is deftly woven into the story.  She doesn't overpower the story, but works in the background, much the way you would imagine a G-6 character should.

The detail with Aunt Mary wraps up an unresolved cameo in the series, adds depth to the court proceedings, and furthers the tension for Jason as fears his own court martial.

There was one line in this piece that didn't work for me:  When Mark finally decides to tell Jason how fed up he is and says, "You messed up my life. You wrecked all our lives."  The rest of that discussion works for me; that one line did not.  Do you think Mark really feels that way?  Or is the tension of the past six weeks finally boiling over?

I like that Jason has a support system in place, with friends outside of the team.  But I wonder why we don't see more of the others with friends, particularly Mark.  Do you think Mark is more of a loner than Jason?

The conflict between Jason and the Chief is so ... painful, realistic, and almost too real.  There are times, I imagine, when he looks at Jason and sees himself, which makes him ride Jason even harder.  I wonder, in reality, who really has the Chief's love?

Overall, I liked this story.  It fits neatly into the Scavengers world and builds beautifully on a well-articulated story arc.

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