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Date: 08/16/2012 7:17 PM Title: Describe yourself, who you think you are and where you came from.

Nice little story here. Although I am a bit confused as to why all the trouble for them to fit in. Why bother with it, if they cannot be who they really are?

Author's Response:

To truly pass unseen, you have to blend into the background.  ;-)

Anderson wants them to be able to move about in everyday life unnoticed.  But who and what they are is something that must be kept secret.

Look back at Gatch, you can see steps taken to protect their identities.  (Okay, they didn’t always work, but the effort was there.)  They had to be two different people: one in uniform and another in “real” life.  Such is the life of the covert operative, even if they are only kids.

Thanks for reading.  J 

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