Reviews For Episode Review: 'Peril of the Preying Mantis'
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Reviewer: Madilayn Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/23/2010 9:06 AM Title: Chapter 1

It's actually established in the series (the one where Tiny is in prison) that Mark finds it difficult to pilot the Phoenix.  In fact, when it's not Tiny piloting, it's Jason or Princess.

I would't be surprised if Mark couldn't fly it except in the most basic way.  The motor control needed to fly the Phoenix  is very different to that required for a fighter jet.  I would doubt that Tiny could pilot Mark's jet successfully.

It's like the difference between driving a car and a semi trailer.  

Military pilots usually train to fly either a fighter or larger transport and it's rare that they then swop vehicles.

Great review though (as usual!!)

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