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Official Websites

Tatsunoko Production : The studio that originally brought Gatchaman to the world.

The Tatsunoko Fan Club USA : The US Fanclub officially sanctioned by Tatsunoko.


Veronika's Gatchaman Page : Fantastic screenshots, summaries and miscellaneous translations.

Home of the White Shadow : Concise up-to-date news and detailed information on all 3 Gatchaman series, with a fantastic link area, goodies and image galleries.

The Completely Unofficial Condor Shrine : A page dedicated to our favorite 'bad boy' with a halo, The Condor G2.

Gatchguru : Text only, but filled with all kinds of information, translations, scripts, and an area dedicated to the villains of Gatchaman.

The Gatch Pages : Home of the (in)famous Production Diaries.

Miya's Loft : Great fanart, fanfic and general information on the series, including the The Mary Sue Litmus Test, Gatchaman style.

Gatchaman Resource Page : Information on merchandise including auctions.

The Gatchaman Goods Pages : Gobs of collectible to keep your eyes out for.

Gatchamaniac : Cells, pencils and production sheets for the series.

Bird Go : Fanart, fanfiction, screengrabs and a forum

Gatchamania : Gallery, fanfic and forums.

Fairlight's Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets FanPage
: A newer fan created page. Includes wallpapers, screensavers and character profiles.

Daniela's Gatchaman Page : A great little site with scripts from Gatchaman II and Fighter translated into English

Reboekah's Pages : An episode screenshot from each of the 3 Gatchaman series changed on a regular basis. Also has a collection of fanart.

Juns Joint :  Screenshots, Springie's fanfics and animations.

Battle of the Planets

Battle of the Planets Universe : Large site dedicated to Battle of the Planets. Includes episode listings, character descriptions, production information and other help and links.

Strijd der Planeten : In English and Dutch, a fun and fast loading fansite.

G-Force: Guardians of Space

G-Force: Guardians of Space : One of the few websites dedicated to Ted Turners english version of Gatchaman.


Beta Readers Pages : Lots of information for fanfic writers, slanted towards this fandom.

Ang's Gatchaman Page : Hasn't been updated for a while, but still has a ton of links for all series. You might have to wait a bit for the page to load.

Bird Scramble! APA : is a Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets/G-Force Amateur Press Association (apa), a printed outlet for fan stories, art, cartoons, translations and discussions.

Mailing List

Battle of the Planets Mailing List (BotpML) : The largest english mailing list dedicated to the fandom of "Battle of the Planets", "Gatchaman", "G-Force", and "Eagle Riders". Includes on-topic discussions, fanfic, and announcements on 'on-topic' web sites and merchandise sightings.

Neptune Center : Another English language Mailing List. Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets, G-Force, Eagle Riders! FanFic and FanArt welcome!

Gatchaman Club : Occasional activity.